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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bible Hates Dogs, Why Shouldn't We?

Well, I found that group. I won't give reference to it here, because I do not want them to receive any more publicity. But today one of the members asked me this question. If the Bible hates dogs, why shouldn't we? Well, I truly do not believe the Bible hates dogs. Like I said in my post yesterday, if dogs and humans were not meant to be together, why do dogs love us unconditionally? Yet cats seem to hate us. One popular thing known about the Bible is that dogs (ie. wolves) are depicted as being evil, while lions are given a great deal of glory in the Bible. Yet lions only see humans as food. More people in the past have been killed by lions, leopards and tigers than anyone has been killed by wild dogs. Not saying people have never been killed by dogs, I'm just saying more people have been killed by large felines than dogs. So, why don't we hate them more than dogs? I think it really does boil down to Biblical roots.

You know who translated the Bible? Spanish monks in the 7th century. Their language back then was a lot more different than it is now. I was doing a little bit of research on the subject. Lions have literally many words in Old Hebrew that refers to them. One of the words that interested me the most was lavi (= Akkadian lābu), and the Spanish word for wolf is lobo. Look at the Akkadian word for lion, it so resembles the Spanish word for wolf that I kinda wonder if there may have been a mistake in translation there. I do know a lot of things that are in the Bible are a mystery. I even question some things. Not that GOD said them, I think they were very loosely translated by the monks. I cannot believe eating pork will send you straight to Hell when it is proven pork is healthier than beef. I cannot believe raping children will get you to Heaven faster when we know today that this is wrong. I cannot believe being gay will send a nation into disaster. Gays have been around forever, and even exist in nature. I even once saw a film about 2 gay lions living together. Why would GOD create something just to destroy it? HE is the all-perfect being, HE knows all and sees all. HE makes no mistakes. HE always is supposed to do what is best for us. Why would HE create gays and then destroy nations because of them?

I know the Bible was first written (before being translated) in actually several different languages. I think the Spanish monks who were the first to translate the Bible, made several mistakes because of this. Akkadian was less used before the birth of Christ, but it did exist in the biblical days. Today it is extinct. It was extinct by the 7th century, so it is my guess that this language was used quite a bit in the old Bible scrolls, and the Spanish monks that translated the Bible did not recognize the language. So 'lion' became 'wolf'. It could be all those bad references to wolves in the Bible were probably meant to refer to lions instead. A lot of things give clues to this being possible. Wolves will run from people, very rarely will they attack a person unless there is a famine with their normal prey. Lions will attack people, whether or not they have enough game to hunt because lions are opportunistic feeders, and they do tend to see people as food. There are several stories in the Bible of wolves attacking and killing people, which we know today is absolute nonsense because it rarely happens today. In Biblical days, the people would have encountered the Iranian wolf, which is smaller, faster, but less powerful than the European gray wolf. It is unlikely this animal would even attempt to bring down an adult human. Even dingoes won't attack an adult human and they're smaller, but stronger, than wolves. Though there have been a couple of cases of dingoes bringing down children. Usually though dingoes are very shy.

I just cannot believe that an animal that loves us more than it loves it's self is meant to be associated with evil in any way. I cannot believe an animal that gives so much joy to it's owner is somehow of the devil. To say dogs kill people is the same as saying guns kill people. Or knives kill people. Neither one kills people by themselves. Only people kill people. If a dog harms a person, chances are good it is because the dog's owner trained it to be mean. Or the owner did not properly socialize the dog.

Now, on the humorous side of my finding last night. There was this girl named Melissa Estroli there. She gave perfect clues to the kind of people who were there; angry, disturbed, unclassy, no doubt there is a world of hurt in her background. My guess is her parents either abused or molested her, or neglected her. Well the funny thing was she tried all evening long to convince me that she is an INXS fan. I called bullshit on her. She's not no INXS fan! She took a picture of herself in an INXS t-shirt, which I refused to look closer at because it led to a virus. No doubt the picture was photoshopped. She tried again to convince me that she is a fan by talking about the b-sides of Kick. Again, that is information ANYONE can get. I still called bullshit. Maybe she has a friend who is an INXS fan, but I wholeheartedly doubt she herself is a fan of INXS. If she was a fan, she would not have made fun of Michael hanging himself like she did. Normal fans just don't do that. But then again, maybe she's not a 'normal' fan. Maybe she's one of the delusional mod type fans. Only one of them would have the level of anger and hatred that she had. Which if she was a member of that forum, would not surprise me. I don't think anyone in that forum was over 25 years old back then, judging solely by their attitude. I saw one of Melissa's earlier Facebook profiles, she had pimples and shit all over her face. It must have been created some years ago. She looks 12 in the profile picture. No doubt she is young enough to have been in that group.

Melissa's parents should not have neglected her, she really needs a good spanking! If she were my child, she would have got one for being so disrespectful to adults, even on the internet. This is why my sis Eva will not let her kids on the internet without her supervision. She wants to know every word they are typing and everything. If they type something that even sounds disrespectful and hateful, she will make them delete it and revoke their internet privileges for a week. If it's as bad as what Melissa said yesterday to not only me, but a couple of my friends too, she will spank them. That is what Melissa needs. Unfortunately for her parents (and society at that) you are not allowed to use corporal punishment on children. Eva uses it anyway. She would say if Melissa was her child, she'd bare her behind and take her outside and spank her ass until she was raw and let everyone in the neighborhood watch her. Eva doesn't even like dogs either. Her family still has the old english mastiff, but she doesn't like big dogs like that. She complains about that dog almost every time I ask her how he's doing. She calls him the slobber monster. If she had her way, she would have had a pomeranian by now. LOL! But Eva is one of those that likes cats better than dogs.

Personally, I don't care what animal a person likes. I do question sometimes why a person would prefer a cat over a dog. Because I just don't see how someone can prefer an animal that only likes the person who feeds it when it is hungry, as opposed to an animal that will give it's life for it's owner. I don't understand that at all. I would never deliberately harm someone else's pet cat, though strays are fair game. But if I see a cat in someone's yard, I'm not going to take it and put a gun to it's head and kill it. I don't want to do that. Sometimes I tend to tease the cat people, but I would never really do anything like that. Melissa said she would never tie a dog to her car and run the motor, which I think is good. At least she says she does not promote violence against the animals.

This morning one of my Facebook buddies asked me why I got so pissed off about cats because I posted a pic that said if you like dogs, share. And like if you like cats. Well, then I could not just "like" because that would mean I was a cat-lover and I am not. That would be lying. I shared it and said I am a dog-lover all the way. But in reference to what this friend said, I have been angry with dog-haters since Groucho died. I've never been able to forgive people who hate dogs since then. This Facebook buddy who asked me this, ironically, was the same one that said she would run over a dog with her car to save a cat. I was angry when she said that. Though not terribly angry, because I have done the same to a cat to save a bird or a squirrel. So has Katrina. But she does it more for amusement than to save another animal from a cat. She just hates cats. She doesn't care if they are strays or they belong to someone, they're all the same in her eyes. They ruin her car's paint and shit in her driveway, and they chase birds and squirrels, which she loves, from her yard. Unfortunately those are things you cannot blame on the cat's owner. Cats do that stuff on their own. So that is why Katrina hates cats more than anything else. But she is my best friend. I've known her since she was a little girl, and yes she did like cats back then, and her family even had a cat. She hates them now though. When a stray cat took a big shit on her car's roof that was when she said "enough's enough!" That was when she started shooting them with a pistol and rocksalt.

****************EDIT TO ADD********************
Ya know I got to thinking about this post last night and this morning. GOD is supposed to be the all-loving, all-perfect being. If dogs are depicted in the Bible (meaning there was no mistake in translation) as being bad, evil animals, and they love us. And lions being glorified in the Bible, and they hate us. This kinda makes me wonder, is the Westboro Baptist Church maybe RIGHT??? That GOD really does hate us?? I read the Bible, and I've always been taught that GOD loves us. He loves us so much that he gave us Jesus, to die for our sins. But if dogs are bad according to the Bible, and dogs love us, and lions are good according to the Bible, and lions hate us, I wonder if this is how GOD also sees us, and that would mean the WBC is correct.
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