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Sunday, February 17, 2013

What My Blogs Are About

This is normally something I would put in an "All About Us" page. But I thought it was also a good idea to post this here. I have always been accused of being negative or judgmental because of my blogs. Well, I want to clear the air on what my blogs are all about and why I keep them. Really, when you look at the whole picture of me, my blogs make up only about less than 1% of my life. I keep blogs because they are my place to rant. If I have a problem, or if I am feeling uneasy, the best way I can get rid of those feelings is to write about them. Some people talk it out, but I am not good at talking to people. So I write about them in my blog. And let's face it, people LOVE to hear about other peoples' problems. No matter what they say. I would not have so many viewers if that wasn't true.

I remember a long time ago, in the old INXS Fan Forum, a girl named Penny accused me of judging her on my blog. She said I cannot judge her because I do not know her. And yes, about that she was right. I only had her posts to go by to tell me what kind of person she possibly is. She had been reading my blogs back then (when I used to have a blog on MSN) and she absolutely hated me because of what I wrote on there LOL! Which is cool with me. What was ironic though was she said I cannot judge her by what she wrote on the forum, but then she turned around in the same sentence, and judged me for what I wrote on my blog. That was interesting coming from her mouth! And to tell you the truth, what I saw of her on that forum was FAR worse than what I ever wrote on my blog. She used to snap at people for no reason at all. She seemed to always be in a bad mood and was always cranky. The only people she was not cranky with were the popular people. Any newbies, or lower-ranking forum members, she would always treat like shit no matter how nice they were. That was why I didn't like her, and I still don't. I haven't seen her in years, but I doubt she's changed any. She's probably still the same cantankerous old fart she was back then. I did send her a sympathy message when her guinea pig died. But as with Andy, I didn't care about Penny. I cared about the guinea pig. That was all. I just know how it feels to lose a pet.

I don't even go into forums at all anymore. I have my YouTube channel and I also have my Facebook page. I don't need forums. In my experience, forum owners tend to go crazy with the powers of administration. So, I stay away from forums. I tried going back into INXS forums back around 2005 to 2006, but I found INXS fans were not as friendly as they used to be. And it's all DonnaG's fault! Or the fault of that damn Rockstar forum. I always said that is the most useless forum out there. The members cannot even start a topic! I never heard of a forum like that! Only one of the moderators can begin a topic. I am all for free speech, I don't want to have my speech controlled by some messed-up mods! I tried going into that forum once before, but it did not last very long. I got bored with it almost immediately. After I found out I was not able to post a topic, I said that's enough! Screw that place. But at least I gave it a try. I did not completely form an opinion until after I tried it. Now I have one and it stays firm.

I remember I used to write in my blogs a lot more back when I had an MSN blog than I do now. I just don't have that much to say anymore. My posts now are spread out further, and get less and less each year. I noticed that. I used to write in my blogs several times a day. Now, I am having a good day if I just write in this blog once a day. Or a bad day, depending on how you look at it. But I only write in these blogs if something big happens, or I have a big thought that I want to share, whether it be a good thought or a bad one. Another thing I typically get accused a lot of is contradicting myself. Well, there is a reason for that also. I am the type of person that looks at both sides of everything. All things have a good side and a bad side. I look at both. I am not like most people, who just see one side of everything. Thus I guess I can seem to be contradicting myself. But that's how I am, take it or leave it. And I am just as happy if you leave it!

I must also say, I've had a few forums put up myself. I had a Metazoic forum once, and I decided to end that when it was taken over more by spammers than by members. I also had an INXS forum for a little while. But because I had to seriously protect it from some of the evil fans (like the delusional mods), it was closed to all but those I invited, and you could not copy and paste from that forum. So it got closed down and replaced instead with my Timmy-Love Space on MySpace. I don't have a MySpace anymore. I rarely went in there after creating my Facebook account, so I got rid of my account on MySpace. I don't go into forums anymore, hardly ever. I do occasionally look into the Craigslist pet forums. But I haven't posted since I moved to Bozeman. Well, I cannot say I haven't posted. I posted maybe once or twice there, but I stopped completely. I only glance in on occasion. If I want to share something, I share it here. I have enough viewers here. I haven't been a regular in that forum since I lived in Ocean Shores.

I also had a lot to say when I lived in Bozeman. I never wanted to move there in the first place. You know, I heard my sister's neighbor, Roger, has gone stark-raving crazy. As if he wasn't already before I left there. But Anna said he's gotten worse. LOL!! I wonder if he saw what I wrote about him in this blog after I left there and it's making him crazier because he cannot respond back. Or he can, he just chooses not to, and I blocked him on YouTube because he's a troll. I cannot allow anonymous posts on this blog anymore, and you can thank the fanatical vegans for that. That is always the case, a few people who abuse privileges ruin it for everyone else. Speaking of which, I notice those same fanatical vegans have been trying to get my attention, both on YouTube and on Facebook. Well, I usually ignore people who are not friends of mine on Facebook. I usually do not read their posts, unless I am in a reading mood, but that is not very common really. And I pay zero attention to trolls on YouTube these days. And yes, I consider fanatical vegans to be trolls.

As for Roger, I hope he gets so angry and frustrated that he has a heart attack. Or kills himself. I told my sister to just basically ignore him, not to let him get her all worked up. I don't want her to be the one to get stressed out. Because if anything happens to her, both my ma and I will be over there to tear that SOB apart! He is so ridiculous! I think it's hilarious that he thought I was ever in love with him! LOL! At least that gave me a good chuckle!

Well, those are things I talk about in my latest book, Adventures in Moving, which is available now! Check it out!

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