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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Barbecued Leopard

Someone referred me to this video, and I dunno, I find it to be funny. A leopard being burned alive. As you all know I hate leopards. Always did. Even when I used to like panthers, I still hated leopards. I don't think they are attractive at all. Well, this video shows people in an Indian village setting a live leopard on fire, and burning it nearly to death. They did this all wrong! They should have first doused the creature with gasoline or lighter fluid, then set it on fire. As for the leopard, people think felines are smart? Well, this leopard obviously was not smart enough to know how to drop and roll.

I would not feel bad for the leopard, it probably deserved this fate. It probably killed a person or someone's livestock or pet. I hate leopards anyways. They should all meet this fate. I cheered when I first saw this video and saw that ugly beast panicking when it caught on fire. All I could feel bad for was the animal or person it probably killed that made it meet this fate. I don't feel bad for the leopard at all. I say go out, trap some more and set fire to them too! And while you are at it, catch some tigers and do the same to them. That would really be funny!

Hey! I wonder if that one idiot who called himself "WhyIAmAwesome" ever found any pics of dead lemurs to create his video with? If not, then I am WAY ahead of him! LOL! This is kindof my crowning glory video here. hehehe! Bet he does not succeed. There's some good in lemurs being placed on the back burner, so to speak. hehe! Pun on this video intended. Anyone for barbecued leopard?

"Yes! Bring us barbecued leopard!"
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