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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disagree Vs. Disrespect

This afternoon, I commented on one of my friend's status on Facebook. He asked "Why do you take a life to eat when you don't have to?" Well, I said to him that I cannot think of anything we eat that was not once living. Usually I leave the vegans alone. They have their beliefs and I have mine. I don't get into any arguments about their beliefs with them. If they don't want to eat meat, I feel that is their right. As long as they don't try to push their beliefs on me. I was not trying to be mean to this person, or push any of my own beliefs on him, but it is a fact that just about everything we do is going to cause harm to some life form. We cannot escape it. It's impossible. Every time a house is built, animals die. Every time we drive a car, animals die. Every time vegetables are harvested, animals die. The vegans call those of us who eat meat "hypocrites". But I don't think the hypocrisy is in the meat-eaters. I think it's in the vegans. Especially the militant vegans. Meat-eaters are at least honest about their lifestyle. We understand that animals die for human comfort, and we have accepted that, even when it comes to our diet. Vegans however, hide behind a lot of propaganda. I don't think I know a single vegan that does not live in a house or apartment, does not use the phone or electricity (yes, phone and power lines kill animals too), or goes out and finds fruits and veggies in the woods for every meal. Then they want to ask "What is the alternative to these things?" Simple! Go live out in the open, do not build yourself any shelter because when you do, you are taking another animal's home or killing another animal. Do not use electricity, humans lived well before it, and can indeed live without it. Do not use a phone, again, we lived without it once before. And when you are hungry, don't go to your refrigerator, go out into the woods and find your food. That would be the only way I can think of that vegans can live a non-hypocritical life. But a person who eats meat, we can own a home, use the phone and power and not have to worry, because we are already "hypocritical" anyway, according to the vegans.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not here to tear-down vegans or their lifestyle. But I do think a lot of their beliefs are just plain silly. The only one I absolutely, totally agree with is that we should not wear animal skins. That always pisses me off, especially when I see people wearing the skins of animals we do not eat, like foxes, mink, chinchillas (although we probably could eat chinchillas). I think that's a total waste of life!! Because all you are doing is taking an animal's whole life away for only one part of it's body. That is not fair! I will whole-heartedly stand with the vegans on that issue! But when we kill a cow, pig, or chicken it does not bother me because we are using almost every part of that animal. So I don't see that as being as much of a waste. A lot of vegans ask how I can eat a cow, pig, or chicken and cuddle with my dogs and love them like I do. Well, that answer is also simple. My dogs are my family. The vegans may see cows, pigs and chickens as being members of their family, but I don't see them as members of mine. Not saying I do not love these animals, I'm just saying I do not think of them as my family. I do not cuddle with them or play with them. I do not take them into my home, I do not buy toys for them, I do not treat them like my kids. With dogs I do. The day I do see pigs, cows and chickens as my family and still eat them, is the day I will have earned the title of "hypocrite" by vegan standards. That's the way I see it. And as I told my friend on Facebook that I always do bless the cow, pig or chicken that was sacrificed for me to consume. That, in a way, is my way of balancing the chain.

Another phrase I commonly hear from vegans is "poor, innocent, defenseless animals". I always have to ask "Defenseless"? How are animals defenseless?" I fail to see where animals are in any way defenseless. In fact, animal defenses are a lot better than those of humans. I admit baby animals are almost defenseless, but adult cattle, pigs and chickens are by no means defenseless. I told this friend that cattle can give a person a very good kick. They also have horns they defend themselves very well with. Even if they are cut down, they can still hurt a person very badly. Pigs have tusks they use to gore people with. And chickens, well the expression "angry as a wet hen" does not exist for no reason! Chickens can be very aggressive. Birds in fact, are the most aggressive animals on the planet. They can afford to be! It's almost foolish to say any animal is "defenseless". Even mice are good at defending themselves. Rats too, their jaws are as powerful as a crocodile's. In my experience, there is no such thing as a defenseless animal. Not all animals are innocent either. I have been chased by geese that have come after me with no provocation. When I used to go walking by a lake that was a few miles from my home, I used to see these huge geese, almost as tall as I am! They chased everybody! Finally one day I saw one come after me, and I turned the tables and started chasing him. He ran away too! LOL! Well, animal control finally came and removed those geese from the lake. Apparently someone had them as pets and dumped them there when they decided they did not want the geese anymore. They were nasty though! Not innocent.

Vegans always claim humans are herbivores. Not many primates are complete herbivores, and we all have the same dental structure. They say we cannot chase and kill our own food. Well, really neither do raccoons, and they are not herbivores. And a lot of herbivores are more swift than we are. We cannot run like gazelles or deer. Humans are built like omnivores. We are not complete carnivores, but we are not complete herbivores either. If we were built like the true herbivores, then the vegans would have pot bellies like all herbivorous animals do. I've explained this to vegans until I am blue in the face. They just don't get it. Yet they want to compare our teeth and fingers to that of herbivores. They think our digestive tract is designed for a completely herbivorous diet, but it is not. It's designed for an omnivorous diet. A diet of BOTH meat and veggies. Proportionately, our digestive tract is not anywhere near as long as that of a true herbivore. I wish the vegans could see that. But they don't because they are biased.

Now, for the disagree vs. disrespect part of my post. There is a difference. The reason I do not usually comment on the vegan's posts about diet and killing animals for food, is not because I agree with them. It's because I respect them. I can agree to disagree. They always equate eating meat to raping, pedophilia, child pornography, slavery and all that kind of stuff. I hear it all the time, the vegans ask "You agree with eating meat. Do you also agree with raping children? Slavery? The Holocaust? etc" Well, no I do not agree with those things. I don't condone them either. But they are not the same as eating meat. What I do agree with the people who do those things have their rights to their beliefs. I may not agree with them doing it, and I don't even have to respect them. But I do respect their rights to do what they do. That is their right, afterall. Just because I don't believe it's right to rape women, does not mean they have to feel the way I do if that's what floats their boat. We have freedom of choice in this country. I feel it is my choice to eat meat. I love it! I love the taste of it. I love how it makes me feel. Yes the same thing can be said about a lot of things, like street drugs and alcoholic beverages. I don't think we should drink alcohol or use street drugs, but those who do it, if it gives them pleasure, let them do it! It's their life's choice. As long as they're not living in my house. LOL!

Well, that's about all I have to say on this subject. I sleep plenty good at night, even though I eat meat. Doesn't bother me. I'm sorry if it bothers my vegan friends, but hey, that's my choice. I don't push it in their faces, and I don't want them pushing their beliefs in mine.
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