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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Prayers For Irma

A very sweet person is in the hospital tonight. Irma Dun from back in Bozeman, slipped on a curb yesterday and hit her head on the cement very badly. Last night she had a major stroke and today is unresponsive, doctors are giving her only less than 1% chance of survival. It is a shame, she is a very sweet person, everyone there loved her. She is also a firm believer in GOD. I am praying to GOD tonight to take care of her, and do what is best. I personally would prefer she doesn't die. I told Anna to give me daily reports on how Irma is doing, and the next time she goes to see her in the hospital, give her my love. Irma is one of the sweetest people in that building, she does not deserve to have this happen to her. Before I left Bozeman, I was discussing with Anna the people she could turn to if she needed someone to talk to, Irma was one of them.

Anna went to see Irma in the hospital tonight, I wish I could have been there myself. Anna wound up comforting Irma's family. Anna is such a good person. If Irma does die, it's going to be a very sad event. I have asked all my Facebook buddies to say a prayer for her. I hope it goes well. Anna called me and she really sounded like she was in tears. I was too, I was at a total loss of what to say. The words kept coming out of my mouth all jumbled and mixed up. I was saying why does this have to happen to Irma? Why couldn't it have happened to Andy? Or Roger? Or some other dumb-cluck like them? If Andy would die tomorrow, I'd be celebrating that he is in Hell where he belongs. If Roger were to die tomorrow, same thing! I'd be celebrating. But if Irma dies, I'd be truly upset. She is indeed a good person. Well, at least I know she'd be in Heaven. She did a lot of good to a lot of people, so I know she will be sitting in the hands of GOD.

I guess this is proof that when GOD picks HIS angels, he always goes for the best people first. It's unfair though. Why kill off the good people and leave the crappy people here? As for Irma's family, I will pray for them as well. It would be a great loss to that place to lose a wonderful person like Irma. I just wish I could overnight her a get-well card. If anyone reading this can offer a prayer, please give it. I will be praying tonight. Hopefully, even though I know it's a big wish, Irma will get through this and be OK.

*********************************UPDATE 3/16/13************************************
Irma passed away yesterday morning. It was a sad moment when I found out. Yesterday was actually a very bittersweet day. I got to spend time with my father and I was so happy. But then I found out Irma had died and I once again became sad. It was awful to find that out. She will be very much missed. I wonder if there will be funeral services, and if her friends at the apartment complex will be able to go.
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