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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Westboro Baptist Church Getting Smaller!

Oh boy this is hilarious! Megan Phelps has left the Westboro Baptist Church, and she took her younger sister Grace with her! OMG can you see the irony in that!? Megan was the last person I would ever have expected to leave that church. I saw the documentaries by Louis Theroux, and Megan was the most outspoken among the children of the WBC. According to an article I found, she was also the one responsible for the WBC's internet media. Now, Megan's own mom, Shirley, is calling Megan and Grace "betrayers". I bet though Shirley is not unhappy to see them go. Or at least she pretends she's not. I think Shirley puts up a big act about everything. She smiles a lot, but her smiles always look so fake. You can tell there is a lot of hurt behind them. The way Shirley smiles reminds me a lot of a crocodile smiling. Crocs smile because the look is fixed on their faces by nature. Maybe Shirley is made the same way. LOL! A lot of people smile to hide the hurt inside. I truly believe this is the case for Shirley Phelps-Roper. She is also a classic example of a person who hides behind religion.

It would be funny if they lost ALL their children! So far, most of the children that have left the WBC have been the girls. Well, let's face it, women are quicker to spot BS than men are. I don't think the WBC realizes all the shit they spew. And when you try to discuss the New Testament with them, they laugh at it. It's obvious that they do not believe in the New Testament. I'm surprised they even preach anything about Jesus. The WBC compares themselves to Noah. It would be pointless though for them to be in the same class as Noah if the only clingers-on left in their church are the boys. The boys are not even allowed to date. How do you know if you want to be with the girl you like if you don't date?? Dating gives both the boy and girl a chance to get to know each other. Thus know if they really want to be together for life. But the members of the WBC don't believe in dating. They say "there are no boyfriend/girlfriends. It's one man, one woman, one bed, one life" I'd like to know if Shirley just met a man, grabbed him, pulled him into marriage immediately, didn't even get to know him, and her present husband is staying with her against his will. That would be an interesting question to ask her. But I bet the person who asks that question of Shirley will get a big "That's none of your business!" from her. That would prove my theory is correct. Shirley probably did date before she got married. We all know she has a child out of wedlock. I would not even be surprised if the man she is now married to is not even that child's father.

The truth is they CANNOT compare themselves to Noah. Noah's children probably dated to find the men/women they wanted to marry. But the children get kicked out of the WBC if they even think of dating, or having a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's a shame too. A lot of their children are quite attractive. But they're so full of hate, you cannot see it until they leave the church, like Megan and Grace did. They confess to still loving their parents. I kindof wonder how the parents feel about the children that left. Do they still love those kids? According to the article I found, the parents have already cast them off. One person said that is the mark of a true cult, when those who leave are immediately cast-out. Well, anyone can tell the WBC is a cult. They think all the things they do is loving. Well, they don't seem loving to me. They say they love gay people. I don't think they do. The way they talk about gay people is a lot like how I talk about panthers, and I don't like panthers at all. In a video I saw, one guy (who was acting) talked to Fred Phelps, Jr. like he wanted to make love to him. All of a sudden, Shirley and a lot of other women (including Megan) started to call the guy a "filthy pervert" and told him to go away. If you love someone, you don't call them names like that and tell them to go away. If that guy were truly homosexual, I would have loved to see Shirley embrace him, give him a kiss, and tell him that GOD forgives him. Because HE can. But they don't do that. They only believe in GOD's hate--which I looked in the Bible, and I could not find anything that talks about GOD's hatred, except in context. I saw plenty about GOD's wrath, but not about hatred.

There are people that I hate, and I am working on that! Hate is supposed to be bad for the soul. I gave myself a bit of practice on Sunday. On Facebook, I only commented on things that I loved, and left only positive comments. It's obvious I am never going to like panthers again. Those days of me loving panthers are LONG-time gone!! So on Sunday, I just didn't look at any panther pics. I just scrolled quickly past them. That was my way of ignoring them. I still believe it isn't gay people the WBC should be looking at, I truly believe it is panther fanatics that are ending the world. I will always believe that because look at the damage that has gone on since panthers have become unexceedingly popular. And I highly doubt all those people who were smitten in those disasters were gays, or gay supporters. The truth is that gays are still not universally accepted. Sad as that is, it's still true. But even sadder is that most everyone loves panthers, and will even turn against people who do not like them. Panther fanatics themselves seem to be in some kind of cult. A cult that wants to war against people who hate panthers. Like Shirley said, we may be few in numbers, but we will prove to be stronger in the end. I always love it when I meet another person that hates panthers as much as I do. Makes me feel good, makes me feel like not all the world is doomed.

Well, it would definitely serve the WBC right if ALL their children left the church. And all that is left of their church is some young boys, unmarried (because we all know that's the way they want it) and the adults too old to repopulate the world after the next biblical disaster. I am truly glad to see Megan came to her senses. Now if only others can follow in her footsteps. Here is the link to the article I found: http://fox4kc.com/2013/02/07/westboro-founders-granddaughter-leaves-church-takes-sister-with-her/
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