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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Made Encyclopaedia Dramatica!!

OK, I am doing this article all over again because I spent a lot of time yesterday just looking at the site. Once I got to know the site, and things that were written about a lot of other YouTube users, as well as users of other social sites, I began to feel rather bad about writing that blog post. You should see the things written about other people on there! And I am positive more than 90% of the articles are made up of lies, innuendos and the poster's opinions. That's what people do on Encyclopedia Dramatica. In fact, that is how it got the name Dramatica! Anyone should have been able to tell that. The site was created to start drama with others somewhere. But me being me, I had to see for myself. The site was linked to Anonymous, so that there should say enough.

Well, I can say not everything written on the site is a lie. I found their articles about Gary Yourofsky and PETA, which I can say are mostly true, having learned quite a bit on my own about these two subjects over the years without the help of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Gary Yourofsky, though I truly HATE giving him that much credit, is one person I know of that I can honestly say is more insane than I am! I hate giving him that honor! I like to think I am the most insane person (in a cute way, of course) on the planet! Like I said before, I am an artist and a writer, I'm not supposed to be normal. I take being called "crazy" as a compliment! An artist that isn't crazy isn't an artist! Same goes for a writer.

One of the things I noticed about the site, ED has classifications of different people, like science has classifications for animals. Instead of naming families greek or latin names, their suffixes consist of the words --fags, or --tards. Some I agree with. Like calling PETA freaks "PETArds". I use that one myself. When it comes to PETA, I usually do not care about being politically correct. Why should I? PETA sure doesn't when they talk about things that bug them. So after spending most of yesterday reading articles on ED, I thought to myself "OK, so this is their game! I can go along with it!" I actually felt funny and a little bit bad about what I wrote on here, so last night, I came in here and took down both of the posts I made about the site. I figure just take it with a grain of salt. Everyone else does. Well, except Onision. He can't take anything with a grain of salt. He always has to respond to drama. And in a small way, I can see why. I mean, I don't want any of my friends and family thinking ALL the drama stated about me on the internet is true! Most of it isn't. But then I realized my REAL friends won't believe any of it. Anyone who does has no business being in my life.

People can think I am crazy, or screwy, that doesn't matter to me. I like my friends to be a little bit on the crazy side too. In a cute way. But none of us are at the level of crazy that Gary Yourofsky is! He admitted it himself that he actually wants to see people die that do not abide by his standards of living. And you all know the nazi vegan's standards of living! They think they are a "highly evolved" kind of people. Well, if they are an example of being "highly evolved", then I am glad to be primitive, and will stay this way. I may die before 50 of a heart attack, but at least I won't have the taste of tofu, fungi and other faux foods in my mouth when I go.

Well, I always wondered what would be said about me on ED if I ever made it there. Now at least I know. And really, I kinda like the attention! It's cool!! :) My sis says it's the wrong kind of attention, but even that is better than no publicity.
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