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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Luke Arnold Plays Michael

Well, the word is out now, some dude named Luke Arnold is going to play Michael Hutchence in this upcoming biopic mini-series. I am excited, I cannot wait to see it. I only hope that it will be running in the USA. So far, it's the first movie about INXS to announce who was picked to play Michael. I don't know who the director of this movie is, there is a lot of talk that 3 studios want to do a biopic about Michael Hutchence. Some of my buddies say they are not going to watch this movie because they are waiting for Richard Lowenstein to come out with his version. Richard directed a lot of INXS's videos in the 80s. I am honored to call him one of my Facebook buddies, but I am just dying to see this movie about INXS! I don't really care who creates the movie, I just want to see a movie! It's been promised to us INXS fans for so long. Of course I will also watch Lowenstein's version of this movie when it comes out! I want to see every version of his life as I can. I want to vote on which one is the best version. I will be judging it by several different factors, and I will choose which one I like better. I'll be looking for the sexual appeal of the actors, how well they play the parts of the band members, stunt performance, and if I get emotional during the movie. hehehe! Cannot leave that out!

Well, it seems the fans have mixed feelings about this Luke Arnold playing the part of Michael. I even heard one person go so far as to say he's too ugly to play the part. I dunno. I don't think he's that ugly. I've seen much uglier people fans have elected to play the part of Michael. I remember a long time ago on the old INXS.com forums, someone suggested Constantine play the part of Michael. I saw his pic and he's as ugly as anyone I've ever seen! I think he is. Definitely not Michael material! I know nothing about Luke Arnold, only that he is 30 years old now and starred in a movie called The Tunnel and Broken Hill. None of which I believe are American movies. Anyway, I've never seen them. But I looked him up and this is what he looks like:

I don't think he looks that much like Michael, he looks like he'd be more convincing playing Jim Morrison. I don't think Jim Morrison looks anything like Michael Hutchence. All the other fans say he did, but I don't think so at all. But this Luke Arnold guy, his eyes are the wrong color. Of course that can be fixed with contacts. I wear those myself! LOL! Well, just to be on the fair side, here's a pic of that Constantine guy. To me, only his hair in this pic resembles Michael.

His full name is Constantine Maroulis. He looks a little more like Michael Bolton than Michael Hutchence. I personally think he's too ugly for the part of Michael. The shape of his face makes him look unimpressive. Not a good candidate for me. IMO, looks are everything when it comes to Michael. I want to see the actor almost the same way I saw Michael when I saw their videos for the first time. I fell instantly in love with Michael. I know to see the actor in the movie exactly the same way I saw Michael would be impossible. Michael had it all! There was a certain something about him that made my head spring, and my eyes flutter, and my heart melt. Neither one of these guys really have that as far as I'm concerned. But then again, who does? I've seen a great number of fans pick candidates to play Michael. Some of them looked fairly good for the part, but none of them impressed me the way Michael did when I first saw him. Damn! If he wasn't such a moronic psycho pot-head, Onision might be a good candidate to play Michael. LOL!

But you don't want him. He's psychotic! He's a YouTube star, a vegan and a pedophile. He has his own religion and says he will kill people who do not follow his religious beliefs (he doesn't believe in GOD. He thinks he is GOD). Such a shame too. If he wasn't so messed-up he'd look not too bad for the part. But he has the typical attitude I've seen in many PETA supporters. He wants to kill all people who eat meat. He wants to bomb schools and research labs. He tells children their parents are no good, and kids actually listen to him and believe he's right. It may even be people like Onision are the reason kids today don't respect adults. Plus, he likes to have sex with children. His current girlfriend is only 17 years old, she was 15 when they first met. He's 28 now. No! You don't want him to play Michael Hutchence!

OK I don't know if many PETA supporters are pedophiles, but PETA is a messed-up organization, and a lot of the things Onision says should happen coincide with the actions PETA supports.

OK, enough about Onision. We're talking about Michael here. I don't know. Maybe it's just the pictures going around of Luke Arnold make him not look enough like Michael. But I think I found one where he does. Check this out!

That's the only pic I can find where these two look alike. What do you all think? Of course imagine Luke with brown contacts put in, and maybe longer hair, and maybe you've got it.
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