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Friday, April 26, 2013

RIP Emma

Well, I heard yesterday that Emma passed away. Emma was Kim Hedges' service dog. Emma was OK. She was sweet, but she was a butt-sniffer. I caught Emma poking her nose in several visitor's behinds. She tried to do it to me once, but I smacked her and told her to get away from me when she tried. I hate that! When I was at the dog park in Bozeman, and there were big dogs running around, I always kept my eyes wide open for what they were doing, because several of them were habitual butt-sniffers. Minnie only does it to people who kneel down to her level. Emma and Brandie did it whenever anyone turned their back to them. Karen's dogs Brutus and Misty rarely did it. Neither did Vegas. Sometimes Ziggy was in there, but I've only seen Ziggy poke his nose in either Deb's or Mike's butt. Never anyone else's. I still kept my eye on him though. LOL! I didn't want to take any chances.

I hate it when dogs do that. I know it's their nature to greet each other like that, but on humans, it looks like rape to me! You know what's funny? If I know a dog is behind me, and he is sniffing, and I know he's there, and I am watching him, it doesn't bother me half as much. What I truly HATE is when I am not looking and some dog sneaks up behind me and pokes it's nose in my behind. That makes me physically angry. That's when I am more likely to back-kick the dog, or yell at it to get away from me. That's what I did with Emma. I was holding a package of inkjet printer paper in my hand, and I swung it at her, and I think it got her in the nose too. LOL! Actually I did not mean for it to make contact, I just waved it at her to make her back away from me quickly.

Well, before Christmas, I heard about Emma having been diagnosed with cancer and the vets gave her 6 months to live. About a month ago, I was chatting with my sis on Skype, and she told me Emma was actually slowing down. It was kinda sad. I thought about getting Kim a sympathy card, and both me and my sis sign it. I never did though. I didn't think Emma would really suffer because Kim is an asshole. Karma always strikes those who do bad, and Kim did bad to me and Anna. I bet she still denies that she said anything bad about us. But GOD knows she did. Somehow now I don't doubt it at all. But I did not want this to happen! I wanted karma to hit Kim, not Emma! Well, I am sure Kim will get another dog, but I don't know. She already has 2 cats. Now, that apartment complex has a limit to the number of pets one can keep. They didn't used to, and there was several people who had more than 2 pets. Kim being one of them. Now, they have new rules set in place and you cannot have more than 2 pets. Not sure if service animals count though. If so, Kim may have to wait for one of her cats to die.

Well, my sis said since she heard about Emma's death, she put a note on Kim's door saying if she needs someone to talk to, she can come visit her. I told my sis that was nice of her to do that. I hope those people realize what a good person Anna is. It's me who is the asshole. LOL! Anna is willing to sit down and chat with Kim, even though we still hate her guts! Well, she did say shit about us. And it wouldn't be so bad, except that she would not even admit she said the shit. She tried to say someone else said it, not her. That's something I never would do if I care about someone, or want to make friends with them. Especially since I learned my lesson! If I offend someone, and they did nothing really bad to deserve it, I admit it and apologize. I don't try to put up someone else as the offender. I did that once, and I felt terrible after I did it. I only do not apologize if I know I am right, and the other person deserved what I said about them. I still have not apologized to Andy. LOL! Andy DiStinky! I don't give a shit if he is pissed off. His attacks on me did nothing but give me more power! LOL! His smell made me sick, but still I got more power over him now.

Speaking of which, Andy is such a fucking idiot! My sis told me one day she was driving, and heading out of the complex. Well Andy purposefully rode his bike out in front of her as she was about to drive out. She almost hit him with her car! She opened the window and yelled out at him, calling him an idiot and a dumbass, and saying if she had hit him it would have been all his fault. And it would have been! Andy bought a car, but he cannot drive it anymore. In fact, the police told him years ago he's not supposed to be driving a car because he has seizures. If he has one while driving, he could kill someone. But he went and bought a car anyway. Stupid idiot! I bet after Andy gets hit by a car no scavenging animals will touch him, since he stinks so bad. I remember back in Olympia, a skunk got killed by a car about a half mile from our home, and it laid on the side of the road for almost 2 years before it finally disintegrated away. No scavengers would touch it. That is what I picture road-killed Andy DiSanti to be like. LOL!

One of these days, I'll find the video of him attacking my sis and put it up on YouTube with the title "Psycho Warthog Attacks Camera" and put in the description "Thank your lucky stars this is not smellevision! The odor emitting from this warthog would knock you out worse than it's hands would!" hehehe!
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