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Friday, April 5, 2013

Something In A Name

I don't know what it is but there is always something about a person's name that says so much about their personality. Does anyone understand this besides me? This morning, I gave an opinion on a post on Facebook, and a few people responded directly to me (now that Facebook has that feature). Well, this afternoon, I got another notice that someone else has responded to my comment. The funny thing is, I knew what this person's post said before I ever even read it, and I knew it was going to be something negative. Why? Because her name was Krissy. Just about everyone I've ever met in my entire lifetime by the name of Krissy, or Kristy (with a K) has always, without fail, been bitchy and negative. They don't seem to be quite as bad if their name is spelled like Christy, or Chrissy. Only if their name begins with a K, seems to make them bitchier. I don't know why.

I usually tend to totally ignore strangers on Facebook, I don't respond to their posts and rarely even read them. Why should I? We're not friends, so why should I care what they think? It was only out of sheer, morbid curiosity that I read this person's post, because, just judging by her name, I knew it was going to be a negative comment. I just wanted to see if my premonition was right, and sure enough it was! Gracious, I'm good!! LOL! Take my real name for example. Almost everyone I've ever met that shares the same name as me, usually always tends to be overweight and rather shy. I fit in to my name perfectly! And Patti, I've always had problems with people named Patti. Only if they spell their name with an "I" at the end, but not so much if they spell it with a "Y". Again, I don't know why. Patti was a bitch, the roommate I wish I'd never had, as well as Patti who was the first person I ever really worked for. She reveled in being a bitch! Not just with me, she was bitchy at her husband too.

Now, I am not saying each is the norm. I am sure there are some people out there named Kris that are nice people, I just have yet to meet them. At my age, having met many women by the name of Kris that have had the same attitude, it's pretty safe for me to assume they are a separate culture of very bitchy women. As usual, I don't care what this person thinks, she's nothing but a teenager anyway, but I just had to see if I was correct in thinking she was going to have the same attitude I've always seen in people who share her name, and she did not fail me in that. LOL!

I don't think this assumption works for every name. For example the name David. Some people I've met by that name were gentlemen, while others were obnoxious dickheads. Same with the name Mike. Some have been nice, others have been ass-nuggets. I was together with a man named David, a real sweetheart. But before him, I also knew a boy in my school (from third grade up) named David who was a complete cock-sucker. He also turned gothic in his last year in Middle school, so that may have had a hand in his attitude too. My first 2 years in middle school with him, he actually seemed to want to be friends with me, and I accepted. He just changed his attitude when my last year in middle school began. It just seems that some names seem to take a toll on a person's behavior. Or maybe it affects their outlook on life. I really don't know. All I know is that when most people behave the way Krissy did about my opinion on Facebook, it usually means they haven't come to terms with their own individuality yet. But she may have an excuse because she is a teenager, but I have also seen a lot of adults by the same name who were just like that too.

Katrina named her new baby Christina, and I begged her not to! But I said "If you do, at least spell it with a 'C' and not with a 'K'!" So she did. I am afraid if that child's name is spelled Kristina (with a K) then that baby will grow up to be bitchier than her mom! I'd hate to see that happen. Katrina has enough problems now as it is.
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