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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Amy's Baking Company

Located in Scottsdale, AZ, this company created a first in Kitchen Nightmares a week ago. It became the first place that Gordon Ramsay just up and walked out on. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

It's over 40 minutes long, but it tells the whole story. Amy, the owner, and her husband Samy, cannot take any form of criticism. Amy says she will stand up and fight for her restaurant, and she's not going to take no shit from no one, and that no one is going to bash her food in her own restaurant, and blah-blah-blah. I hear that and I think "How dumb can one person be??" Amy says the customers are not always right, and I heard in this video they were even saying to a customer that was complaining about their food, these two idiots told those customers "You don't know how to eat!" What a retarded comment! How can someone not know how to eat? I don't think it's that the customer doesn't know how to eat, it's that the chef doesn't know how to cook. We're born knowing how to eat.

If I treated our customers at UMG the way these people treat customers that come into their restaurant, my supervisor would be FURIOUS!!! Yes, the customer is ALWAYS right! They are the ones paying you the money! They want satisfaction. This reminds me of a little burger joint that was in the B&I back in the 90s. I only ate there once. It was run by Koreans. They had some good burgers, but the thing that bothered me most about their place is they had a sign by the cash register that read "Even if we make a mistake on your order, you still have to pay for it. We do not give you free food!" When I saw that sign, I said to the teller "OK, I'm going to give you my order slowly so you don't make a mistake..." They did not make a mistake, and the burger was good, but I still did not ever want to eat there again, because if they were to ever make a mistake on my order, and I had to pay for it, I would be pissed!!

Anyway, if a customer ever tells us that any story in the UMG site is bad, or what is wrong with it, we are not supposed to tell them, "You are insane" or "You don't know how to read". We cannot cuss them out because they don't like the story. Trisha says every critique is a learning experience. That's the only way we can learn what the customer likes about each story and what they don't like. That way we can improve our stories in the future. When you don't learn, you don't grow. Apparently, Amy's Baking Company closed down after Gordon Ramsay left them, that's what I heard Amy always does when she has a bad night. They are re-opening on the 21st of this month. From what I heard, they are already booked up for their re-opening. I was glancing through the comments on that page, and someone said that they know a couple of people who booked for the re-opening, not for the food. They're going for the floor show. They want to see Amy and Samy break down and yell at the customers like apparently they always do.

Well, I listened to Amy's story. I think I know what is wrong with her. If you listen, she does not have kids, she has cats. She calls those her kids. Then she goes on to say "I speak feline." Of course she has cats!! I knew that even before she mentioned anything about them in this episode! She's definitely crazy enough. Cats are known to make people go crazy. The funny thing is, cat people don't know they're crazy. But the rest of us, who don't own cats, can see it very well. It's a certain kind of craziness that no other individual would have, it's just short of requisition to an asylum. That describes this Amy chick to a T. Amy and Samy tell people who go into their restaurant and don't like their food to "leave and never come back again" on top of telling them they "don't know how to eat". They basically handle everything in a very unprofessional manner. They act like a couple of spoiled brats. In this episode, they fired one young waitress just because she asked Amy a question. Then Amy accuses the waitress of being obnoxious, just because she asked a question. UGH!! Amy and Sami kept sitting there, in front of Gordon Ramsay, arguing with each other.

I have the feeling Amy was never disciplined as a child. I think her parents probably just let her get away with anything she wanted to. Some things she says and does in this video kindof point out that possibility. And she talks a lot about GOD, like she probably should be running a church (a Baptist church) instead of a restaurant! I turn to GOD myself, but I am not like Amy! Amy is obviously very bitter. She needs to grow up. She needs to get rid of those 3 cats, get on some medications for the damage those cats caused her brain to have, and get a dog instead. She also needs to get rid of Samy, he's very controlling. Believe me when I say living with a very controlling person can ruin your psyche. That's why I am so glad to be out of Patti's house!! Staying there would have eventually ruined me. But the place is open. If you live anywhere near Scottsdale, AZ, go there that night. I bet you the place will be booming with anger, rage and hatred from the proprietors.

But seriously, after seeing this video, would you really want to eat there???? I wouldn't. No matter what promises these two make.
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