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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Up Abercrombie's Ass!

I was watching a video this morning and it was about the famous mall chain-store called Abercrombie, and it's partner store Fitch. Mike Jeffries is the CEO, and guess what he said. He said he doesn't want no fat or ugly people shopping in his store. If a fat or ugly person walks into an Abercrombie store, they have workers who will escort them out. Jeffries says he only wants "thin, attractive and popular people" wearing his clothes because he thinks it will give his clothing line a bad name. UGH!!! People like him piss me off! Who gives a shit about the so-called "popular kids"?? And if you ask me, having known the 'popular crowd' when I was growing up, anything they do would be tarnished because they were the most stuck-up and mentally corrupt people I ever met in my life! I never wanted to be popular. I never wanted to hang with the popular kids. Because as  people, they sucked! They only cared about themselves. No one else, not even the people they considered friends.

Well, fat and ugly people are not the only ones not allowed to walk into an Abercrombie store. If you are over 50, you are also not allowed. Not only that, but also if you are poor, you are not allowed to wear his clothes. And any clothes that don't pass inspection are just thrown away. They don't even donate them to charity. So, just like the popular kids I remember in school, the CEO of Abercrombie only cares about himself. No one else. If you ask me, he doesn't need fat, ugly, unpopular, poor or old people to make his clothes look bad. Mike Jeffries is making his own clothing line look bad on his own. And ya know, after hearing these quotes, I was dying to see what little Mr. Mike Jeffries looks like himself. I found some good pics of him. Check this out:

So he doesn't want fat and ugly people going into his store. Umm, excuse me, I think I can tell what is ugly, and this dude is UGLY!!!! So, is he not allowed to shop in his own store? I mean really! Look at his eyes. Look at his lips. Look at his double-chins. He's not only ugly, he's fugly, and he's an old fart too. I think a guy in this video I saw this morning said what I was thinking very well. He looks like he's had so much botox injected in his face that it looks like his mouth is permanently looking for a dick to suck. Well, it's true!

Look at this other comparison I found:

Of course his head was photoshopped on that body. But this is his real face, seen at a different angle. He has eyes like a tiger (not a compliment). That's what his eyes remind me of. This was next to a picture of this:

IMO, they both look alike. Both look like something someone would spit up into the toilet, and then flush quickly. After reading all this, I have a good mind to go to the nearest Abercrombie store and just walk in, and if any of the workers put their hands on me, phone the cops! If they argue, I should argue back! Just see what kind of reaction I'd get. It'd serve them right if I did that! I would be the fattest, ugliest person they could encounter in their store. I should go in and give them a scare.
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