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Monday, July 22, 2013

A Friendly Problem

Its tough to say no to friends. I always like to help one of my friends as much as I can, but sometimes it's not easy being so nice. When a person asks me for a favor, I like to help if I can. Well, I have one friend on Facebook that I am afraid is taking too much advantage of my kindness. She is a sweet person and I like her a lot, but she keeps on asking me if I would post videos and pictures for her onto her new group. I did it a couple of times when her new page was getting started, and I gave her instructions on how she can do it herself. She still continues to ask me to post pics for her on this new page.

The last time I posted a pic for her, she said it would be the last one she would ask me to post. Then she said if I posted that last pic, she would not ask me to post anymore for her. That she would get someone else to do it instead. So I agreed to post the pic for her on that page. Well, she didn't stop asking me like she promised she would. She kept on and on and on asking me to post videos and pictures for her. I told her I just don't have time to do it. That happens every time I give in to posting a picture for her on her new page. She'll ask me to post one, and she'll say that's it. And I do it. Then next thing I know she will ask me to post 3 more pics, and I do it. Then I get her asking me where those pics are, and I can't answer that. If she doesn't see them, and she doesn't know how to look for them, I can't find them either. So I spend the rest of the evening trying to find that stupid picture, or video.

Then she'll ask me to post 4 more pics or videos, and I just can't do it. Because by this time, my internet slows all the way down, and I neglect my other friends, as well as my partner. I don't have the fast internet I used to have anymore. So I cannot keep posting pics or videos for her. And what have I got out of that evening? Absolutely NOTHING! Because it seems she is just never satisfied. I just cannot keep doing it. But I also am not comfortable saying no either. I told her how to post these pics and videos herself, I don't understand why she just won't try it herself. Lately when she asks me to post more pics or videos, I just don't say anything. She posts these pics and videos beautifully in chat, she should be able to post them on her page by herself. I've taken to just ignoring her when she asks me to post more pics. Because I know what will happen. I'll post that one pic, and then she'll ask me to post 2 more, then 4 more. Next thing I know she'd ask me to post 10 more! I just cannot keep doing it for her, when she can learn to do it herself. Now, she's got 2 pages on Facebook to torment me with. I did not ask her to invent this new page.

I hate Facebook lately, and it has nothing to do with her. Facebook has this thing now that it has to keep refreshing it's self every 5 minutes. And every time it does, it slows down. At least on my end it does. It's worse when I go to share pics and videos. I like posting cute pics of cute puppies on my page, or things that make my friends laugh and feel good. But with the internet provided to me through this park, each time I share a picture on Facebook, my internet slows down. It gets so annoying!! You see why I cannot keep posting pics and videos for this friend? If I do, then I have no time to post pics I want to share on my own wall. Thus I don't have time to spend with my other friends. I have one friend going through a life crisis, and I want to be there for her too. And another friend that is going to have a baby in 8 months, I want to be there for her too. And my partner is coming to this country in September, I'm trying to help him get here with as little trouble as possible. I have other friends to help out, I cannot spend every moment on Facebook posting pics and videos for one person onto a page that has less than 40 viewers. Especially when I know she can post the pics and videos herself.

I don't know. Sometimes I think I give too much! Sometimes it gets to me. But most of my friends don't take too much advantage of my kindness. I promised her that I would never unfriend her, and I won't. I still like her. But if she keeps asking me to post pics and videos for her, and she just won't learn to do it herself, I'm gonna have to block her or something. But for now, when she asks, I just don't say anything. Or if we are in the middle of a chat, just change the subject. I don't know what else to do.
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