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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Everything Happens For A Reason--Yes!

I was watching a video by MrRepzion on YouTube, and he said he gets annoyed when someone tells him this every time something bad happens to him. He says religious people "use this phrase to give themselves comfort". He even went so far as to tell his fans to challenge someone who says this, so his fans did. Ya know, I like MrRepzion, he's pretty cool. He really cannot help what his fans do. But religious or not, I always believed everything happens for a reason. To challenge a person who say that everything happens for a reason, is the same thing as challenging a vegan about why we should eat meat. And yes, MrRepzion is a meat-eater! LOL! No, I'm not making fun, but it's the same damn thing. People want clear-cut explanations for everything, and like I've said before, not everything has a clear-cut answer. I am religious. I am not a part of any organized religion, but I am religious. I've tried like 4 different religions in my life, and the problem I have with them is that I don't agree 100% with all of what they believe. But religious or not, I still believe everything happens for a reason.

The reason I believe this is because I've seen it work before. MrRepzion believes that because his great aunt, who was deaf and could not communicate in the 60s, was gang raped while on a date. He said she learned nothing from that experience except how to hate men. He doesn't believe any good came out of that experience. I agree it must have been horrible for his great aunt. I can imagine. But there is still a good reason that happened. Maybe that incident, or a similar incident that maybe those same men were responsible for, led to stronger laws against rape that we have today. One never knows. But if you sit around and tell people to go challenge someone who says "It all happened for a reason", I think that's more of a regressive attitude.

MrRepzion and other atheists for that matter, use all the bad things in the world to give them an excuse to not believe in GOD. While I don't want to force anyone to believe in GOD, that's not my business after all, I think it's just as annoying when people use bad things that happen to say "there is no GOD". I've been through a lot in my life. I've been through some of the worst bullies in my time that I think I've ever known. When I was in 4th grade, there was this girl who kept beating me up every day. But she wasn't even half as bad as the bullies I encountered in Jr. high school. These boys used to literally gang up on me to harass me to the point where I almost became suicidal. I was scared to go to school because of them. My ma and pa were not quite as supportive as they could have been. They kept telling me I'll get through it. My ma did go and talk to the teachers in the class I had with those boys, and it only made everything between me and those boys get much worse. Then they started teasing me because I told my ma I was being harassed. You know how older kids are about that. And in Jr. High, it wasn't just the kids I had bullying problems with, some of the teachers in that school were bullies too. Like Mr. Purvis and his cohorts. And with them the bullying was worse because I could not tell anyone about it. The adults in that school would just side with the teachers.

Well, now, there are stricter laws against bullying. While I admit it did not help me when I was in school, I like to think my experiences had something to do with getting laws like this passed. Now, schools have become more aware of what happens to kids that have been bullied and are doing things now to nip them in the butt before they get worse. I like the idea of that. It comforts me to know that perhaps in the forseeable future, no other kid will have to go through what I went through.

Unfortunately people who rebut the idea of "everything happens for a reason" will not see it that way. Because they live only in the "here and now". Because the reason isn't presented to them RIGHT NOW, then there must not be any good reason it happened. But I've lived long enough to know something will come of everything. So that is how I live my life. It really has NOTHING at all to do with my belief in GOD. I believe that this is just how the world works. We all suffer damages, we all have bad things happen in our lives. But it might be because of those bad things happening that a greater good comes out of it.

Ya know, this is what I hate about fanatical atheists! And fanatical vegans, and even fanatical Christians! They all say the same dumb shit every time. I like to let people have their beliefs, because we are all human and we have a right to believe what we want. But fanatics always try to push their beliefs on others. I like MrRepzion, but in this video, he started to sound like a fanatical atheist, and it was kindof annoying. Fanatical atheists will always say "because something bad happened to so-n-so, something good will come of it?!" It's like the vegans saying "How can you love some animals and eat others?" Or even Christians saying "This happened to you because you didn't go to church" or whatever!! Fanatics are annoying on every level!!
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