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Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Lily Hutchence!

Wow! 17 years old today! The daughter of Michael Hutchence, named Lily, is 17 today, and she is still quite gorgeous! Looks like those genes from Michael are taking over again. For a while there I was a bit scared. I guess she was going through that awkward teenage period, but she was beginning to look like Paula there for a while. Glad to see she's come out of it, and is looking again like her gorgeous father!

Lily as a baby, with father Michael in the background. Oh yes, Paula is here too. But she's ugly.

Lily as a grown woman.
I love the pic of Lily holding a puppy, so adorable! I can just imagine what Michael is thinking up there in Heaven. Must be bustling with pride that his daughter is taking after him. GOD I hope she doesn't ever show any of those mediocre Paula genes anymore! Hope she doesn't start doing interviews in her underwear!

A lot of INXS fans still call this young woman "tiger". I would never even call my worst enemy that! Let alone Michael's daughter. It's not feminine enough, though I did read it is a real name. It's listed as a boy's name though, or a surname. Besides, tigers are dumb, ugly animals that are doomed to extinction. I don't want to know of that creature having any connections with Michael's daughter. Bad enough Michael is extinct now. But Lily looks happy. And she has a puppy. Shoot! I would be happy too! Give me a house, a puppy, good walking routes, and an easy chair to relax on and I'd be set for life!

Just so hard to believe it's been 17 years since she was brought into the world. Well, she was born in 1996. To me, it just doesn't seem so long ago. In fact it seems like yesterday. If I thought she was reading this, I would give her a present. Any of my stories on the UMG Productions website, for free. But I highly doubt she is reading this. It's OK though. But besides remembering the stories that I wrote that year, and there were a few, I also remember there being a lot of world-shattering changes that happened to me that year too. For one thing, that was the year my waterbed burst and I never got a new mattress for it, so I had to "re-learn" to sleep on a regular bed. Believe me, it was hard at first! I'd been sleeping on a waterbed for 11 years at that time! I didn't think I'd ever get used to sleeping on a regular bed again! Even now I sometimes find it hard!

Well, that may not seem so "world-shattering" to you readers, but it was to me. That was also the year I had the worst kidney infections I've ever had in my life. I rarely drank water back then. Not like I do now. A couple of times I was laid up in bed for more than a week, with a heat pad attached to my back! It hurt to move. And when I had to take a dump, I had to get creative, and clean myself using the handle of a scrub brush we used to use in the shower. That was pure Hell!!

I also remember a Labor Day party my sis and I put on that year. During that time, we did a performance of our history. It was fun! It was like watching the reenacting scenes on the Golden Girls. Only my sis and I were doing the reenacting. I remembered this book about mammals that I began in 1986, and annulled in 1988 because it had accumulated too many pages, I could never fit them all into a book. There used to be this corner in my bedroom where I would sit, sometimes for hours, in front of a hole-punching machine and punch holes in the pages so I could put that book into a binder. It was then I realized that book was too big! It would never fit in any binder available in any store. So I ceased production of that book.

Well, those were just a few bits and pieces. It just doesn't seem like that long ago, but then the years are also getting shorter as I am getting older. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! I don't even really feel my age! I tell people I am old, and in terms of years, I do feel old. Especially when I see people that I knew as a baby, all grown up now and having kids of their own. But in terms of attitude, I don't feel old. I dunno. I guess that's what counts in this situation. It won't be very long at all before Lily here gets married and has a baby of her own. Maybe it too will look like Michael. I would hope so! NO child should be tormented with Paula's looks! That would be awful! I wonder though if Lily has even got a steady boyfriend? I'd be shocked if she hasn't cuz she is so cute.
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