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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Onision Drama

This is a very hot topic going around YouTube, and I've seen many different peoples' opinions on this subject. Onision started doing live debates with some people, which totally surprised me, as he does not like criticism. Not even constructive criticism. It's amazing! Anyone who criticizes Onision is labeled by him as a "hater". Onision is nothing but an overgrown little boy. But then again he really is no different than anyone else his age! These days it's getting to where you have to have permission to give someone constructive criticism. There is a total difference between giving criticism and being a "hater". The best examples of what a "hater" would be like would be the dirty dozen mob. Haters act out of malice. They don't care about how other people are affected by someone's actions. Their only concern is in satisfying some deep, dark, sadistic desire to ruin someone else's life. Mostly because they have nothing better to do with their time. But all the people who criticize Onision do not appear to be like this at all. In fact the majority of them that I have seen all have the same concern. Most of Onision's fanbase is made up of young teenagers, and they are likely to take what Onision says very seriously. Onision has told rape victims that it is their own fault that they got raped. He has told victims of abuse that it is their own fault they've been abused. A rape victim does not need to be told that they were raped because it was their fault! That's not true! I was once (almost) a victim of rape, and believe me, it's not like I advertised! I was just sitting and reading when the attempted rapist approached me. Luckily I am not a very submissive person, otherwise he might have overtaken me. He was inexperienced anyway, as rapists go.

But see, that is the point. People criticize Onision for saying things like that, and Onision immediately labels these people as "haters". They are not haters. They are trying to get Onision to look at what he is saying to his fans, and how wrong he is to point the accusing finger at the victims, instead of pointing the finger at the monsters who commit these acts against innocent people. He's even labeled Encyclopedia Dramatica as a "hate site". Shoot! I LOVE my entry in Encyclopedia Dramatica!! Every time I see it, I get a good belly-laugh! In fact, I have it bookmarked in my favorites in a folder I labeled "For Laughs". It shows how very complex I am. Because the person who wrote it is so far offbase about my personality, it's totally unrecognizable to those who do know me very well. In fact, the only thing the author of my article got 100% correct is that I totally HATE panthers! Every time I am feeling down, I go to my page in Encyclopedia Dramatica and get a good laugh out of it. It perks me up! If only Onision could do the same thing. But he is so low in self-esteem, he can't even take a joke on himself.

Well, in the latest development Onision's new wife is expecting his child soon. His new wife, BTW, is only 18, and Onision is almost 30. Well, Onision so badly wanted to debate with another YouTube user named MrRepzion, and MrRepzion said no, that Onision created a character on his live debate on July 4th, which he called "Repsock". That is, he made a sock puppet figure of MrRepzion and debated with that sock for an hour on live video. A lot of people say that now Onision has gone over the edge! I was watching the video and just in the first 2 minutes of the video, Onision already sounds like a crazed psychotic maniac. It's rather creepy. Onision is butthurt because MrRepzion said no when Onision asked to debate with him. A normal person, with a teaspoonful of brains, would have just said "OK. Fine with me" and moved on. But not Onision. He has to create a sock puppet in view of MrRepzion and create this nutty video. It's like he's jabbing MrRepzion, hoping he would fight back. I think this is why Onision gets so much bad press. He literally asks for it! I feel sorry for his wife. I hope soon she gets the good sense to take her baby and leave this nut!! I can just imagine the influence Onision would have on that baby, judging by his debate with this so-called Repsock, and the fact that he blames the victims for crimes committed against them. Not to mention the disrespectful way he has treated his past wives. He said he never had any father figure in his life. I guess this proves that children have to have a mother AND a father in their early formative years. I once heard someone say they've never known a child to come out right without a father around. I can see from Onision that this is true too! Him and a bunch of other youngsters around today, since marriage now is so obsolete.

Well, that's all I have to say on this subject. I don't want to give Onision too much credit, but go to YouTube and search for Repsock. If he hasn't taken the video down (and I advise you he will as soon as it receives a lot of negative attention), you'll find his debate with that dumb sock puppet! He talks to it like it is a real, breathing individual! UGH!!

****************************EDIT TO ADD*********************************

Here's how to tell the difference between a "hater" and someone who is just giving constructive criticism. I learned this by watching the Dirty Dozen mob on the Pluba forums.

1. A hater will always call you childish names. Whereas someone giving criticism won't usually in their initial comment to you. Unless you antagonize them.

2. Haters are narcissistic, they don't care about the people your speech is affecting. They only care about themselves. Sometimes their "care" will extend out to their closest associates and friends. Whereas someone giving criticism does care about everyone you speak to.

3. When you totally ignore a hater, they will often go somewhere else and hassle someone else they can find. Whereas someone who is just giving criticism will continue to give criticism, and usually will add in "You make some valid points, but..."

4. Haters tend to make up things to make you look worse than you really are, like "I saw this fat bitch chowing down at McDonald's the other day", whereas someone giving criticism would simply ask "Have you ever been to a McDonald's?"

5. Haters blame you for everything, even when you had no impact in instigating anything wrong. Someone giving criticism will have proof to present that you personally were responsible before making any accusations.

6. Haters sometimes travel in groups. They need their friends to help them in their personal vendetta against you. Whereas someone just giving criticism just speaks their mind. With or without help from friends.

7. Haters act on self-worth. They often have a lot of fans that will cheer them on. Someone giving criticism may not have as many fans, but they say what they say because they care about the problems your speech and ideas may cause.

8. Sometimes someone giving criticism can become a hater. But that is usually because the person they target provokes them into it.

9. A hater will always be hateful to you, even if you are trying to be nice to them. Whereas someone just giving criticism will sweeten their tone a bit.

10. Haters usually act anonymously. That is they never post any recent pictures or videos of themselves online, because they are more likely fat, ugly, nasty bitches themselves. I've seen haters post 20 year old pics of themselves and say they still look like that today. Someone giving constructive criticism does not care. Because they are not doing what they do to "prove" they are better than anyone else. They only do it to get the offender to see what they are doing is wrong.
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