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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Over The Edge

I never wanted to tell this story, because there are some things that I would rather forget about. But recently in remembering about my former roommate Patti, I remembered someone who literally made me want to reach through the phone and strangle her to death! I am usually not a violent person, and I never lash out at anyone, even if they lash out at me. There are a lot of things I can tolerate, and I have quite a bit of endurance when it comes to that too. I’ve been called every name in the book, and beyond, and still came up smiling and laughing. It’s really hard to make me feel bad by calling me names. Sometimes the person calling me names will make me more cautious. But never do I allow such a childish act to make me feel bad about myself. But to push me over the edge is very difficult. Patti almost achieved that, but almost does not count. And I remember that Patti is an old woman who was having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to guzzle her usual cheap booze, and shoot up her usual street drugs while I was there, for fear perhaps that I would divulge these acts to her workplace and get her fired from her one and only job.

But there was one woman I contacted that actually did push me over the edge, and she didn’t even have to do much to do it. I was a na├»ve youngster in my mid-20s. The year was 1998, and I wanted to get a playmate for Monkey, my Australian shepherd. I looked at several breeds. Huskies were one of them, and I also thought about a Rottweiler, but my dad frowned on me getting a Rottweiler. I found husky pups, but then I read that huskies are fence-jumpers that like to wander, so the idea of getting one of those is out! In that same paper, in the same classified section, I saw an ad for german shepherd puppies, and it said they would accept terms and even deliver the pup to me. I thought that ad was sent from Heaven. My car was on the fix, and I could not run it. So there was no way I was able to go there myself and pick up that pup. I had called several ads for dogs that day, and I found out in a flash that not many people are really willing to sell to someone who does not have a car! They kept asking me “How will you take the dog to the vet?” After hearing that so many times, it was a total relief that there was one person whose ad stated she is willing to deliver the puppy. So I called the ad.

The woman I spoke to was named Diana, and she told me she has one female left, that has a little hernia on her belly. It didn’t bother me because I had a pup once with that same kind of hernia. So I said I would be interested in the puppy and asked her if she could really deliver it to my residence. I  explained the situation why I could not drive to her place, but I wanted to make sure I was not just seeing things where her ad said she would deliver. I gave her my address and some driving directions, and Diana said “Sure, I can deliver!” I was so grateful. We both made an appointment for the very next day for 11:30 AM and I told her I was looking forward to seeing the baby. So I got myself prepared for the next day.

I got up, all on pins and needles, not being able to contain myself. I simply could not wait to see the pup. I was filled with excitement and anxiety. I went through my morning routine, which consisted of me putting the dishes up, feeding Monkey, fixing breakfast for me and my sis, and then watching our morning programs, like Gimme A Break! By the time Gimme A Break was over, it was 10:30AM, so I had an hour to wait till my puppy arrived. I decided to fill the time by cleaning the house a bit, and my sis helped me. It was around 11AM when I stopped because now the house was looking spotless. In my mind, I was secretly hoping that Diana would show up a bit early, so I could see the puppy that was soon to be mine. But 11AM came and went, and I hadn’t heard or seen anything. Every time a car passed by, my heart would pound faster, and I would look carefully out the window to see if Diana and the puppy had arrived. Then 11:30 AM rolled around, and I said “She’s got to show up now.” But she didn’t. 11:30AM came and went, no sign of Diana.

I didn’t know what to think, I figured maybe she was just caught in traffic. So I waited around. Noon came, and still no sign of Diana. She hasn’t even called at this point, so I decided to try and call her. I called and got a ring tone, but got no answer. I figured she was just on her way over and she would show up in our driveway momentarily. Then 12:30PM came and went and still no sign of Diana, not even a call. I tried calling her again, and still got no answer. I was beginning to believe deep down inside that she is never going to show up. Then 1PM came around, and I still hadn’t heard from Diana. I got a bit tired of waiting, so I got up and caught the local bus to the local pet store. I don’t know why I made that move; I just wanted to see some puppies I guess. The pet store was not far away. I was back home by 2PM, not having seen any pups at the pet store that sparked my interest. When I got home, my sis told me that Diana called shortly after I left. Dammit! That always happens, without fail!! My sis told me that Diana was held up that morning and wanted to reschedule the appointment for the next day, and wanted me to call back.

Now, I’m sure my sis did not expect what happened next to happen at all, otherwise maybe she would have taken some initiative to reschedule the appointment herself while she had Diana on the phone. Even I never expected what happened then to happen at all. I quickly got on the phone and dialed Diana’s number. This time I got no ring tone, just a busy signal. I tried again 5 minutes later, the line was still busy. So, I tried again 5 minutes later and the line was still busy! I figured maybe Diana was on the phone to a friend or something, so I decided to wait about 20 minutes or so to call her back. I waited that 20 minutes, thinking that if she’d been on the phone since she called my sis around 1PM that afternoon, then that’s plenty of time to speak to a friend on the phone! So, I called her number again, and once more, the line was still busy!! I waited another 10 minutes before I dialed her number again, and it was still busy!!

This went on for about 6 hours. It started out, I would dial Diana’s number every 10-20 minutes, then it got to be every 25-30 minutes, and still each time, the line was always busy! I began to wonder if Diana was doing this on purpose. At one point during the day, I even wondered if I had been dialing the right number. I try to give everyone a chance, and I did not want to think the worst, not even at this point. So I kept dialing. Finally at around 7:30PM I got a ring tone on her line. Some teenager picked up the phone and said hello. I said hello to him and “I’d like to speak to Diana please.” And he very rudely stated “Well you’re not going to get her now!” I asked him if he had any idea when Diana would be back, and he answered “Try again around 8:30” I said OK and hung up. I didn’t want to talk to him, I was trying to reach Diana! I was a bit peeved because that teenage boy was so rude when I asked for Diana. But I figured it may be worth it if I can get ahold of Diana and still able to get that german shepherd pup. So I waited out the hour. I didn’t feel much like doing anything. Deep inside my soul, I had the feeling that this deal was going to fall through. But I hoped that it wouldn’t. I still got my hopes up that I could still get this puppy.

When 8:30 PM rolled around, I prepared myself to call Diana once again, this time in hopes that I could actually reach her. But at the same time, I just knew that I would likely get nothing but a busy signal again. I dialed, and to my surprise there was a ring!! I was relieved and Diana answered the phone. I literally took a sigh of relief that I was finally able to reach her once again. I was thinking “Thank GOD!!” I apologized to Diana that this is coming late, and Diana dropped a bomb on me! She said “Yes listen, because you did not call me back earlier, I’ve decided not to let you have this pup. You don’t seem really interested in her.” I told Diana that I was gone when she called that afternoon, and I have been trying to call her since around 2PM, but every time I would dial her number, the line was busy! Diana maintained that just because I didn’t call her back before 2PM, she assumed I am just not interested in the puppy. I tried to convince her that I am very interested in the pup. It wasn’t my fault I could not reach her earlier that day. Then Diana stated “Well, if you can’t come here and pick up this puppy, how will you get her to the vet?” OMG! The old “if you don’t have a car how will you get the puppy to the vet” bit came up now! I reminded Diana that she knew I didn’t have a way to drive there when we made the appointment for this morning. And she was OK with that the night before. I also reminded her that her ad in the newspaper said they would deliver.

Diana kept coming up with excuses and shit. She even said “Well, if you don’t have a car, you can’t take this puppy to a vet. I wouldn’t recommend you get a puppy at all. I might recommend you get a cat instead.” I was insulted!! I had 2 persian cats I was trying to get rid of at that time, and this woman is telling me to go out and buy another cat??? NO WAY!!! If I’d wanted a cat, I would have answered ads for a cat. I didn’t want a cat, I wanted a puppy. But I did not mention that to her. I asked Diana if there was any way I could get her to change her mind and let me have the puppy. She said “Not unless you can drive yourself up here to pick her up.” I asked her if she lives on a busline and she said the nearest bus stop is 3 miles away from her. I asked if we could maybe meet someplace nearby and she answered "I don't have the time to drive someplace and meet you. I have other puppies to tend to." I asked to make sure if that’s how she wanted to end this deal and she said “Yes.” I actually said to Diana “Well thanks a lot for wasting my entire day!” and I banged the phone up in her ear!

I was so mad at this point!! Diana ruined and wasted a whole day out of my life! And she was not even willing to take the blame for busying up her phone line so I couldn’t call back when I was supposed to! She seemed to just not even care. I wanted to strangle her. I wanted to just reach through that phone while we were talking and just strangle Diana to death!!! That’s how mad I was at her. I rarely ever reach that point, but I sure reached it with Diana! No other person in my whole life ever made me get that angry. Diana was lucky she was not standing in the room with me at that point because I would have just killed her if she did that to me. It would have been better if she told me the night before that she didn’t want me to have that puppy, or if her ad didn’t state that she’s willing to deliver. But she didn’t say she didn’t want me to have the pup until after I wasted an entire day trying to get ahold of her to no avail, and her ad did state that she’s willing to deliver. I wanted to beat the shit out of her and pull all her hair out by the roots at that point!

What’s even more bizarre about this scenario is I saw another ad placed by Diana in those same classifieds about 6 months later, and again, she said she’s willing to deliver. I saw that and I said “I hope no one else falls for this ad like I did! They try to ask her to deliver her puppy to them, all they’ll get from her is broken promises and excuses why she didn’t want to deliver!” Now I think I know why that teenager was so hostile! Assuming he was maybe her son or something. He’s probably angry at the world for having a mother like Diana who never keeps her promises, always backpedals everything she says, and just makes excuses why she doesn’t want to do something. I would be hostile too!
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