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Sunday, August 4, 2013

National Friendship Day

Today is national Friendship Day and my first act was in deleting one of my buds off of Facebook! LOL! I rarely do that, and I usually don't like to do it. But this guy did something I hoped none of my friends would do. On a post he created he titled "My fair feline" about his cat that is 18 years old, I saw the title of the post and I had to throw in something about Vegas. I said "My Fair Booby". I tried to post a pic, but Facebook would not let me. So I told him that I was referring to my baby. Not the cat. Every time I see something cute like that title, I always add it to one of Vegas' many little nick names. I've been doing that for years. My favorite was the "Aqua-Booba" commercials. LOL! Well, this morning I discovered this guy had deleted my posts. So I said to him "What's the matter? You got something against my baby?" And I gave him a piece of my mind and said "Geez man you're going to delete my comments and all you do is talk to yourself on these posts? I'm cutting out!" And then I deleted him.

Well, it's true, that's all he does on all his posts, sits there and talks to himself. Seems every day, he's saying something different on each one of his posts, but no one ever responds to him. So, basically all he's doing is talking to himself, probably to get himself more views. I think he has mental issues, seriously. I'm not saying he's a bad person, he's very, VERY sweet. I must say though I feel a little strange with him calling me "honey" all the time, probably because he is younger than me. But he is also an overgrown baby. That's actually how I met him though. He's a mega fan of the Great Space Coaster. I was too when I was a kid. I loved that show. If it were to come back on TV, I might still sit and watch it just for the memories. But this guy also watches Tiny Toon Adventures, and has communicated with Candi Milo. To me, she's just a bum actress, but he thinks she's Princess Diana. Not only that, but I also found out he watches Sprout, and shows that are made for kids in nursery school. When I realized that, I began to think "there's something wrong with this dude!"

He wrote that he wished Michelle Lepe would comment on his picture of Big Bird he took at Universal Studios in Florida. I told him not all celebs talk to their fans. But he said that he's spoken to Candi Milo on Facebook when they used to be friends. She probably dumped him because she discovered the same thing I did, that he's too much an overgrown baby! But I just reminded him that not all celebs are going to speak to him. Not all of them enjoy communicating with their fans. Michelle Lepe is on the same level of luminaries as Candi Milo IMO. They're both bum actresses who will never be any greater than performing in kid's shows, or making one-time appearances on shows made for TV. I really think this dude needs to grow up. Seriously, he's 35 years old, still lives with his father, in his father's house, no income of any kind, doesn't even try to look for a job. Then he goes to these exotic places like Universal Studios, and Puerto Rico, and eats out every week at Hooters restaurants. The guy obviously needs to grow up!

Well, usually I hate deleting people, especially if they are so nice and all. But for some reason, I don't feel as bad about letting this guy go. Like I said, he needs to grow up. I still watch Sesame Street, well only the old-school version because of the skits and cartoons, and the memories they bring back. But I don't live it, like this guy seems to with Tiny Toons and the Great Space Coaster. I mean really, sometimes he seems obsessed with those things. And these bum actresses.

Well, it is National Friendship Day and I am wishing all my friends a good day. I am usually loyal to my friends. This was actually an isolated incident. There have been a very few friends (actually acquaintances) that I decided after I got to know them that I didn't want anything to do with them anymore. Like DonnaG. Good GOD I hate that woman! I still do. When I first met her, she seemed OK, but I let my guard down. I decided not to have anything to do with her when she said in a public forum that I am basically ugly. Well!! Even if it's true, it's not a nice thing to say, especially in the context she used. But her dumbass friends will stand by her, probably mostly because they are too scared to go against her. I wonder if she still sends out her "army" to attack people who tell the truth about her. Well, they can attack me all they want to, it still won't make me change my mind about DonnaG. Because the only people whose opinions matter to me, are my friends.

The funny thing is, most of her friends don't know it, but they are being used by Donna. If you notice she does not make friends with anyone who is not a close friend of the band members of INXS. She may be nice to the smaller fans, but she never would make friends with them. That's because she wants to become a friend of the band's. But they don't want anything to do with her, because she invades their space. She kisses them in the mouth, and wants to get into Jon's pants. She admitted that to me herself. And while I sometimes fantasize about Timmy, I would never, and have never, kissed him in the mouth! That's the unspoken, uncrossable line. If I were famous, and more beautiful, I wouldn't want any of my fans kissing me in the mouth!! You never know where their mouth has been, or mine for that matter! LOL! And that's just a line a fan should never cross. Especially when you first meet them. It's like that video I saw of a fan handcuffing herself to her favorite celebrity at the Emmy awards. I was embarrassed for her! And I don't even know the girl! But she humiliated herself, and she went too far.

I would totally be lying if I said I never fantasized about having sex with Timmy, but I would never act on it, and never EVER expect him to do it. When I met Timmy in Seattle behind the theater, I was a perfect lady. All I asked him for was a picture. Well, the picture he promised to me when we were in LA. hehehe! I was just helping him keep that promise! Well, that's not an invasion of his space, I didn't force him to take a pic with me. He did have the option to say no in that position. And if he was too busy to do it, I would have understood. But DonnaG did not give poor Jon a choice. She just reached over and kissed him in the mouth without asking him. And that's something I would never do. Even though they've been in the public spotlight a lot, they are still just people, and should not be denied their personal rights. What's funny about all this is Donna got all her stupid cronies on the delusional mods forum to harass and make fun of me. Even funnier, that forum does not seem to be up anymore and Netrage, who I guess owned the forum, said he would never take it down. I don't know. Maybe he came to his senses and realized he was bullshitting on the wrong person, as I am not as delusional as he liked to think I was. I won't deny I am crazy, but I am not as deluded as he thought.
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