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Saturday, August 17, 2013

No Respect For Vegans

Vegans wonder why I have no respect for them and I won't listen to them. Well, I remember some months ago, one of my vegan friends hit an animal by accident with her car, and she was talking about how she was beginning to wonder if driving a car is truly an act of veganism. I thought it was interesting she would think about that. Because honestly, nothing humans do in this world is an act of veganism. The fact that we are even here is not an act of veganism. We are here and we are reproducing. But you want to know what I feel is the strongest contradictor to acts of veganism? The fact that most vegans I know own cats. I've said before that I would have more respect for vegans if most of them didn't own cats. I mean seriously, my own personal feelings about cats aside. Vegans want to take the most carnivorous of mammals and bring them into their home and force them into a vegan diet! Then they turn around and call wild felines "obligate carnivores", and then don't respect the animal's natural diet in their own home. That to me is one of the highest forms of animal abuse anyone could commit. If vegans want a small mammal that they can cuddle and feed a vegan diet, why not get a rabbit instead?? I'll never understand that concept with vegans.

Tonight another one of my vegan friends mentioned that her 2 cats mangled a lizard and the poor thing is dying. I felt so bad for the lizard, but at the same time, angry at this friend! It was her own idea to bring those damn cats into her household. And then she gripes at people who go to the market and buy meat. Can't she see that what she is doing is no better than her claiming people like me are "supporting the suffering and torture of animals"? Just with the simple act of owning cats, she is also supporting the killing of animals like that lizard. A cat is not going to stop being a cat, no matter how much she tries to stop it. Their bodies are going to crave meat. And even well-fed cats are still going to catch, torture and kill other animals just for fun. The same acts that piss her off when people do it. The only difference is most people are not out there killing their own cattle, or pigs, or chickens. We just go and buy their meat at a store. We don't commit the acts of caging, milking, killing or butchering. Yet vegans point their fingers at everyone who eats meat for "supporting" those acts. By the same token, I should call cat-owning vegans murderers for owning an animal that tortures and kills other animals for it's own pleasure.

That is why I refuse to listen to vegans. That is how I see them. Those that own cats lose all their credibility with me because of that. Makes them sound as much like hypocrites as they think I am because I eat meat and I also own pets. When vegans make that connection, they sound so stupid to me! And putting an animal that is born to eat nothing but meat on a vegan diet, which is definitely going to hurt the animal in the long run, that is incredibly stupid! People like that make me want to really blow up!! They want to take away my right to enjoy having meat on my plate, yet they commit the most grotesque acts of animal abuse I've ever known. I say "grotesque" because they don't seem to know what they are doing is no better than what they accuse people like me of doing. Yes I am angry! I am angry that vegans think they have a right to tell me how to live when they have not perfected that field yet themselves! Makes me MAD!!!!!

I saw a video trailer for a movie coming out about veganism. It had some interviews with people who are vegans now. I saw that and my first reaction was "What a bunch of wussies!" LOL! That's what vegans are! Nothing but a bunch of wussies! Anytime you see people who go to such lengths to save a bunch of prey animals' butts, you know they have to be wussies! Especially when most of them keep predatory animals in their homes. I always say, if we don't eat these animals, some other animal will. It might as well be us.

And I refuse to bunk with vegans! I will NOT stay in their home. I remember some time ago when I went those rounds with MsPearlsGirl, she said her vegan boyfriend would not touch me if he were drowning in a sea of piss. To me, that's actually a good thing! I would be more pissed off if her boyfriend ever touched me! Since vegans are so adamant about not killing any living thing, I can imagine her boyfriend is probably infested with lice, ticks, fleas, worms, and a bunch of other nasty parasites! And imagine living with a vegan. I always said if I take in roommates, the one thing I would never allow is a vegan to live in my house! Because they would let in all kinds of ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, and other nasty things! And if I see these things in my house, I'm gonna kill them! I wouldn't want a vegan infested with parasites sleeping on any bed in my house! Or on my sofa either. NO way!!!! NO vegans allowed!
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