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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Visit to Reno

Well, I just got back from a week-long trip to Reno, where my ma and stepfather moved to this past year. I feel awful my entire family is moving away from me. All I have left here is my father, and Kathy has been trying to get him to move to Arizona. Thankfully he won't budge. LOL! But if pa ever does budge, I'm going to have a problem. I'll be all alone here. No more family. I have a documentary about the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, and there is one scene filmed in Sri Lanka, where a couple is standing in the street crying because they lost their entire families in the tsunami. That is what I sometimes feel like. Sometimes I feel like just standing outside, wailing my head off. My ma and my sis are my best friends, what can I say? Yes, I have friends here, and I know I can visit my family on Facebook, or Skype, but that's it.

Anyway, I went on the bus to Reno, my father took my dogs for the week so I did not have to leave them with anyone here. I really do not know anyone in this park well enough to leave my dogs with them for a week! Unfortunately I might have to for my next trip. But more about that later. Anyways, my pa took me to Olympia where I caught the bus and we waited there for a while. It took a while for the bus to come. I stopped all liquids at noon, because if there is one thing I learned long ago, using the bathroom provided on the bus really SUCKS!!!!! It's dirty, and you can see other peoples' crap floating around in it, and I don't want any of that getting on my behind! So I stopped all liquids long before I got on the bus, and boarded with an empty bladder.

I got on the bus when it arrived, and my luggage was placed in a compartment below the bus. It took me a while to find a seat, there was only one way in the back of the bus. But I sat there anyway. Our first stop was in Portland, where I would switch busses and head to Sacramento. At the depot, people would put their luggage in a place in line, and if you did not put your luggage in place, you wouldn't get a good seat on the bus. Fortunate for me, most people like sitting in the back of the bus. I have to sit up front otherwise I get car sick. That's always been my curse!! I can never ride in the back of a car or bus. If I do, I always puke! Riding in front keeps your mind and your eyes busy enough that you don't get sick, whereas riding in the back, even on smooth rides, for some reason makes you feel squeamish. I find it always works with me. I haven't puked in the car at any time while riding in the front passenger seat!

Anyways, it was about an hour before we boarded the bus to Sacramento, it gave me a chance to empty my bladder once again. It was going to be a 6 hour drive from Portland to Sacramento. So, I wanted to be empty. But either way, I figured the rest of the bus depots we would come to would have a working restroom. Anyway, that's what one would believe! But no. We made a few stops, one was a truck stop in Medford, and my mouth and throat were dry, so I decided to buy a bottle of water, which I would drink very slowly. That way, I would not have to use the restroom again until we got to Sacramento. BIG mistake!! My body absorbed the water alright, but I had to go again when we hit Weed, which is a tiny town in northern California, close to Yreka. Not only was the town tiny, but so was the bus depot. I believe that bus depot was privately owned. I went in to use the restroom because I had to go bad!!!!!! It was early in the morning. The sun was out, and it was hot! But a lot of people on the bus were still sleeping.

Well, when I walked in, I started looking for a restroom  and the guy behind the counter said "No public restrooms! You gotta get back on the bus!" I was like "Oh SHIT!! I have to go bad too!" So I got back on the bus, ready, but not willing, to use the restroom on the bus. The hard part was everyone and his cousin on that bus had their heads and feet sticking out in the aisle!! Not only that, but my big ass did not fit down that aisle either!! Try getting a 20-inch wide ass down an 18-inch wide aisle!! It's not easy! And less easy with people's heads and feet sticking out in the aisle!! But I had to go! It was either that or piss in the seat, and I didn't want to do that either!! I went down that aisle, figuring who would have the pleasure of having my ass in their face! LOL! That was embarrassing!! Fortunately most people were good sports about it. I reached the bathroom on the bus, and tried to tinkle. That wasn't easy either! I didn't want to sit down on the seat, so I had to stand up. I had to try and perfectly position my ass to get over the seat, and that wasn't easy either. I wound up pissing down the side of their toilet, which jutted out quite far, and it got on my pants! YUK!!!

Well, I was cursing the driver the whole time! Not to his face though. But I was saying to myself "why couldn't he stop at a depot that has a public restroom??" Well, we made it to Sacramento, and I was so thirsty, I felt it was OK to get a full-sized drink because I only had 2 more hours left on this trip. My next stop was going to be Reno, and that is just over a 2 hour trip. So, I drank water like crazy to make up for being dehydrated on the trip. When my bus reached Reno, I noticed it had been raining. The ground was very wet. My ma and stepfather were there to greet me, and they told me I had just missed a huge storm. That was cool! There was still some thunder and lightening going on when I got there.

My sis was a little bit late, her bus ran an hour later, so we had to wait for her. But she needed to be there to get us into our hotel room. It was under her name. Ma ordered us a pizza, and it was a good thing too, because when I got there, I was starving!! So we ordered a pizza that all of us could eat, me, ma and sis. Ma ordered it 2 hours ahead of time, and told them that we would like the pizza ready by 9:15 PM, which was about when my sis' bus was due to arrive. Well, when we got to the pizza parlor after picking up my sis, the pizza was not yet ready, so ma had to wait for it. I was starving! I hadn't eaten anything since I left WA state. I refused to eat on the bus, and I didn't want to get anything at those overpriced cafes at the big bus stations. Last time I ate at one of those cafes, which was back in 1991, they charged me 25 cents for a package of ketchup for my fries. This was a small package too, smaller than the ones you get at Burger King! And you can get those for free!

Once we got in the hotel room, ma told us the plans she has for us. We liked the idea of going to Lake Tahoe, Virginia City and other places nearby. When we went to Virginia City, we passed by what was probably the smallest town in Nevada. It's a town called Lyon, and it was only 25 feet long. If you blink, you miss it. While we were in Virginia City, I saw this cool candy store, where you could get any variety of candy in bulk. It was cool. My sis and I also met a real live cowboy, he even tipped his hat to us, I've never seen that before! LOL! I should have got a pic with him. Most men these days don't have manners like that. I also got a pic of a t-shirt we found that read "there is a place for all god's creatures... right next to the potatoes and gravy!" LOL! I thought the vegans would love that one! hehehe! We also found an old jail cell, which we all took turns posing in. I made the most pathetic looking face I could, but at the same time, I wanted to convey an expression that said "What did I do now?" LOL! So I did. Ma did the same. My sis and stepfather just stood behind the bars and acted natural. They aren't the clowns ma and I are. There was also something called a 'suicide table', which was an old blackjack table where several people lost all their earnings, and committed suicide.

While in Reno, we went to several of the buffets in town. My favorite place to go was not actually a buffet, but they did have prime rib dinners for $6. When I went there, I had that and ordered the soup to go with it. They had cream of turkey soup that was out of this world!! I loved it! The time spent eating that was sheer heaven! I want to try making some of that here at home. We also ate at the peppermill on the last day, and it was wonderful! We played Uno and had a bit of a barbecue at ma's. Uno became kind of a personal war between us all. My sis is a genius at that game. She always wins me. She also wins my ma, and my ma is pretty damn smart!

All in all, I had fun in Reno. My ma and stepfather are trying to get me to move there, and I told them I don't want to. While Reno is a nice place to visit, the chances of me ever living there are close to niltch! I found out my ma is speaking to Nancy once again. I am glad! Ma was so angry at Nancy, as I was. I felt she let me down, but I got over it eventually. Especially after I found this place. I had no reason to be angry with her anymore. Ma has taught Nancy to have a backbone, where she didn't before. That was why I got so pissed off at Nancy was because she would make promises she didn't keep. She promised she would look after my dogs when I moved from Bozeman, and she didn't keep that promise. Then when I no longer lived with Patti, we turned to Nancy once again to take my babies, and she said she would get back to me and we'd think of some way out of this problem. Well, I never heard from her again. I'd have been a lot less angry if she'd only been honest with me the first time around. Well, Nancy hated to say no to us for fear of us not liking her anymore. But I am not that shallow! If she'd have said "No, sorry. I just cannot look after your dogs" I would have understood and worked on finding someone else to take care of them.

I think I also predicted an earthquake while I was in Reno. I felt my bed shake, and I thought it was an earthquake and I mentioned it to my sis, but I refused to believe it was really an earthquake. I just stated that I felt my bed shaking. This was on Saturday! I didn't think Reno got earthquakes! But my sis said yes they do. Well, Monday, when I was on my way home on the bus, I got to Sacramento, and the big buzz was that Reno had just had an earthquake! It happened while I was on the bus, I thought it was cool. I said my sis and I were just talking about earthquakes in Reno earlier that weekend. I must have felt some early warning tremors. IF earthquakes give those off! No one else felt them that day but me. It was kinda freaky! I didn't sleep much on this trip. All total, I must have slept about 8 hours. The beds were hard, and so were the seats on the bus. Our third day there, my ma was visiting us in our hotel room, and we saw a cockroach crawl up our wall!! I was grossed out and threatened to run away! I cannot stay in a room with a cockroach! I hate those things!! I was on the phone at the time we saw it crawl up the wall, and even the woman on the phone with me was grossed out when I said "There's a damn cockroach in the room!" I have no clue how long it was in there, but I said I'm calling the office and complaining! My sis beat me to it though. LOL!

Well, when my sis called the office, they tried to tell us there are no cockroaches in Nevada. I didn't believe them, because there was one on that wall! That is the only thing that will drive me completely out of any house or apartment, cockroaches. That is why I refuse to bunk with any vegans. I hope my partner is not part of any belief system against killing any living things. Because if I see a cockroach in my house at any time, it's DEAD!!!! I will not live in the same house with cockroaches!! I won't tolerate them! The lady in the office demanded to see the cockroach, but ma had already killed it and tossed it over the fence. So we went down to where the body fell, and looked for the remains of this cockroach to prove to the lady in the office that it was there. The cleaning lady was out working, and she saw us pointing to something, and heard us say "there's the cockroach!" I know animals, and it looked like a cockroach to me! Well, the cleaning lady stepped on it again, and it turned to powder. Thanks a lot! But the manager agreed to give us another room. Thank GOD! But I was still peeved about finding a cockroach there, so much so, I couldn't really sleep at night.

Well, for the trip home, we got these Forever Comfy cushions to sit on. They are the ones with a gel center surrounded by foam. It worked fairly good in keeping my behind comfortable on that bus. It worked better than those seats themselves. But it still got rather flat, and the seats went back to being uncomfortable. UGH! The trip back was a little better than the trip over. This time, I had some goodies to munch on. I had gotten some of those Tootsie roll Flavor Rolls, which I LOVE!!! They are now the last candies to have lime pieces still available. Better enjoy them while I can! Before too long they might also make the switch from lime to sour green apple! YUK!!!!!!! I really thought Skittles would be the same way forever. But no. They have also given in to this stupid sour apple craze too! Again, I tried very hard not to drink anything so I wouldn't have to go to the bathroom. But those flavor rolls must have some amount of moisture in them. Because not too long after consuming some, I had that urge. I held it as long as I could, but it became unbearable after a while. But before I could get up the demand to head to the bus's bathroom, the busdriver stopped at a truck stop. It was the same one we stopped in on the way to Reno, located in Medford. I said "Thank you LORD!" And there I was able to go to the bathroom.

I also got myself a drink, thinking we would stop again. Well, we did stop at another place along the way. I was able to go to the bathroom there too. I was also thirsty so I got another drink. But I thought we were in Eugene, which is fairly close to Portland. Boy was I mistaken! When the bus got moving again, I found out we were 298 miles from Portland! OMG! I hoped I could hold out until we got there. The busdriver said that would be our last stop until we got to Portland. Well, I curled up as best I could and went to sleep. When I got up, we were about 86 miles from Portland, and I had to go bad!!! I waited as long as I could, but this time the signs went by so slowly! First it was 86 miles away, then 78 miles, then 64, and by 58 miles away I just couldn't hold it anymore. I made my way to the restroom on the bus, excusing myself all the way. Once again, everyone and his cousin had their heads and feet sticking out in the aisle!

Well, when I finally reached the bathroom, I remembered what happened on the way to Reno and I had to go bad. I just held my behind over the bowl and it trickled down and got on my pants. So, this time in order to avoid that, I tried it Booby-style. I stood over the bowl and lifted my leg and this time, it went into the bowl. YES!!! I was relieved! And I didn't get dirty. I went back to my seat ready to ride all the rest of the way to Portland. I had about an hour and a half wait in Portland before going home. I charged my MP3 player, used the bathroom as much as I needed, and even slept a bit. After I boarded the bus, I called my father and let him know I was on the bus to Olympia and I should be there in a couple of hours. Later on, he told me he was glad I called, I told him I figured he would want me to call him, so I did. Besides, I didn't want to wait at the bus station for too long. I was tired and all I really wanted was to get home and sleep for a week!! I am still working out the weariness I felt throughout that trip. But it was a fun trip, in spite of everything.

I told my sis I am never taking the bus ANYWHERE ever again!!! Next time we decide to go to Reno, we'll rent a car! That way I can stop and wizz whenever I need to!
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