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Friday, September 27, 2013

Big and Sweet Muu

It's raining today! I've been hoping for rain all week long, and didn't get it. Not while I've been awake anyways. I had nowhere to go yesterday or the day before that, or the day before that, and I got nothing but sunny days. The one day I absolutely HAVE to go out, it decides to rain. That pisses me off!!! But I don't know. Maybe it'll clear up by the time I have to go to my appointment. This is why I don't like having any engagements! Because every time I have something planned, something like this happens! Days like this I like to stay inside and relax. I don't like going anywhere on rainy days. Not even if it is in the car.

Well anyways, I finally thought of a jingle for Minnie. I've been trying to think of one, and what song I wanted to put the lyrics to. I got this idea last night while watching my tsunami documentary. There is a scene taken in Thailand where the performers at this hotel are playing Silent Night and singing it beautifully. You know no matter how many times I watch that documentary, it always gets my heart to racing!!! It's sad and thrilling all at the same time!! Well, my sis is into volcanos, and I am into tsunamis. What can I say? I love the ocean! Even when it's misbehaving. Even if I myself had been caught up in a tsunami, I think I would still find them fascinating. I think that's the way I'd want to go, just have GOD send me a good 50-foot tsunami and end it all for me. That would RULE!!!! Then I would be in Heaven with a smile on my face because I'd just witnessed a most awesome spectacle!

Anyways, here's the song I wrote for Minnie, sang to the tune of Silent Night:

Big and sweet Muu

Sweet as fresh dew

Has big, sweet ears

Lovely and true

Muu-mie loves to just cradle and love

Lies in your lap as calm as a dove

Licks in heavenly swee-eet

And has such sweet little feet!
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