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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nice Guys (and Girls) Finish Last

I was reading an article about this and it appears that it is true. This saying got started because most women seem to prefer men who are less nice and considerate, and usually are the "bad boy" types. This is why so many marriages escalate into domestic violence episodes. That is one reason why I do not want to get married. Matter of fact, it's the biggest reason why. I remember Patti got miffed because she found out I was not married and had no desire to be married. I'm not sure, but I think she wanted to set me up with a guy. Of course I would trust her judgment about as much as I would trust a deep, dark hole in the ground, her husband beat her up! But that was probably her own fault. If I were going to get married, I would stay away from the "bad boys" and stay with a man with a steady job that would treat me well. He must make at least $1000 a week to keep me, because I love to shop! I would do it more often if I could! But as of now, I haven't been shopping since I left Bozeman. I could use a new wardrobe though. hehehe!

Well, the same thing goes for nice girls. Nice girls are often rejected by society. I always try to be nice. I was nothing but nice to Patti, and she didn't like it. Sometimes though, I wish I had told her to shut up once she started in on me. But my thoughts were with trying to get along, first and foremost. I honestly don't know to this day if that would have had me earning her respect, or if she would have been more like "Hey! Don't you ever tell me to shut up!" But I should have done it anyways, because now I would feel so much better! I'm not mad at Patti. I never was. I'm mad at myself for trying too hard to get along with her, to a point where I just let her walk all over me. I did stick up for myself when she tried to take my jar of peanut butter. By then I wasn't trying to get along with her anymore. I had all my food packed up with the rest of my things to take home with me after Patti's brother said I should be moving out. But Patti came knocking on my door asking for that peanut butter with her hand outstretched to take it away from me. I told her she's not getting it because it's MINE! I'd had it since just before I moved from Bozeman, and it had my name on it. I only shared it with Patti while I lived there to be nice.

When it comes to me, I don't defend myself very well. But when it comes to my possessions, I defend them viciously!! When it comes to my things, I can make a mother tiger seem wimpy. I've always been like that. I don't know why. Probably because my possessions are all I have and I feel I have to protect them with my life. Same with my dogs. I defend them just as angrily. If Patti were to start in on my dogs, she would have felt the full force of my wrath. I would have charged at her and struck her down like a tsunami. But that's a side of me very few people have seen. I am not normally violent like that. I don't normally like to be. For the most part, I am a very laid-back, gentle, shy, languid person. I try to be friendly to people, but one has to keep in mind, years of being mistreated by people I'd put a lot of trust in, has made me much more jaded, and far less friendly than I used to be. Back when I was in my teens and 20s, I would have forgiven Kim Hedges easy, even after what she did to me and my sis, and just brushed that incident off. But since she's done what so many people in my past have done to me, I can't forgive her now. It's impossible. Heck, I even forgave Patti and Chris Shultze for the time I worked for them and even for the way I was relieved of their job. I still call it being "relieved". LOL! I forgave them a long time ago.

I admit I was not treated too well on that job, I lost a lot of freedom walking through their doors, and it wasn't like I gained back that freedom at a certain time after work was over, because when I lived with them, there was no quitting time. I was on the job 24 hours a day, and they took full advantage of that! But on the other hand, I wasn't treated all that badly either. They did treat me to dinner once in a while. They sort of taught me to like (or at least try) some foods I never thought I would try. Cauliflower being one of them. I've written at least one story with them in it (there was another written by a friend I worked with once) and that helped a lot in putting the lid on them. I'm thinking of a story I want to write with Patti Killebrew (not the same person, just the same first name). I do this frequently, sometimes it makes the stories interesting. My sis does not usually like it when I write stories like that. But I don't know. Maybe she'd like this one. Maybe?

But the main point is why is it that nice people get rejected while shitty, nasty people get praised and are sought after the most? That just doesn't make sense to me. When I was younger, I believed in treating everyone the way I would want to be treated. But it seems those kind of people are never successful at anything. It's always the mean people who seem to get ahead. Why? That just encourages more people to act like assholes. And the world wonders why now people are more rude than they've ever been before. Well, I think it's because society encourages rudeness. It's the rude men who get the women. It's the rude people whose businesses become big. Its the rude people who get the jobs. Even celebrities have to act like assholes to earn a huge following. Not with me though. One of the things I love about INXS is that the guys are so nice. Well, most of them are. I still have yet to see Kirk being nice. Tim probably hates my guts though. IF he's been reading this blog. I don't care, I still love him anyways! LOL!

Well, since most people these days seem to embrace negativity, I don't understand why me acting to fit in, is such an awful thing. People say I am very negative. Even my own sis has told me that. I used to treat people the way I want to be treated. Nowadays, my motto is more like treat them the same as how they've treated me. If someone is negative toward me, I will do the same to them. And yes, I admit I carry a grudge. My fatness is not the only thing I have in common with elephants.
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