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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One Full Year

I can hardly believe it will be a full year this month that I moved in with ol' Patti. You know, I still have the emails she sent me. I put up an ad on Craigslist looking for anyone who might have had an apartment or room to rent me, and Patti answered my ad. She was one of several, but the reason I consented to move in with her was because first of all, I thought we had a lot in common. I had no idea she was really lying to me at that interview. Second of all, she lived closer to Ocean Shores, and I wanted to go back there so bad. I'd missed it living in Bozeman for a whole year. Far as I know, I did everything right. Those I did not do right, seemed to make Patti fly into an extreme rage, and place unrelenting doubts in her mind.

When I moved in with her, I was moving in blind. She had no set rules for that house, there was no contract signed and no money exchanged hands. When it came to food, she was dirty! She would put her mutt's food dish down on a cutting board that I was supposed to prepare food on, and that food dish had been outside, where the cats piss and shit, and birds take a shit, and there were bugs and mice, and the food dish was covered with the mutt's hair. And she wanted me to ignore that and eat toast that had been where that food dish was. And if there's still any doubt in your mind why I wanted out of that barbecue she wanted me to invite my mother and stepfather to, I looked on that grill, and there was a pair of dirty old work boots sitting right on the grill. No doubt they had been in areas where there were chickens and other animals, and I don't believe Patti would have gotten that grill clean enough to be safe to cook on. I prayed every day to GOD to get me out of that barbecue, and I truly believe HE answered my prayer when Patti kicked me out. Because I truly believe that would have been the only way out of that.

I remember after breakfast that first morning, I told Patti I wanted to sweep the floor, and it was a darn good thing I did! It felt nasty to walk on. When I swept, I noticed there was 3 inches of dirt on the floor. I didn't have to clean, like I said, there was no contract. Patti's brother told her he wanted a contract signed, but Patti didn't want to do it. So, I didn't have to do any chores I didn't want to. I was not bounded to. The only reason I did them was because I wanted to. But since no contracts were signed, I could have said no to Patti, and there was nothing she could legally do about it, except throw me out, since it was her (brother's) house. In the end, I got what I wanted. She did look shocked when she told me I was being kicked out and I said "cool!" hehehehe!

You know what is strange? The very day I was kicked out of Patti's brother's house, I got an email. In fact, it was some time after she told me that I was kicked out. It was a strange email. Someone answered my ad, and said they were from Elma. Well, I happen to know Patti's brother had moved to Elma as his house was being sold. The strange thing about the email was it was from someone else who lived on a farm in Elma, and they said I would have to pay them $450 a month (which is what Patti was asking) and I would have to get up every morning to work on their farm. This person said they didn't want any slobs, or anyone who wants to live a soft life. I saw that email, and I said "Fuck them!! If I have to work on their farm, they should be paying me to live there! Not me paying them!" I threw that email away, and did not even respond.

Later on, I actually figured out it must have been either Patti or her brother that sent me that email. The fact the person (who apparently didn't know me) mentioned the word "slobs" gave it away. The email may even have been written by a friend of Patti's, that she put up to emailing me that sappy offer. I wouldn't put it past Patti to do something like that. She was just crazy enough. I wouldn't move in with another one like Patti though if she promised to pay me $1000 a month. The only time I will ever move in with anymore roommates is if I own the house, and I set the rules. Then I will get to pick who I live with. But NO ONE like Patti ever again!!! In fact, I intend to look deep into the person's background, contact all living family members and see what they are like. Sometimes the family is a good indication of what that one individual is going to be like. Patti, for example, told me she has one sister that is a hoarder. A person who hoards is screaming for help. They have some real problems in their life. Plus, the thing Patti mentioned about her ex-husband being a beater. Normal women do not marry a man who beats them. And most who do, married the man after only knowing that person for a few weeks. That's definitely a sign that person is crazy. Also, I remember there was this picture of a very ugly woman on Patti's brother's desk, and it looked like there was once a man in the picture that had been cut out. It might have been Patti's father. And he wouldn't have been cut out unless there was some deep, dark resentment toward him from the family. Another good indicator that Patti's family has some major problems.

Well, I learned my lesson. Stay away from lonely, childless, 50+ year old women who claim their husband beat on them. They are not right in the head! Before I moved in there though, I thought it was going to be my dream place. At least until I could move to Oregon. But after I moved in, there were so many things I found out was wrong that I had no idea about before I moved in. I couldn't even use the dishwasher because Patti said running the hot water was too expensive. She was definitely a penny-pincher. She could pinch a penny until Abraham Lincoln turned blue! Patti did not know I used the washer and drier while I was there, or she might have made me wash my clothes in the river and dry them on a rock! That would have really sucked!! Believe me, she did not hurt my feelings when she ordered me to move out! I would have been more depressed if I'd had to stay there any longer! I was depressed enough that my ma wouldn't come and get me that night, and I had to stay there for another night. When my ma came the next day, I was so excited and relieved to be going back to them. That was sheer delight!

Well, that was a year ago. I haven't seen Patti since. Not that I miss her, or want to see her. I pray to GOD I never see her again! I don't even want to hear from her again. She's out of my life, I'm grateful, and thankful to GOD for getting me out of there. I like where I am now, I enjoy it. And the people here are so helpful. Even though for the most part, I keep to myself. My new neighbor, his name is Michael, even has a fascinating dog. It's a medium Portuguese Podengo. It's a rather rare breed, his is named Pete. And he is cute!! He was amazed I know what a Portuguese Podengo is. I've been studying dogs for a LONG time! Over 30 years. When you've been studying dogs that long, there are no breeds that surprise you. The only things that surprise me are these designer mutts. But they aren't breeds. They're just mutts that stupid people put these weird names on to make them sound like official breeds so they can charge thousands of dollars for them. I think I am even becoming close friends with my other neighbors, John and Lori. They're pretty cool, and John has helped me quite a bit since I've been here.

Ya know, my father does not like me asking them for help, but Lori came to me one day and asked me why I haven't asked John for anymore help. She said he likes helping me out. He really cares. And I don't mean "cares" like in Patti's lingo. To Patti, "caring" means to control me and butt her nose into my business. But Lori and John are nothing like that! And Lori loves Vegas and Minnie. In fact I am going to let her take care of the dogs while I am over to my partner's place bringing him back here. I know the dogs will be taken care of.
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