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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Onision Is A Liar!

It's official! Onision is a fucking liar! Seriously, I knew before he was a pedophile, and there really was a hint of doubt that he is a liar and a manipulator. I didn't think he was that good at doing that. Then I saw one of his debate videos, where someone said he was banned from Vidcom. Onision dug his own grave with that debate. He said he was banned from Vidcom for his own safety because people were threatening to go to Vidcom and throw meat, milk and eggs at him. I believe people may have threatened to do that, but I don't believe Onision was banned for that reason at all. He was banned because he's an asshole and probably flirted with young girls in their teens. Who really knows? Onision won't admit it. He maintains that he was banned for his own safety. Let me tell you something about that. NOBODY is EVER banished from ANYWHERE for their own safety!!! If someone is going to be banned from any event, it would be the people making the threats, NOT the VICTIM!! Someone may have advised Onision not to go to Vidcom, but I doubt he was banned for his own safety. So, I know he was lying about that!

I remember when I went to the Schnitzer Hall in Portland for a special INXS concert/meet and greet, someone alerted me that the delusional mods were talking about me attending that concert, and told me to be careful because of it. But I was not banned for my own safety from going there. That's because that just does not happen. As he always does, Onision is covering up something that he did that he shouldn't have done at his last Vidcom. The delusional mods did not keep me from going to that concert. I would not have cared if they threatened to jump me from behind a building, I was not going to be swayed from going to that concert. Not by them anyways. The only thing I would ever let keep me from going to a concert is INXS themselves. And if that ever happened, and I knew why, I would not be saying that I was banned for my own safety.

That's what I find totally annoying about Onision, he uses words and phrases to cover up his evil doings, and he calls it "comedy". If you look at the video he did after he killed his pet tortoise, you will see him constantly contradicting himself and making up excuses. Check it out!

Onision Goes Full Retard

Not only that, but several people called the WA state Animal Control Welfare office on him and reported that he killed his tortoise in a cruel and vicious manner. Then Onision has the gall to say that his tortoise did not die because he baked it to death, that it had a panic attack instead because of construction noises going on in his neighborhood! UGH that makes me mad!!! I want to wring Onision's neck for that one!!! Tortoises do not die of panic attacks from construction noises! Not in a matter of 2 or 3 hours!! Their metabolism is so slow, it would literally take days for a tortoise to die if it had a panic attack!! And tortoises, like dogs and cats, can get used to anything in their environment, including construction noises. The workers would have had to be within inches of that tortoise in order to even remotely cause it to have a panic attack!! I know animals, I've been studying animals a LOT longer than Onision, or any of his fanboys, have been alive. And I can tell you all now, putting a plastic bin over the tortoise for 3 hours is going to cause it to bake. It was 75-80 degrees in Seattle that day, I remember, I was here. That means it would have been over 100 degrees in that plastic bin. Yes a tortoise can handle that heat, but NOT for 3 hours!!! The most a tortoise would bask in heat like that would probably be 30-40 minutes, then they start looking for shade.

This young lady calls out Onision's actions, and she said she was the first to call Animal Welfare in Seattle:

Onision Murders an Animal and Tries to Justify It

Its nearly an hour long, but what she says is interesting. Onision needs to learn to take responsibility for his actions, instead of sitting around, making excuses, and calling everyone who knows more than he does "dumb", "stupid" or "retarded". Oh! And my favorite one: "haters". Onision does not understand what a "hater" is! He doesn't have any real "haters". He has people who simply call him out on his bullshit. He should take a lesson from me. If I am wrong, I admit it. If I am proven wrong. And I don't try to make up any excuses, and I don't try to hide it. The dirty dozen thinks I try to hide it. But then again, the dirty dozen thinks "Maan" doesn't exist, and they know damn well he does. They just don't want to admit that they know who he is. But if I am wrong, I admit it and if I feel the other person's claim is true, I apologize for being wrong. For example, the people back in Bozeman, after the dirty dozen mob showed them this blog. The ONLY person I apologized to was Deb, because she proved me wrong. But I did not apologize to anyone else. Not Kim, not Andy, and not Mike, nor anyone else! And even Deb eventually found out that I was right about Mike. They are divorced now! hehe! But I refused to apologize to him because he was in fact acting like an asshole. He acted like an asshole at the time I wrote those blog posts about him to me AND my dogs! Karen was there, she saw and heard it all. If Mike had apologized to me and my dogs, I might have said I was sorry to him, and took those posts about him down. But he didn't. Instead, he started growling at me like an animal, which only proved to me that my instincts about him were correct.

But the point is if I am wrong, I admit it, I take it back, and I don't do the same thing again, and I don't make any excuses why whatever happens, happens. But Onision makes excuses every step of the way, and interrupts people who talk to him, and he tries to justify his actions by making up lies, like the Vidcom thing. I get so frustrated watching his videos, and he is expecting a child! I can only hope that his present wife will have the good sense to take her child and leave Onision. I pray she does. Hopefully she will watch some of these videos that expose Onision. But more likely she won't. Her child will probably be 7 years old before she finally gets the message. By that time, Onision will have a much bigger impact on that child's behavior than would be acceptable. Pray for that child! That's all I can say.
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