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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Paul McCartney is Dead

I was reading an article yesterday that mentioned a scandal that took place in 1969 where someone posted somewhere that Paul McCartney was dead. You know, this happens all the time. More often than you think really. I don't know what causes people to do something like this. Sometimes, it's downright comical, I see people posting that a famous celebrity is dead, when they really are not. Paul McCartney, as far as I know, is alive and well, and has even made songs since that scandal took place. I don't know what anyone gains from passing on lies that someone is dead when they are not. But this happened to Paul McCartney and I also heard about it happening to Dane Cook. One of my Facebook friends said Dane Cook was dead, and he's really not, and another of my friends believed it and was in tears talking to me. I had to look that one up, and I assured her that Dane Cook is not dead. But that is a scandal that has been going on for years. Apparently he died in 2008 and in 2010.

I remember when I was in middle school, the other kids used to tell me Ray Walston was dead. But I knew he was not. Not back then! One boy even got snippy with me when I told him that was not true. That boy snapped, "YES HE IS!! GOD DAMMIT!!" But no matter how much that kid snapped at me, I knew Ray Walston was not dead back then. I honestly don't know where the kids in that school heard that one. This was before the internet. But that boy was decisively convinced Ray Walston was dead. It seemed nothing could convince him otherwise. Ray Walston did not really die until almost 20 years later. I had a little crush on him back then, I thought he was as cute as a button! I did some research and I just knew Ray Walston was still alive. What struck me funny was how angry that one boy got just because I told him Ray Walston was not dead. Was he one of those types of people that always had to be right at any cost? Would he have murdered Ray Walston just so he could be speaking the truth? I wonder. He sure got mad enough when I told him he was wrong. What is even funnier, after that boy said that to me and Ray Walston appeared on 2 new movies and even a new sitcom shortly after, instead of admitting he was wrong, that boy called me an ugly cat when we passed in the hallway at school.

I admit I don't exactly appreciate being called a cat! But I excused it coming from him. I was bound to get some bitterness from him since now he knew for sure I was right and he was wrong. That is IF he watched those movies and that sitcom. I take it he did though. The sitcom was made for teenagers. Actually, his actions made me laugh because even back then, I knew the type of person that boy was. He didn't even look me in the eyes when he cursed me out before.

Why do people do this? Do they want to see their favorite celebrities dead? Do they want to hurt the fans by telling them their favorite celebs are dead? Who knows? It all seems kinda sick to me. I sure don't know what I am going to do the day Timmy dies. I was heartbroken when I found out Michael died. And I didn't even know him. I just kissed him once. For all you wiseguys who want to connect me kissing Michael with his suicide, keep in mind, I kissed him back in 1991. Michael died in 1997. If me kissing him had anything to do with his death, why didn't he kill himself back in 1991 or 1992? Oh well! Who cares what the dumbasses think!? LOL! Besides, Michael probably didn't even know I kissed him. hehehe! He probably didn't even see me do it. When Timmy dies, I'll probably be very despondent. It'd be different with him, because I am a huge fan of his, and have been for several years. Plus, I've formally met him before. And I liked him a lot.

When Michael died, my interest in INXS had been on a 5-year hiatus, thanks to these people I worked for, Patti and Chris. I dropped everything I was interested in after working for them because I did not want anything around me that reminded me of my time with them. That included INXS, though I was not as into INXS during my time there as I was into Roxette. I dropped Roxette too, and haven't been back into them since. Not even when they came out with their new album in 2000. Though I still listen to their music, I just don't watch their videos, or drool over Per Gessle like I used to. But in 1997, for most of the year, I had all but forgotten about INXS. About a month before Michael died though, a very minute amount of interest in the band began to spark in my mind. It was enough that I began eyeing their pictures again. But just that. I wasn't watching their videos, I was not really drooling over Michael or any of the other band members then. I was just looking at their pics a little more often than I did for the previous 5 years.

This is how I am. I get into something, that interest lasts for a while, and then dissipates. In the beginning the feeling can be very strong. Like when I got back into INXS in 2005, after barely thinking of them for something like 4 years. My love for them came back with a vengeance! Like nothing ever before! That interlude started with a dream. But that's what keeps my life interesting. But anyways, thinking back, I wonder if I was sensing there was something the matter with Michael. I don't know why I would even think that, because in 1997 when I began thinking about INXS, I hadn't even thought about them for 5 years. But I began to get a bit of an interest in them again. I never saw Michael on TV, I hadn't yet heard (or heard OF) their new album. But for some reason, I began to have an interest in INXS again. It may have been almost like Michael was screaming through the air waves "help me" and I wanted to help him. I don't know. My interest started off very slow. As the month moved on, it began to grow little by little. Then I found out Michael was dead. I was just enough into INXS for that to have an impact on me.

I could sit here and type out what I was thinking second by second. But none of this is easy to explain. I know it sounds bizarre. But my instincts are very sharp. It has nothing to do with me knowing Michael or not. I wasn't his friend. I did not idolize him at the time any of this happened. I am crazy, but not to the point where I believe Michael and I can communicate with each other. Why would he want to communicate with me? We were not friends when he was living. Why would he speak to me after his death? I just think my growing interest in INXS back then was nothing more than pure instinct. I can't explain what triggered that instinct. I'll never be able to explain it. I don't claim to be Michael's friend or medium. I just have sharp instincts about people and things I care about. And at that time, I had cared about INXS at one time. Just that it was years before this incident. I think I still cared about them deep down inside. That's why this little pursuit arose in the first place.
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