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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Pledge Allegiance...To Obama???

OMG! I think I have come up with a good name for Obama. I now call him "the Narcissist". Oh dear GOD!! And there are still people out there stupid enough to believe he is the best president we ever had. Oh GOD!!! How can they say that?? Well, I guess I know. Obama has a lot of celebrity supporters. For a lot of people that I can put my finger on now, that's good enough for them. Nevermind the idiot is a muslim, he's lied on more than one occasion, he does nothing but take relaxing vacations on our tax dollars, and he is now trying to alter our constitution to take away a lot of our rights as American citizens. Now, he is going to have people alter the Pledge of Allegiance so that people will be pledging to him instead of the flag! UGH!! No wonder Obama was the only person, before he got elected, who did not properly salute the flag when everyone else at the ceremony said the Pledge of Allegiance. He doesn't want anyone saying it to our flag in honor of our country. He wants people to salute him instead of the flag!!

This act reminds me a lot of how Hitler handled his leadership. Hitler also had everyone in his country salute him with the "Heil Hitler!" Obama is doing the exact same thing to this country, and there are still people in this country (and beyond) that think Obama is the greatest, even knowing this. The libtards (as my sis calls them) do not see all this shit Obama is doing. The reason? Because Obama's publicists hide his undoings very well. It was like when I was in the voc school introducing everyone to UMG Productions, I publicized them very well, and UMG Productions was in it's heyday back then. It's only when people call Obama out on his lies that we hear about what is really going on. Some of Obama's supporters say "well, it's because people won't let Obama do his job that nothing is getting done." Well, if I were Obama, I would ignore all the media shouting at me to get things done and just DO IT!!! People say shit about me too, I just do what I do!

Do you think people calling me ugly (as if that's a bad thing) or fat, or cussing me out is going to stop me from doing what I do?? Hell NO! It hasn't so far and it never will! I always take what people say about me with a grain of salt. I never let it get to me. Remember Mcgillicutty? Remember CosmicWheeler? Remember spkenn36? Remember Hobofart? They all have one thing in common. They all tried very hard to make me stop doing what I do by calling me all the names they could think of. Of all of them, spkenn36 was the most pathetic. He was the least creative. But anyways, they all used name-calling tactics to try and shut me up, and it didn't work. That's because I do not ever let name-calling, threats, or anything like that work on me. In fact, it just made me laugh even louder at them. I tell it as I see it, and that's it.

I say what I feel, and I call it as I see it. I expect other people to do the same with me. I've gotten to where I don't even give a damn. Not since that incident on the AcmePet site. I used to correct people who said things about me that were wrong. But you know what I've found over the years? I've found that the more you try to convince people that the rumors about you are incorrect, the worse it makes you look. People are gullible and are always going to believe just what they want, whether it is correct info or incorrect. That is why I ignore forums and shit. And if anyone believes the bad things others say about me, then I don't want to know those people. They have no business being in my life. I will admit that yes, I have lied online to protect my secrets that I don't want anyone to know. And I don't mean my real age!! LOL! I don't care if someone knows that. Or my real name, or even my real address. I'm talking about MUCH bigger secrets that only my closest friends and family knows. I haven't even mentioned them on this blog. Or any blog for that matter. Although some you can find out in a couple of my autobiographical works. And anyone who has asked me about those kind of things, yes all they will get is cover-ups and lies because I feel it's no one's business but mine!

Anyways, if Obama thinks I am going to say a pledge of allegiance to him, he's got another think coming! If he thinks I am going to serve him, he's sadly mistaken! Obama should be busting his butt for us! We should not be obligated to serve him! But what has Obama done for us as a nation? Hardly anything. And don't blame the people because he hasn't done anything. One of the first rules of leadership is EVERYTHING is your fault. I don't care if Bush started it, Obama is in office now, not Bush! So it's Obama's fault our nation is still in the toilet, and not getting any better. So to all Obama's supporters, don't give me the usual bullshit that "Bush started it! Bush left this country in ruins!" No way! Bush is no longer in office, we cannot blame him. The ball is now in Obama's court. It's his serve. And he hasn't done a damn thing!!

Well, after today, I am rarely going to be getting on this site. I may get on some times, when I can make it to the library to type a blog post. But I have fixed the comments section of this blog so now it can accept all comments, even anonymous ones, and they no longer have to be approved. At least until I can get on here permanently again.
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