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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cutting Videos, Phase 2

OK, I cut out some of my videos. I didn't realize I had so many videos that were responses to trolls and haters! I looked on my video page, and I noticed I now have less than 130 videos. So, I must have cut out almost 20 videos!! I even had to get rid of the Ogre Rants videos, and the video response I made to Hobofart! UGH!! And those were some of my most favorite response videos. Not just that, but I liked reading other peoples' responses to those videos. Many of them were people who, themselves, had been victimized by the fart. He mostly seems to target juggalos. But apparently he doesn't take well to INXSaries either. He's still out there, still targeting me. Any time I see someone talking about my boobs, (or tits in his language), I always assume it's him. The latest was a couple weeks ago someone got on my Fat People Sucks video response and it sounded like him, so I said "Hello Hobofart. Took you long enough to find this place again!" Unfortunately I had to take that video down as well. That was the one video I put up that I said I was going to accept ALL comments on, good or bad. And I was loyal to my word. I was threatened, harassed, called every name in the book, and hounded on that video by bigots. But I stayed cool and still accepted every comment.

One of the biggest things I always got was that people assumed I eat a ton of food (even cannibalize other people) just because I am fat. I love how people who have never been fat before always assume every fat person eats every meal at McDonald's or something like that. Not every person who is fat eats even one meal at McDonald's. I never eat at McD's. I cannot afford to! I do all my eating at home. You know, Supersize Me was a good movie, and Katrina and I both saw it and thought it was funny. But sometimes I wish it had never been made. All it seemed to do is create more misconceptions about people who are fat. Like all fat people are such because they eat 3 times a day, every day, at McDonald's. Or that all fat people are only out to sue companies like McDonald's for "making them fat". And my all-time favorite: Fat people are raising the costs of medical care. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!

As far as I know, cannibals only inhabit some parts of the Amazon, the Dominican republic, and the islands of Java and New Guinea. I am not from either of those places, and have no desire to eat a person, even if I was. I don't make enough money to be able to eat every meal at McDonald's every single day. Besides I enjoy cooking. So I would rather take my meals at home. I am not one of those sue-happy nudniks who blame the very rare occasions I do go out to eat for me being fat, nor do I want to sue the restaurant I visit for me being fat. Going out to eat is my own choice and I am old and mature enough to realize that. I am also old and mature enough to know that it is not the fault of the restaurant that I am fat, and I don't need the help of some skinny bigot to tell me that. For that matter, I also recall someone calling 911 because Burger King made her burger the wrong way, and that person was not fat.

My favorite has always been that fat people are raising the cost of medical care. This line ALWAYS makes me laugh!! Now, thin people are using that as a scapegoat to hate on fat people. And I truly believe that's all it is is a scapegoat. I don't believe it is the only reason they hate fat people. But every bigot uses that now that it has been mentioned on Supersize Me. There have been bigots against fat people for as long as I can remember. LONG before the so-called 'medical cost crisis'. And there ain't a single person on the planet that can ever make me believe that kids/teenagers make fun of fat people just because they are concerned about the costs of medical insurance. Nor can anyone get me to believe that people hate fat people because they are concerned about our health. I actually have much more respect for the punk who says "Your looks disgust me" than I do for some idiotic jerk that says to me "I hate fat people because they are raising the cost of my medical insurance!" You know that is untrue! They know that is untrue! And any fat person with an ounce of brains knows that's not true! There are just as many other factors in the rising medical costs. How about smokers? Drinkers? Drug-addicts? Alcoholics? Then there is one that no one ever thinks about, how about simple technology? Yes, those lasers now being used for surgery cost more money. That gets passed on to the patient. That's all that I believe is the cause of this increase in medical insurance costs. Nothing but simple technology, inflation, and know-how. Yet, because it was mentioned on Supersize Me, all the bigots believe it to be true. Any kind of bigot is ignorant, that's what makes them bigots.

I hate bigots of all kinds, no matter what they are bigoted against. But I think they are there because humans are just imperfect. Humans have to hate something, and right now, being bigoted against fat people is the last acceptable prejudice. But it's still bigoted. But hey, if I can hate panthers, then I guess it's acceptable for other people to hate fat people. And let me tell you, the way people talk about me because I am fat is really no different than the way I talk about panthers of all kinds. So, not a total loss. lol! Society seems bound and determined to force panthers on me. Like this commercial for Cadbury Creme eggs. It's set up like some kind of competition. The commercial is OLD!!! I remember when it first ran on TV Land back in 2000, there used to be lots of animals. I remember there was a pig and a hound dog, and a llama. Now, they have cut and edited it, and like everything else cut and edited, the commercial SUCKS!!!!!!! Now, all they show on that commercial is this stupid lion and a dumb cat. Almost as if the person who edited the commercial wants to put it in everyone's face that lions and cats are related. But the llama is still in the commercial and still cute!

The problem I have with movies, TV shows, and commercials glorifying panthers, especially putting them in the same light as house cats, is people are now beginning to believe that things like lions and tigers are nothing but big house cats, and that is not true, and can lead to bad trouble. I remember on my ED page, which someone else wrote, they said that some kind of conversation was had with me (which I do not remember, but they somehow remember it so....) saying that a panther would make a better pet than a dog. They called it "a lulzy conversation". I said "No, that was not a 'lulzy conversation'. That's something that you truly believe." Judging by the actions of other panther fanatics, I really think they truly believe the bullshit they are spewing about panthers making better pets than dogs. I'd challenge them to keep a dog in their home for a year, and a panther for the next year. See exactly which one they can cuddle with each night, which one they can feed without having their arm bitten off, and which one they can put on their living room floor with a rambunctious child. And when I say panther, I am not talking about any house cat. I'm talking about the big, ugly, obnoxious, flabby-bellied, cat-like animals I call panthers. What do you think will happen after that year with a panther? The fanatics would probably be eaten before the year is up if they try to keep a panther like you could a dog. But I'll tell you, like Nick Crews said, nothing would be funnier than seeing a panther fanatic get killed and eaten by some kind of panther. See if they still stand by panthers after that. LOL!

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