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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Telescope and a Nosy Dumbass

Well I am back in Bozeman for a visit. My sis lost Odessa a few weeks ago, and I could not stand to think of her all alone in this little apartment with no company. I felt bad for her so I made a huge decision. Though it is breaking my heart, I have decided to let my Minnie-Muu come and stay with my sister for the rest of her days. Minnie is an active dog and my sis is an active person, so they should get along fine together. Minnie is a healthy, bouncy girl and I'm sure she has a lot of good years left in her. She should last my sis for another 6-7 years at least. She's a dog that my sis can put a harness and leash on and go for a good walk with, instead of having to put her in a buggy and walk that way.

Well anyways, I am also here with my ma, and we are going to have some fun with my sis. As my ma and I were driving in, I was looking up at my sis' window, and I happened to look over at her neighbor's window. My sis' neighbor is Roger Melvin, and he's a dumbass. He's the guy who is not happy unless he is bitching about something or someone. Well when I looked at his window I noticed he has a telescope positioned in his window. My sis said to me "You know what he does with that thing?" I answered "Spies on people?" my sis responded "You got it!" I told her I don't doubt it! That nosy-body was born to snoop. My sis told me he takes pictures of people with that telescope. He probably also uses it to snoop on people across the street in their own homes. I would not put it past him.

Yesterday when my sis and I went shopping, I saw that thing in Roger's window and I said to my sis while we were standing out there that we should really give him something to take a picture of. If he had been at his telescope at that moment, I was going to have both of us stand there and flip him off with both hands, let him take a picture of that! LOL! Or both of us stick our tongues out at him. hehehe! Either way, I was going to mock him having that thing to spy on people.

My ma is also here and she told me not to say or do anything to these people because I am here as a guest. I reluctantly said OK. But it's going to be hard! Especially in the case of Andy. If he comes near me, and he stinks as bad as he did on my last day here, it's going to take a lot of restraint not to say something that will embarrass him! Or if he growls at me or my ma, it's going to be hard not to make fun of him. I told my ma it's going to be difficult if Andy acts like an animal not to treat him like one.
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