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Friday, May 23, 2014

Cats, Cats and More Cats

Well, by now you all must have heard about Tara, the heroic cat that saved a 4 year old boy from a dog attack. I must say that Tara even amazed me! Too bad she's so fricken ugly! (She's a gray tabby, and I don't like gray tabbies). But she is a hero, and I have to give her credit for that! I am amazed, and I must also say relieved. Relieved because of a conversation I had back in high school with a nit-wit! That nit-wit was named Steven Smith. A real geeky-looking guy, the last kind of person anyone would expect any trouble to come from. But he was an asshole. I showed off a picture of my Siamese cat, Amadeus, to the classroom. Well, Steven Smith was commenting how his big dog, a pit bull, could tear my cat apart. Well, I told him that I have seen cats whip even a pit bull, and I have. Well, Steven went all ballistic on me saying something to the effect of "NO WAY!!!" Well from that day on, Steven Smith and I were on shitty terms. I wonder if he saw that video and has thought about that conversation we had back in high school?

Also have you heard that grumpy cat is touring to Chicago?? Oh GAWD!!!!!!!! I hope nobody goes to see her! That is probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard!! That cat is not even funny! The only thing that is funny is the words you see on the pictures. If I were going to go see anything on tour that is related to that grumpy cat, it would be the clever person who put those words on her pics. Not the cat it's self! The only reason that cat is so famous is because it has a birth defect, that's all. It's basically nothing but a dumb cat! It is people who make it's pictures funny. It would be worth a trip to Chicago to see Bill Cosby, or Jeff Dunham, or Dane Cook. But NOT that stupid grumpy cat! I think the world has gone too far in this internet cat-craze, and this is about as low and ridiculous as it gets! I hope no one goes. Oh well if they do, its free, what have they got to lose? Except maybe their gas money. But to me, that's silly. Yes it is a cute cat. But you can probably go to a shelter and find a similar cat to adopt yourself. To travel to Chicago just to see this dumb cat is ridiculous. It's not like it's going to actually be funny in real life! It's not going to get up on a stage and tell funny, insulting jokes. All it's probably going to do is just sleep, meow and purr, and every cat does that!

I'll tell you it is a sad day when a cat, with nothing more than a birth defect, gets the kind of attention big name celebrities are supposed to. Especially those who work hard at what they do. All a cat has to do is be born with a birth defect, and have some clever, funny person see it's picture and make a mockery of it. Very sad!!

One of my Facebook friends got into a bit of an argument because I said gray tabbies are the ugliest cats. Well, in my opinion, they are. Well, she has 2 gray tabbies. I don't like really telling people I think their pets are ugly, but she asked. In a way. So I told her, I just think gray tabbies are ugly. This time, I was not apologetic about it. I really need to work on that. It may make me look like a bitch, but I need to stop being so apologetic about giving my opinion. I was not attacking her cats personally. I was attacking all gray tabbies. I am a cat-racist. I only like Siamese and hairless cats, like the devon rex and sphinx. Those are some of my favorites, and devon rex are so docile! I thought this friend was going to come back and shit in my face, but she didn't. She just said she thinks Chihuahuas are "nasty little yap, tap dogs." Well, I asked my Booby if he can tap-dance for mommy and he looked at me like "Are you crazy?!" LOL! So I don't know really what she meant by that. LOL! Just kidding, BTW, she is a very nice lady. She has a right to her opinion. But it is rather odd coming from her, as she has liked every pic I've posted of Chihuahuas on Facebook. Of course she hasn't since we had that conversation. LOL! But again, I don't force anyone to like any of my posts. They either do, or they don't. Either way is fine by me. But I can honestly tell you, I have NEVER liked any of her pics of her cats. I can't. They're gray tabbies. I just don't like gray tabbies. I don't like orange tabbies either. I can barely tolerate cream tabbies. They're something a bit different. They aren't as common, and run-of-the-mill.

Unless someone posts a picture of a Siamese, or a hairless cat, I am not going to "like" their posts on Facebook or anywhere else. I am not going to lie and pretend I like someone's gray tabby cat, when I really don't.

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