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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I was born an animal lover. I always loved animals as a kid, ALL animals. Yes, even panthers. Even spiders. I used to go out in the field in our back yard and catch grasshoppers and spiders. I was never scared of spiders until I was a teenager, and I was lying on the floor listening to music one evening and a huge, black, hairy spider came out from behind my boombox. It was no more than 2 feet away from me. I was scared nearly out of my mind!! From that point on, I was scared of spiders! I still am to this day. When I was growing up, people who didn't like all animals made me mad. If you wanted to be friends with me as a child, you had to like ALL animals! No exceptions. Well, I remember spiders were the first animals I learned to not like. Then a year later, I learned to not like panthers of all kinds. With the exception of snow leopards, which I still kindof like. Not as much as I used to (courtesy of the panther fanatics). It was learning about lemurs that saved me from the panther craze. I thank GOD for them! But for most of my childhood, I loved animals. I still love animals now, but I do have my limits. Limits that I didn't have when I was growing up.

The reason I don't love animals now as much as I used to is very simple: it's pet people. I think the people of the Acmepet forums corrupted me. Until I joined that forum, I used to think pet people were on the level. I mean, I used to think they were all pretty level-headed. Until I started going in that forum, most of the pet people I've ever met were nice people, who loved to talk about their pets and hearing about their pets made me feel good. After getting on that forum, I began to notice not all pet lovers were very friendly. In fact, they were extremely sensitive. And for the most part, stupid. I was thinking about some examples of why these pet people were so dumb. They gave me arguments that I had never heard before. Maybe it was because I was from a small town. I don't know. I remember one time, a troll came into the dog forum, and started calling everyone names. His nickname for me was "gay". I kept telling him I was NOT gay. I didn't see it as anything more than me giving the troll the correct info. Well, it's TRUE! I am not gay. But because I said I am not gay, all of a sudden, all the regular posters in that forum were saying that I was prejudice against gay people, which is not true! I don't know how it was they deduced that I was homophobic just because I said I am not gay. I never once said I thought gays were disgusting, or an abomination, or they have no right to live. I never said none of that anywhere on that forum! All I said was I am not gay. It was those people who concluded that I hated gays just because I said that statement.

Of course the troll may not have been saying that I like to hit on other women. I didn't know back then the word gay had a double-meaning. And it wasn't happy. People now use the word gay to describe something they think is weak, or ridiculous. Mostly teenagers use it this way.

Another thing that happened I was telling everyone about Maria, a woman that I used to work with that got a dog from a friend of mine, locked the dog in a crate and left it there for 4 months. I described her to the forum, as being short, fat, with hair that was short, but not skin-tight, of oriental descent, and dresses like a slut. I was so mad at her. Well, the people on that forum were saying it's a horrible thing to do to that dog, but one person asked "What has her race got to do with anything??" Of all things I said, I couldn't believe this idiot only picked up on the fact I said she was of oriental descent!!! I thought it was nothing more than a descriptive passage, in case someone else has seen this person. They say things like that all the time on shows like America's Most Wanted. But this moron of a poster said that what I said was borderline racist. So stupid! I also said she has short hair, but not skin tight. Does that also mean I am prejudice against people with skin tight hair??? Some people are just too comfortable playing the race card! Its ridiculous. And of course, all the sheep follow the one, everyone on the forum started attacking me, telling me I should apologize. I wanted to make peace, so I did apologize. I was also young and stupid back then.

And the people on the pet forums wonder why I always got so mad so easily! People like those on the Acmepet forums made it hard for me to trust other pet people. I first started going in there when Bambi had her first litter. In fact, I called myself "Bambi" on that forum. That was when I learned that nobody likes breeders unless they show their dogs. So, that was when I decided I am going to strive for showing my dogs. I had no idea at the time what I would have been getting myself into. But anyway, back to the people of that forum. It seemed that nothing I said was right to them. Then there was the big incident on the Chihuahua forum, which I have discussed several times on this blog. But in my defense of that, I was asked for my opinion by a woman named Sharon. And I gave her an honest answer! If someone asks me, I am going to tell them. So, don't get angry at me for giving you an honest answer. Get angry at yourself for asking the question! But if I knew back then what I do now, I never would have got caught up in Kallie's little mocking games. She was a tree-hugger anyways!

Another incident happened when someone posted an article that mentioned some teenagers took someone's Yorkshire terrier and stuck it in the microwave. I responded with "Evil monsters! I hate teenagers! And this is why!" Suddenly, one of the posters, incidentally it was the exact same dumbass person who called me a racist and a homophobe before, said my statement was not fair. She said it wasn't fair of me to group all teenagers in the category of being monsters. For once, I actually knew she was right. It's just easier for me to lump them all in the same category as evil monsters until I get to know them and they prove me wrong. Because most of the teenagers I've met, I would have been right about. But once again, all the sheep follow. Next thing I know I have all the parents of teenagers on that forum cussing me out, and getting extremely pissed off. The original sheep said to me, "to put all teenagers in the category of being evil monsters is the same as saying all people named Bambi are dumb, bleach-blond bimbos". When she said that, it made me think "Oh my GOD, that must be it!! That must be the reason everyone in this forum hates me so much!! They must think I'm a slut because of my handle!" Because there were people in that forum, who were there longer than me, that have said worse than anything I said. They never got denounced the way I was getting! One person on there, who called herself "eup", even said she hated all kids. I never heard anyone condemn her!!

I don't know why I stayed on that forum even as long as I did! The people there pissed me off so much!! It seemed like I couldn't say anything, even when I was asked, without them all getting angry at me for whatever reason. Or misinterpreting everything I said. Then 9/11 happened. It was the only thing I was grateful for on that day, people stopped talking about pets, and started talking about the disaster. I decided then I was going to make my get-away. I quietly snuck out of that forum, and didn't look back!! No good-byes, no sentiment, nothing. I just snuck out and didn't look back! Who was I going to say good bye to?? I had no friends on that forum. There wasn't even anyone I particularly liked on that forum that much. And thanks to this one sheep who kept misinterpreting everything I said, nobody in that forum really liked me that much. So I don't think I was missed. Which is a good thing. But that forum handicapped me. I don't trust people anymore, not even on forums. I don't like animals as much as I used to, now that I've seen what real animal lovers are like. I hate pet-people with a passion, and especially show breeders, as most of the people on that forum were show breeders, or saw show breeders as some kind of divinity. Rescue people are no better! They call backyard breeders and puppymillers scum. Well, I agree with them. But I also put most show breeders in that league too.

But I must emphasize "MOST". Not all show breeders are evil people. There are some I do still like. But I don't see them as being on the level of being a God, like others do. In fact, I would say show breeders are the biggest hypocrites of all. They tell people Don't buy from pet stores! Don't buy from puppymills! Don't buy from backyard breeders! And then you try to buy a pet from a show breeder, and most of the time they won't sell to you. Sure, it can sometimes be because they have other people on a waiting list. That's understandable. But then sometimes they find other excuses. Like they have a dislike for a certain kind of person. Or they don't like where you live, or they don't like the color shirt you're wearing, or they don't like a post you made on the internet. Whatever! Still!! If a person wants a certain breed bad enough, they are going to get it, by whatever means they can. Even if it means going to a pet store. Then the show breeder has no right to get angry at that person for buying from a pet store, when they were most likely the reason that person went to a pet store, or a backyard breeder, in the first place! And some people may not like everything I have to say in my blog, and can hate me for it. But I am a DAMN GOOD mommy to both my dogs!! Even though Minnie is now living with my sis, she is still in the family. But I always make sure my dogs are fed, even if I have no food for myself. My dogs are exercised daily, if one of my dogs is ill, I see to it they go to the vet, even if I only have a drop of gas in my car. My dogs get LOADS of attention! I think of my dogs before I think of myself.
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