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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bill Waggoner Dead!

YEA!!!! hahaha! Naw I'm kidding!! He's not fucking dead! Someone told me about this on YouTube, and I said that I can only hope, but I have the feeling it's a fake. But it would sure do the world a good favor. He is a cruel, demented, abusive shithead who takes pleasure in making innocent people feel bad. I remember when he called someone on Craigslist who lost their Pomeranian dog. Bill Waggoner called that person and told them that he ran over their dog. He most likely really didn't, but he told them that. It totally upset the owner, and then Waggoner asked her what she is going to do to have his car fixed from the strike. He told her that her dog totaled his car. Thankfully she didn't believe him, but he was asking for money or sex to pay for the damages her Pomeranian did to his car. I saw that video, and I heard the anguish in the owner's voice. I hoped that the owner would somehow see this video, know that she was being recorded and put on YouTube harrowing over her dog without her permission, and being pranked. I showed that video to the people on the Craigslist pet forum, hoping that the dog's owner would see that video, and know that there would most likely still be hope in getting her dog back. And also know that she had been pranked.

I was angry because Bill Waggoner made a mockery of someone losing a pet and that pisses me off! How would he like it if someone stole his dumb cat and then called him and said they killed it somehow? It wouldn't feel good. And if he had one iota of feeling for his cat, he would have fallen apart as well. This YouTuber said that there is an online obituary for Bill Waggoner, I went to look at it, and it said that he's been dead since April of last year. It also said he has a daughter and a son, which I also am having a hard time believing. People who have children don't go around doing the things he does, under normal circumstances. The only time they would do something like that, when they have kids, is if they are totally whacked-out in the head. Something would have to be major wrong with them. If it is true and he does have kids, he needs to shape-up and become a better role-model for them! Get off YouTube, and go play with your kids!

He ain't dead!!! I don't buy it for one second. People like him never die, and it won't be long before another one of Bill Waggoner's tards come back to my channel and say he's saying shit about me again. Just wait for it!! I will let you know what happens. And believe me, I'll know it's him! There ain't no way he can hide that from me. Most of his stupid tards always reveal it's him anyways. I believe this is nothing more than some kind of publicity stunt of his. Perhaps to get all the people he has abused to feel sorry for being so pissed off at him. It won't work with me. If he is dead, show me a picture of his family standing by his grave, and the headstone with his name on it. I want to see funeral pics, police reports, medical/autopsy reports. Then I might believe he is really dead. Until then, I believe this is nothing but an act.

In other news, I am now an official member of Anytime Fitness! I love it too! I get to go and work an hour on their treadmill. It makes me feel wonderful!! I may not lose all this weight, but at least I will be somewhat healthier. Though I have lost 10 pounds so far. And you know who is my inspiration? My sis! She's been at it longer than me, and she has already lost 60 pounds, and last time I saw her, she was looking good!! I'm sure she feels good too. Today I even started adding abdominal crunches to my workout, I did more than 50 too. I walked nearly 3 miles on the treadmill today, and barely breathed heavy. I must be in much better shape than I thought! I am not changing my eating habits though. I think I can prove you can still eat what you want (even meat) and be thin and healthy. We will see. I will say I have switched to leaner meat. I have bison meat instead of beef. It may be more pricey, but there's no fat or cholesterol, and it still tastes good! But I have seen skinny folks who pack in the food and still remain thin. So it's not what you eat, its how much in relation to your workout.
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