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Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Made The Complaint Board!!

"Ida Know" has written about me on a site called "The Complaints Board". I think I might know who this person is, and it looks like she has complained a lot about a lot of breeders as well. This is pretty cool. First Encyclopedia Dramatica has a write-up about me, and now I am on the Complaints Board. Either way, it looks like my blog will get attention. I hope it brings more readers.

Anyways, this is what "Ida Know" writes:

Cassandra Rivera, hiding behind the names Timmyfan, and Dee Timmyfan writes a blog filled with hate speech, intolerance, and profanity. On June 1, 2014, she rejoices about hearing of a man's death. June 9's blog calls those who love cats, "cat fags". She regularly slanders the tenants of her former apartment complex in Bozeman, MT, and a former housemate named Patti. She has nothing good to say about anyone, except herself.

She also has a channel on YouTube (search Timmyfan) filled with her hateful rants against vegans, show breeders, and anybody who doesn't agree with her.

LOLOL!!!!!!! Hell yeah I write about Patti, there's a lot to say about her. Hell yeah, I rejoiced in hearing about a man's death, because he wasn't even dead! LOL! He made that up himself. Hell yeah I use profanity. I'm over 18, free and single and I can say anything I damn-well want to. Yes, I use the online moniker "Timmyfan", just like you are hiding behind the moniker "Ida Know" (Dead give-away that this is a member of Pluba's dirty dozen mob, complains because someone else is doing something they always do themselves). And don't try to make me believe that is your "real name". LOL! Call this 'hate speech' all you want dude. I'm honest. If that makes this "hate speech", then so be it. Yes I call cat-fags just what they are, cat-fags. Yes, I hate vegans and show breeders. I don't deny that at all. But as for me having nothing good to say about anyone but myself, that's another matter. I wrote a simple response to this person:

No, I even don't have anything good to say about myself. LOL! I slander myself as much as I slander everyone else. Thank you for reading my blog though. :)

Well, anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows it's true. I slander myself just as much as I slander everyone else. I just don't do it as often because well, frankly everyone can look at my blogs and Facebook posts and see that I tease myself as much as I tease everybody else. Why else would I call myself a "fat-assed bitch"?
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