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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Sis vs. Idiot Andy

My sis told me some weeks ago that Andy, the man who attacked me in the elevator with his bad body odor in Bozeman, actually said hello to her. It was the first time ever. I was talking about this to my ma, and she took it as Andy is trying to be nice to her. I told ma how I didn't like it at all. And I hope that my sis does NOT accept Andy's fake smile and "hello". Because that's all it is, is fake. Andy is the most insincere person I know. He acts like he likes Karen and Kim, yet he beats Karen with a newspaper. I don't know about Kim though, and frankly I don't care. If I were my sis, I would never even say hello back to Andy. I told my ma that if my sis does become friends with Andy, I'll disown her as a sister. Of course ma doesn't want me to do that. I know it would be wrong of me, but still! My sis, GOD bless her, she can be so easily misled! But the ONLY reason Andy would like her is because she is losing weight, and that is not really liking her. That's liking her body. And that is a dumb reason to like anyone! If you're going to be friends with someone, like them for who they are. Not because they are losing weight and are looking good like my sis. I'm losing weight too. I lost 20 pounds over the last 2 months. But if someone didn't like me before because I am fat, I'd rather they stay away from me now that I am losing weight. Like me for who I am, or don't like me at all. Simple as that!

My father and stepmom came by yesterday and we went out for lunch together. After that, Kathy wanted to take a pic of me and dad. I saw the pic yesterday when I got home and looked at Facebook, and I looked GOOD! Even I noticed I was slightly thinner than I was before. Even though yesterday I splurged a bit. But dad and I also went walking around Reno. I could have gone on all day, I'm used to walking almost 3 miles in one hour now! LOL! But dad had to get back to Kathy. He also met my roommate Donna, and thanked her for taking care of me. Donna said of all the roommates she's had, I was a jewel! She's told me that before too. And Donna is a damn good roommate herself. I told her once she's a LOT better than the last thing I had as a roommate, which was Patti. Donna does have some little quirks, but nobody is perfect. I have some weird quirks too I bring to this house. I still like her anyways. And she is indeed a LOT better than Patti ever was, or could ever have been! I feel sorry for anyone who would become Patti's roommate. But I think she went to live with her brother. I really do. He'd be the only one who could put up with her. Shoot, they were both nutty as a fruitcake!! They must have had weird parents too. Well, I remember the one thing about the brother, he liked playing with knives. I told my ma how when I was going around the house, gathering my things so I could pack and move out, I saw Patti's brother sitting in his recliner, playing with a hunting knife. I knew what he was trying to do! He was trying to intimidate me. He was expecting trouble from me because I was being evicted so he brought out that knife as if to say "Come on girl! Try and pick a fight with me and my sister!" But at that time all I wanted was to get out of there!

 I wanted to try and talk my sis into moving in with me and ma. But she wouldn't have it. She wants to go to beauty school, and I think she should! But there are absolutely NO beauty schools on the OR coast. I'm sure there are beauty shops, but no schools. She could very easily get a job in one. Frankly neither ma nor I understand why my sis wants to live in a town like Bozeman. There is NOTHING there!! And most of the people in that complex mistreat her. Just her friends don't, which is good. But she is so good, she could make new friends elsewhere. And she always said she hates racists. Well, the majority of the people in Montana are racists. And there is little to see there, just a bunch of mountains. None of them are volcanic mountains, and except for volcanoes, you seen one mountain, you've seen them all. It's not like the ocean. She'd have been better off living in a town like Missoula. Even that would be better than Bozeman. But the people are still racists. I used to get in the Rants and Raves section on Craigslist for the Bozeman area, and all they did was complain about Hispanics moving in. That's the biggest gripe I saw on there. If my sis hates racists, she is in the wrong state. But like I said, she is so easily misled. She's not detail-oriented like I am. She wouldn't know elephant shit if it fell on her head. She'd just keep right on walking with an elephant-dropping wig on her head.

My sis has a natural talent with hair. What she should do is offer hair-cuts there at the complex for a dollar a piece. Maybe $2. But she needs first to go to school and develop that talent further. I let her cut my hair when I see her. I haven't paid her anything, though I should. Not fair of me.

Anyways, I know my sis has no intention of making friends with Andy. But still. He might try to manipulate her like he does everybody else. And I don't want my sis to fall for it. If he hated her before when she was fat, he has no right to even talk to her now that she is losing weight. Just look the other way and don't even acknowledge him! Besides, he probably still smells bad! LOL! I don't want my sis smelling like him. My sis has been my inspiration to lose weight myself. If she can do it, then so can I, and I can prove it! Like I said, I've lost 20 pounds over the past 2 months. My sis so far said she's lost 60 pounds, which is AWESOME!! But she's been at it a lot longer than I have. I just got started. She's been doing this since I lived in Port Angeles. She must have weighed more than me, because I've only been at it for 2 months, and I'm already close to how much she weighs now. Or what she told me she weighs, which is about 240 pounds. Though this club has a digital scale too, and I am NEVER again getting on that thing!!!! Every time I step on it, it gives me a different number. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. I use the traditional scale there, the numbers it gives me has been much more consistent. I don't understand why the digital scale always gives me different numbers each time I step on it. The first time I stepped on it, it said I lost 10 pounds. Then the next day I stepped on it, it said I gained 20! Then the next day it said I lost 5 pounds. UGH!! So I just said piss on it! I'm never stepping on that digital scale again. The traditional one at least stays in the same vicinity of numbers and last time I stepped on it, it said I lost 20 pounds since joining. It still says that. Though I must admit the other day when I stepped on it it said I gained 3 pounds back. LOL! But I think that's because I have begun consuming 2000 calories a day. But that's the advice of my trainer. She said I need to consume 2000 calories a day just to function, so I try, and spread them out over 6 small meals instead of having one big one. And I don't skip breakfasts anymore like I used to. That's the biggest mistake people make who are trying to lose weight. I read here somewhere back there that breakfast should be eaten like a king. Lunch like a prince, and dinner like a college student on a fixed income. So that is what I do. Makes sense too. Well, my body is trying to get used to this new mode of eating. It's been in starvation mode for so long, so it needs to snap into a normal routine. That's why I put on 3 pounds. It'll come off again. My trainer at the fitness center assures me of that.
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