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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Social Drama

I was watching a few videos by a vegan woman (a rather large vegan woman) who said she was upset because she lost friends on Facebook. hm. Now I wonder, were these people who were actually on her friends list, or were they simply people who she met up with on some group that she is a member of? I converse with people in groups, it's the few times I actually pay any attention to people who are not on my friends list on Facebook. Normally, I tend to COMPLETELY ignore people who are not my Facebook friends. There's only a few exceptions. One is if I am conversing in a group I am a member of. Another is if I ask a question and someone who is not on my friends list answers, I accept their answer. Another is when I am just feeling giddy and I feel like playing with someone. I will accept playing even from someone who is not on my friends list. Also if a stranger PMs me on Facebook I'll answer, but now I am doing that less and less. But even people in Facebook groups, I don't consider them friends. To me, it's not official until they send me a friend request and I accept it. Then they have to converse with me at some level before I really emotionally become friends with them.

There is a very good reason why I ignore people who are not my friends on Facebook. I have THE most awesome Facebook friends on the planet! And I don't need the corruption of their friends or strangers messing up my day. Or my life. Or how much I enjoy talking to my friends. Also, other peoples' drama is really none of my business. So, I just don't read posts from people I don't know. Sometimes I glance at posts from other people, but it is only a glance. I don't read their entire post. Even if someone tags my name in a post, if it's a person I don't know, I totally ignore it. I have a good knack for that. Just like when I go to the fitness center too. I sometimes see someone who will smile and say hello. I will say hello back, but I also know I am there to work out. Not to make friends or anything. I go, get my water, then make a beeline for my favorite treadmill first. Although the last couple of times I visited there, I got on the stair machine first, and I made it up 11 floors! For me, that's a big accomplishment!! In fact, since I started going to this fitness center on the 7th of May (last month) now, I have lost 20 pounds!! I am really thrilled!!

Anyway, I know that Facebook friends does not mean that they are your real friends. I have real friends outside of Facebook. It's not the only place I go to make friends. I admit I love my Facebook friends, but they are not the be-all-end-all. And if I lose a friend on Facebook, it does not affect my daily life outside the internet. Of course I have to rephrase that. If I lose a friend who became a wuss and deleted themselves because of something I said on Facebook, I've been known to cheer! Hey! They're not friends if they remove themselves from my list because they don't agree with me. So, I often praise the LORD for removing those people from my life. Many of them I never even asked them to become friends of mine on Facebook. And many I have never, or rarely, communicated with. That is, they never liked my posts, or only liked one or two. They never commented, never left me any messages, basically, I think they just added me to boost up the number of friends they have. That's the impression I get anyways. Those people I am never sad about losing from my list.

There are really very FEW people who can say I sent them a friend request on Facebook. It's not something I regularly do. I wait for people to ask me. Then I add them. But I almost never send friend requests. If I ever do, consider yourself VERY lucky!! That means I really like you. Offhand, I think I only know of 2 times I ever sent anyone a friend request without them asking me to. Yet, I have well over 200 Facebook buddies. The majority of them are INXS fans. The reason I never send friend requests is because I feel like it's intrusive of me. Like I am forcing myself on someone, and I don't want to do that to anyone. Though I don't feel that way when someone sends me a friend request. It's just my shy nature I think. That's why I only limit my incitements to people I am really comfortable with.

But this person was upset because she spoke her mind and some people in an animal rights Facebook group said things to her and then unfriended her. I've never been known to be afraid to speak my mind. Even if I know I am going to lose friends because of it. Oh heck! That's when I have the most fun!! LOL! I say things that a lot of people may not like, then it's fun looking to see who is still on my Facebook friends list after that! Believe me, in a situation like that, you learn who your real friends are. In the words of John Lennon, being honest won't get you many friends, but it will always get you the right ones. That's one thing I can handle that most people can't. Sheer honesty. I've never been known for unfriending someone just because I don't agree with them. If that were true, I'd have no vegan friends left. LOL! But I always try to be fair with all my buds. The only thing that I will unfriend someone for is dissing my family. To me, that is an unforgivable sin! I don't keep anyone who disses my family! I actually unfriended someone because they intentionally deleted a post I posted on their wall of my Booby (Vegas). He was delusional anyways. He would do nothing but talk to himself in his posts, then he deletes posts from someone who was probably the last friend he has on Facebook. And my dogs are my family, so if anyone disses them, it's just like dissing my fam. They don't last long on my page after that! Say what you want about Chihuahuas in general, but don't dis my baby!!

I've never been known to sway from my POV to save friends. I say what I feel, the hell if someone doesn't like what I say!! Believe me, I've been on the short end of that stick once before, when I had that confrontation with the people on the Chihuahua forum on Acmepet. I felt I not only had to change myself to get them to like me again, but also felt I had to lie! And I will tell you it is the WORST feeling in the world!!!! It was even worse than losing people that I thought were friends. After I composed myself over what happened, I swore I would never go through that again! If I give an opinion now, I stick to my guns! Anyone doesn't like it can kiss my ass! Now that I am older I find it is much easier to stick to my guns though. But I won't change for NO ONE! I don't care if we spent a lifetime being friends and I say something that offends them and boom! They suddenly decide they don't want to be friends anymore. No skin off my nose! At least I can say I ended the friendship with honesty. They just didn't like it.
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