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Friday, June 13, 2014

Mass Shootings Needs to Stop!

What do you think of this? Over the past 10 days there have been more mass shootings than any other 10-day period in recent history. There were 3 just last weekend that took place in Washington, Oregon and California, then another last Sunday that happened in Las Vegas, which is south of where I am now. I have the feeling Armageddon is coming! Then today, we have a full moon on Friday the 13th, so count on things to go really crazy today!

So what do you all think of these mass shootings? I know all of them have been committed by people in their teens or 20s. See what I mean about how young people always get angry over little things? Never met a young person who didn't. All these youngsters had one thing in common, evidently they had been taking psychotropic drugs before committing the crime. That may only be the thing with young people. Not older people. I took Zoloft back in 2006, after Groucho died, and I never got the urge to kill myself or anyone else. Just the delusional mods for accusing me of killing Groucho. LOL! I felt like killing them, but I never would have really done it! And all the Zoloft did was give me the giggles a lot.

Well, this is nothing. Look at another thing I found:

This is a map showing all the mass shootings that have occurred in this country since Sandy Hook Elementary school was attacked only a year ago. All of them done by people under the age of 35. Schools in Canada don't suffer these kind of numbers. What is it with them that they don't experience this kind of mass shootings? Is it because of the cooler weather? Is it because guns are illegal in Canada? Is it because the people there do not take as many mental medications as we do? I don't know. I've interacted with Canadians before, of course most of the ones I am referring to here are teenagers. And they were just as reprehensible as the teenagers I see in this country. One that I am sure had some form of autism, even got on my channel and cussing me out on my videos. He acted like a child with some kind of autism, and he was from BC.

But why don't Canadians have this problem with mass shootings? Maybe it is because guns are illegal there. Maybe. The government is trying to use this to start taking away our rights to own guns. But would that really solve the problem?

When I was in middle school, I was bullied not only by the other kids, but also by several of the teachers. I'd be lying if I said that shooting up the school, or bombing the school never crossed my mind. The biggest bully of them all was a man named Mr. Bradley Purvis. I could not stand him!! I still hate his guts. If I ever see him again, GOD I hope HE gives me the strength not to want to hit him in the face! That's how much I hated that old fart! I'm not normally in the habit of hating my teachers, because I know they are just doing their job and sometimes they have to be strict. But Mr. Purvis carried his position to the point of being abusive and asinine. Not only him, but there was a small group of teachers that I considered his followers. They acted just like him, and were most likely influenced by Mr. Purvis' abuse of authority.

I hated Mr. Purvis. I hated him so much, I used to lie in bed at night thinking of creative ways to get rid of him. If I had done a school shooting, he would have been my first victim! I would have first shot him in the leg, and watch him moan and writhe around the floor in agony. Then I would have killed him. But I wanted to see him suffer, like he made me suffer those years with him as the teacher. OK enough info, I don't want to sound like Elliot Roger here!! LOL! But you know what stopped me from carrying out such a plan as this? I didn't want to get arrested. I didn't want my life ruined by going to jail. Back then we had what is called a "fear of authority". Kids these days don't have it. You know why? Because thanks to Bill Clinton, parents can no longer spank their children and teach them this fear of authority. Now it seems parents are scared of the kids, instead of the other way around!

Parents today are absolute wussies!! They let their kids have their way and they shouldn't. I recently heard of a mom whose 4 year old little boy was going to a birthday party, so they went to a local toy store to buy a gift for that kid. Well, the little boy wanted some kind of toy he saw for himself and he yelled at his mom "I hate you!" and screamed until his mom finally gave in and bought that toy for him. Parents are afraid to embarrass their child now because there are too many laws "protecting" kids. But that's not protection! That's just teaching a child that the world owes him everything. That all he has to do to get what he wants is be hateful and yell and scream. I would have dragged that kid out by his collar, into the car, and we would not have gone back in the store until he calmed down. And if he refused to calm down, we'd go home. And instead of him bringing a gift to his friend on his or her birthday, I'd have sent him with a note that said "Sorry, I could not get you a gift because I was being a selfish little brat, thinking more of myself than of you. I'm sorry. Happy Birthday anyways."

Kids need to feel embarrassed when they do something wrong. Bad behavior never ends good. Kids need to learn that early on. But nowadays parents are being told to "negotiate" with their kids. HA! Like that does any good! You treat a child like an adult, they're going to start acting like one well before their time. That is not a good thing! That, I think, is why kids today are committing more crimes than they ever have before. These anti-med people can blame mental medications all they want, but I think the REAL problem is parents cannot spank their kids anymore. This gives these kids some kind of sense of entitlement when they get older. And if they don't get what they want, they do bad things to other people in the form of these mass shootings, because they don't learn early on in life how else to deal with situations where they can't get what they want. I knew, once I heard Bill Clinton passed this bill that parents cannot spank their kids, that now kids are going to get worse and worse. You cannot negotiate with kids like they are adults. Kids cannot start thinking they are on the same level as adults. That's wrong!

That's my take on this thing. So parents, go ahead and start spanking your children again! I don't care if you don't believe in it. I don't care if the kid says they hate you for it. I don't care if spanking them makes you feel bad! Do it for the sake of the child! Save the lives of other innocent people who might become victims of their's. And don't think that your own child will never end up doing something like this! I'm sure these criminals' parents said the exact same thing when they were growing up.
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