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Monday, June 30, 2014

Youtuber MinnesotaBurns Threatens a Child!

OK I know I said I was never going to give people on YouTube any more publicity than they deserve, and especially those I think does not deserve it at all. But I have to speak out against this guy who calls himself MinnesotaBurns, or his crowd affectionately calls him "Burnsy". He makes me mad!! I've only seen a few of his videos, and he calls people and trolls them while playing video games. He's not even that funny. Most people who do trolling videos and prank calls are in some ways funny, but not MinnesotaBurns. I've tried to find some funny lines among his videos, but I could not find a single, solitary one. He's just not funny. His humor is more along the lines of being corny. Not funny. I guess if you are a dumb adolescent you might think he's funny, but a mature person like me, I just don't see his funny side. I've even watched a few of his hate mail videos, and even those aren't funny. Believe me, I've tried to find a funny video of his, but I just couldn't. I don't know why it is he has over 2 million subscribers.

Well, recently he hit the big time. He's threatened to kick some kid's teeth in. He said he's going to find this kid's house, go over there and kick his teeth in. That was really a douchebag thing to say!! Especially as old as he is saying it to a child. I hope and pray he never has children of his own! There are some people who I'd like to beat up and kick their teeth down their throats, but I would never actually do it!! Of course the ones I am thinking of are not kids. But you just can't go around threatening things like that. If I had been that kid, I would have said to Burns "Oh please! Come over here and kick my teeth in! I dare you!" I'd have him in a headlock so fast he wouldn't even have time to think! And I wouldn't let go until he turned blue! Burns must be in his mid-20s. He still uses the word "retard", and told a 12 year old child to "get laid". Don't believe me? See for yourself!


Of course I borrowed this from another YouTuber. I think MinnesotaBurns took this video down, because I could not find it anywhere on his channel. Well, I don't blame him. If I threatened a child I wouldn't want my fans seeing this either! I've never threatened a child in my life, and I try hard not to threaten anyone at all. Its just not my style. I don't know who this kid is, or what he did, it doesn't say in the video, but I am sure it doesn't warrant the threat Burns made to him. Burns said it was a federal crime, well according to him, everything is a federal crime. It's not the only time I have heard those words come out of his mouth. Kinda like the dirty dozen, who love to throw around the word "slander", even though no one else is committing slander except maybe themselves. But just like that, Burns calls everything a "federal crime".

This is what makes me angry about this person. I don't watch his videos anymore, since I can't find anything better than corny. He talks about this boy committing a crime, but I think it's an even bigger crime to threaten someone, especially a child. Burns wants to call the police and have the kid arrested? Fine. But he should not have threatened to kick this child's teeth in. That it's self is a crime. If I were that child's mama, I would have Burns turned over to the authorities!

MinnesotaBurns regularly calls everyone who is not subscribed to him either "retarded" or "ugly". Well, he can call me ugly all he wants to. I couldn't care less. But ugly has nothing to do with why I dislike him. I judge YouTubers by the quality of their videos, and the work they put out. Not by whether the person thinks I am ugly or not. Most people who call me ugly anyways generally do not have videos themselves. Or if they do, it's almost always video game videos, which I don't watch, or anime cut-outs, which I also don't watch.

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Anonymous said...

The "kid" knew what he was doing. The "kid" Ddossed Burnsy which is a federal crime and could land you time in jail. The "kid" "swatted" Burnsy's parent's house which could've got them killed. Burnsy wasn't making a threat. He was giving options. Sure he handled it like a amateur but it wasn't just him targeted. His parents were involved. Get your facts straight before you making such invalid assumptions =.