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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Duck Is A Duck

Yesterday I got into an altercation with one of my Facebook buddies. Her cat needs to go to a vet, and she was asking for money to help save it. Incidentally, she is also the person who has been asking her friends to help her buy cat food for her cats, some strays and these 2 litters of kittens she's taken in. I admire her for wanting to do the right thing, but she's got to learn when to say no. When she cannot afford to buy food for her own cats, and doesn't have enough money to take her own cats to the vet, she's trying to do too much. Well, yesterday with her, all I had to do was mention getting rid of those strays and she turned like a rattlesnake! LOL! Well, she just had one cat die of cancer a couple days ago, and now another one is sick, that belongs to her mother, who is disabled. She says it has had no contact with the strays at all. Well, she sent me a PM about that, and also commented on her own post, and deleted my comment, which all it basically said for her to be wary of those strays she insists on feeding. They may be carrying diseases into her yard.

I also still say she should call Animal Control to come out there and take all those strays away! I know she wants to help them. But she gives too much and the strays do nothing in return. I feel bad for this woman, I really do. I am sorry her own cat died on her a few days ago. But the money she is spending feeding those damn strays, she could use to help her own cats. That's my concern. But I am not this woman's family, I really have no right whatsoever telling her to do anything. I just tell her how I feel. Much as I like her though, I feel like deleting her from my facebook. Well, she turned on me, deleted my comment, saying that it was unwarranted. She ended it saying "I know you don't like any other cats other than Siamese, but would you leave your negative comments to yourself" I just told her "That's fine. I still stand by what I said!" What I said was not negative, and it has NOTHING to do with me only liking Siamese cats! I call a spade a spade. I sugar-coat it for friends, but I still call a spade a spade! If she hadn't been my friend, I would have told her she is irresponsible and should not own any cats at all if she has to ask other people to buy food and vet care for them. Sugar-coating doesn't always work, believe me!! But I do it for the sake of softening the blow for friends. But I still tell it like it is! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck! And if I were going solely on the fact I only like Siamese, I would have never donated to her vet bill! I would have said "This cat doesn't even deserve to live, it's not even a Siamese!" But no, that has nothing at all to do with what I said to her. She never even thanked me for making a donation. Then she accused me of calling her sick cat a stray, which I NEVER did!! I just told her to be careful of those strays she feeds because they could be carrying diseases into her yard.

I try to help my friends as much as I can, and I like to hope they would be grateful for it. But I am not going to sit by and watch someone who can't even afford the few pet cats they have in their home spend their money to feed some sick strays, 2 litters of kittens, and then become a cat-collector. I've said it on here before, cats are not meant to live in groups of 20. And should not be left to suffer just because their owner wants to collect cats. I would love to have a houseful of pets! But I know I cannot afford it, so I don't get so many I cannot take care of it. And I don't feed strays when I know I cannot afford it either. I only have one TINY dog, because I know that's all I can afford. I had 2, but I gave Minnie to my sis, and believe me, it has helped the both of us! I could not afford Minnie, in case something happened to her, and my sis needs a companion. Now, I only have Vegas, and much as I'd love more, I cannot get another dog. When you have to ask friends or strangers to help feed and pay for vet care, you are in trouble! I don't want that! If I cannot afford it, I don't want another pet! Although things are about to get better for me now. But I still stand by what I said! Because I meant it. I'm sorry she feels the way she does about what I said, but I felt it had to be said!

Believe me, I've lost friends before over something like this. Mcgillicutty and I were friends at one point, but she got angry because I said she was breeding poor quality Chihuahuas. Well she was! I tried to sugar-coat it, but I told her she is breeding poor quality Chihuahuas. Sugar-coating does not always work. People still don't like to be told they're doing wrong. Only strong people don't mind receiving criticism. That's why I prefer the weaker "friends" get weeded out. I speak my mind, I'm that type of person. I don't beat around the bush. I tell it like it is! Believe me, if this woman had not been my friend, I would have been a LOT more harsh on her! I can do it! But I won't. Not only do I like her, she is normally a sweet woman, but I also feel bad for her having lost a pet, and now another one is sick. I cannot even fathom that. I would post this on her facebook, but most likely she would delete it again. That's why I keep blogs! LOL! No one can delete these posts but me. No one can make me delete them either. I may do it as a favor, if someone asks politely. hehehe! Well, I believe in free speech. It's a good thing too, because I was watching a video earlier today about countries that banned the internet. Bloggers in those countries get tortured, jailed and sometimes killed if they say the wrong things! I'd have been dead long ago if I lived in one of those countries! LOL!
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