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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blast From The Past!

Today was quite an exciting day, and just a couple hours after I woke up. Yesterday is when it all got started. My mama and I were out together cruising around. When she dropped me off here at my place, we usually start talking among each other. One of the subjects that came up was our old family friends, Brenda, Tara and Lucious. Ma started to remember all the crazy things Tara and I did when we were kids. I met Tara when she was 4 years old, and I was 5. We grew up together and at times, I was closer to her than I was to my own sis. We had our fights and battles, like all friends do, but I never stopped loving her like a sister.

Well, some months ago, I was looking for any of them on Facebook. I knew Tara had gotten married, but I had no idea what her married name is. Brenda, I wasn't even so sure if she was married again, or even still alive. So, I figured my only chance was to find Lucious. But I was not sure if he still lived in Washington state, or if he had done moved to Cleveland, OH like Tara and Brenda did. Well, I searched on Facebook for Lucious, and I did find a 20-year old guy with the same name, and his selfie he has for his profile pic looks just like Lucious did when he was a young boy. Well, as ma and I were talking about them, I wanted to show her this kid's profile, and look at his pic a little better. She agreed he looked just like Lucious did when he was a boy. And he lived in WA, and went to the same high school Tara and Lucious did. Well, when I got to this guy's page, there were a couple of pics he had been tagged in that really caught my attention. They were pictures of a man holding a baby, and the name on the pic said it was Big Lou. Well, the last time I saw Lucious, Tara's oldest child was with him, and called him "uncle Lou". And the man in the pic holding the baby looked exactly like Lucious did the last time I saw him! Ma and I looked and both of us said "That IS Lucious!"

Well, after ma and I were about 85% sure we were looking at a picture of Lucious, I PM'd this kid. I asked him if his father's name is also Lucious, and if he has an aunt named Tara, and a grandma named Brenda. Well, as of now, I haven't heard back from him yet. But last night I was so intrigued by the similarities in the picture, I decided to look further at some more of his pictures. I found someone named Tara among his Facebook friends and so I investigated her page. I looked at some of her pictures and I noticed she had the biggest smile I ever seen! I recognized that smile immediately! This was my old childhood friend, Tara!! If nothing else stood out, that smile of her's did! She always had the biggest, brightest, most beautiful smile I'd ever seen in my life!! She still does! I said, "If she lives in Cleveland then this is definitely her!" So I looked and sure enough, she lives in Cleveland! I wanted to be 100% positive it was her, so I PM'd her too. Well she answered right away, and asked me who I was, because I was under the name Dee Timmyfan. So I told her who I was and who my ma was, and then she remembered me. hehehe! We had a few minutes chat with each other, but someday I would like to have a video chat with her. I wonder if she would remember some of the old crazy things we did as kids that my ma brought up yesterday.

Well, she told me some of the things going on in her life now. She has 4 kids, although when I last saw Brenda in 1994, she said Tara had 6 kids now. Oh well. 2 of her children are all grown up and have kids of their own. She has 2 young ones with her now, she said her daughter does not want kids at all. I told her about Vegas, who I guess one would say is my kid. Tara remembered how I always loved animals. LOL! I was the one drawn to animals, while she always had a baby in her arms. She loved kids! That's for sure! She also remembered how my sis was the one to teach her to ride a bicycle. That's funny, I remembered my sis teaching me to ride one, but until Tara mentioned that, I had forgotten she taught her too. Tara's family and my family were very close! My family taught her things her family didn't, and her family taught me things my family didn't. Her family made our family complete, and vice-versa. I remember her father left Brenda soon after we met. So, the only real father figure Tara and Lucious had growing up in WA state was my father. And they took to him very well. And Brenda was always like a second mother to me.

Now if only I could find more of my childhood friends on Facebook! There's so many I'd love to find. I'd like to find some of my old buddies from High school, maybe from middle school. Who knows? I managed to find Tara and Brenda, maybe I will find others too if I look hard enough.

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