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Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Crazy Cat-Lady" Syndrome

There is just no denying the internet has made cats the most loved animals on Earth. GEEZ!! Where the hell was the internet when I was 7-years old??? Back then I would have had a field day on the internet looking at all the cat videos! When I was 7-years old, I loved cats. I think most little girls do though. But I was so hard-pressed to find any other cat lovers like me. If I were still a child today, I would seem to have no problem at all. But back then, most of the people I met were dog-lovers, and I was not then. Everyone I ever met said cats are too sneaky, or creepy, or are funny-looking, or simply said that dogs are better pets. Even other little girls said that to me. Me and this other girl who loved dogs even got into a bit of a confrontation because she liked dogs and I liked cats. She was mocking how a dog could beat a cat's ass. One day, when I was about 8 years old, I was walking home from school and I saw a black mass on the road ahead of me. I wondered what the heck it was. When I got closer, I found out it was my neighbor's cat, which seemed to have just been killed by a car. It's head was completely crushed! Crushed so bad, one of it's eyeballs had been pushed out of the socket with it's brain, which had oozed out of the socket like toothpaste! Yeah, I saw that graphic sight when I was 8 years old! LOL! I thought it was sad, and horrific.

Well, today I am going to talk about the so-called "crazy cat-lady" syndrome. Yes, it is an illness. A mental illness. Since owning cats has been known to affect a person's brain. I see it all the time. A non-cat owner can always tell when someone owns cats because they act all crazy and irrational at times. And it's a certain kind of crazy that you don't see with people who own dogs or any other animals. If a person wants to own a cat, and it has no effect on their brain, I say that's fine. But the "crazy cat-lady" syndrome is something altogether different. Cat people think it's cute. But I think of it from the cat's point of view. Believe it or not, it is nothing more than a passive form of animal abuse. I have one friend who has 3 cats, feeds strays, and has taken in 2 full litters of kittens. I can already see her house in 2 years! Full of cats, litter boxes, and stinking to high heaven! She may think it's cute, but now she can barely feed her own cats! She's asking people for food donations and stuff. I would help her own 3 cats if I could. But I will NOT support the strays or those litters of kittens she insisted on taking in. Which is why I haven't donated anything to her. Much as I'd like to help her 3 pet cats, I will not support stray cats, and I'm afraid that's exactly what she'd do with the food I would donate, feed it to those stupid strays!

Yes, I have hatred for stray cats. They kill birds and other wild life. In a lot of areas, they have caused the extinction of some animals, or endangered status. I think all stray cats should be completely eradicated! Not supported. Before long, there won't be any other animals left in the world except cats. And that would be a dull world! Anyways, back to the subject. The reason I oppose people who want to become "crazy cat people" is because cats were not meant to live in large packs. Cats are not social animals. Keeping so many of them is a bad idea. I've seen cases where people had so many cats, it causes the cats to have respiratory problems, I've seen their eyes burn out literally from all the ammonia in the house, caused by the other cats urinating. They get into constant fights, sometimes killing each other. Large groups of cats are just not meant to live together in the same house. They're not like dogs. But I also would never recommend anyone take in too many dogs either. The most I ever had was 8 dogs at one time. But I was well able to care for them myself. I had no worries about feeding them, I kept the yard clean, and the dogs had proper vet care, and the house was clean too. I didn't ever ask for donations from anyone when I had all those dogs. I would never have had that many dogs if I didn't think I could take care of them all!

The cat people may think this is all so cute, they want to rescue every stray cat they see because they feel so sorry for it. But this is just a form of animal abuse. They may not see it that way because they are looking at it from a human perspective. But think of the cats, not yourself! One or two cats is really enough for any household. Three is pushing it, but still feasible if you can afford it. Any more than that, I'd have to consider it animal abuse. I know this friend does not mean for it to be animal abuse, and I am not saying she is a bad person who intentionally abuses animals. She's not the only crazy cat-person I've met who has taken in every stray cat she sees because she feels sorry for it. None of them think it's animal abuse when they take in 20 or so cats, but it is. Look at it from the cat's perspective. They're not humans. They're not dogs. They're not social animals. They're not safe living in packs. And if you have so many cats that you cannot afford to feed them or get them the vet care they need when they need it, you have WAY too many!! If your cats run away at the sight of you or someone else, they are not properly socialized and could become a nuisance! That person has way too many cats to socialize properly! A person does not need to own all the cats they can find! It's not like they are food or oxygen. And strays should be taken to the shelter to get gassed!! They are the scourge of the animal kingdom!

I thank GOD there is no such thing as a "crazy dog-lady". I would not like that status at all. But then again, dogs don't make people go crazy. And I thank GOD the cats I did have did not make me go too crazy. Not to a point where I took in strays! Or fed them. The most number of cats I ever had at one time was 3. But again, I made sure they were well taken care of. When I couldn't afford them anymore, I sent them to other homes. I'll tell you, I was glad to see those Persians go!! They are gorgeous cats, but they are a pain in the butt to own!!! That's why I prefer cats with little to no hair. Persians have to be constantly groomed and bathed. Their fur is so dense, they can't clean it very well, and start to stink after a while. Plus they cough up hairballs all over the place, and crap often gets stuck to the fur around their butt. When we had Persians, we had to keep a brush in one hand, a bar of soap in the other, and a comb nearby. LOL! That was just to keep them clean. I like Siamese. No hairballs to cough up, no constant bathing and grooming, no crap gets stuck to their butt, and they don't stink! All that stuff you have to contend with when you have a cat with so much hair. But thankfully there are no "crazy dog-lady"s. No, something else has made me crazy. Or maybe I was born crazy. LOL!

Now there is a difference between loving cats and being a total cat-fag. A person who loves cats is someone who has just one or two cats, maybe 3, and does not disrespect people who do not like cats, but just goes on about their own life. A cat-fag is someone who thinks cats can do no wrong, when in fact it is an evil cat, or implies people who don't like cats are stupid, or are not worthy of living. I saw a video one of my buddies posted on Facebook yesterday, and it showed a woman who wanted to get rid of her cat. The cat kept on attacking the woman, and she had to slap at it to get it away from her. Of course all the cat-fags on this friend's list were saying the woman was evil for slapping the cat! But the thing of it is, the cat attacked the woman first! Cat-fags just don't understand some cats are just plain evil! One person even went so far as to say the cat is telling the woman it wants to be left alone. Well, from what I saw in the video, the woman was trying to leave it alone. I think more likely the cat was just doing it for that woman's attention. I see that all the time among cats! See for yourself:

If you can tolerate this behavior from this cat, I say get over there and get it. Otherwise I would recommend this woman put this cat to sleep. Maybe it cannot be rehabilitated, and is just evil.

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