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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Embarrass Me?

Yesterday I was writing back and forth to a viewer of one of my videos and this person said that people post my videos just to embarrass me. Then they subscribed to me to make me feel better. I just thanked this person for subscribing. I am appreciative of it, believe me. But I am not embarrassed of my videos. If I was embarrassed, I would never have posted the video to begin with. I am proud of each and every one of my videos. Even the ones I am doing something silly on, like my version of the cinnamon challenge. Well, it's to get laughs from people, and I guess I accomplished that task. Except in the case of my parents. LOL! But anyways, I don't care what the trolls, haters and negative people say! I'm not even curious anymore.

Those couple of years I spent totally ignoring negative posts really did me a lot of good. It was the perfect training session for me. I do not respond to negative people anymore who post comments on my videos, because I barely read the posts. I skim them quickly and that is it. Because I do not care what they say. I'm gonna do my own thing, and if they don't like it, then they won't hurt my feelings at all if they just don't watch. Simple as that. I even took down all the videos I used to have that were responses to negative people. That too was part of my training. I say I trained myself well. So please people, who want to subscribe, or who feel bad because of negative people saying negative things about me, don't feel bad for me. I'm fine! I'm still smiling, and going on, and will continue to make videos no matter what. Only death can stop me! LOL! Well, maybe not even that. But if I run out of ideas that might stop me. Until that time comes, I will still continue to make videos. If the negative people don't like it, again, that's fine! It's their tough luck because they will NEVER stop me from making videos! Saying this once and for all.

If the negative people are also posting my videos because they want to point and jeer and laugh because I am fat, well all I can say to them is enjoy it while you can! I am working on losing weight, and I am doing well on that too. Since May, when I joined the fitness center, I've lost almost 50 pounds. To the fat-hating bigots, that may not be anything, but to me it's a HUGE accomplishment!! Something that is rather hard to do when you are my age. So YAY me!! LOL! OK, gotta pat myself on the back once in a while. I haven't even had to change my diet. I don't call this a "diet". Diets don't work! I say that all the time, and I am a living testimony of that! What this is is a change of lifestyle, not a diet. I didn't change what I eat, I just changed how much I eat. I also changed how much I work out. I used to live a rather inert lifestyle. Not so much anymore. Even if I have to push myself, I work out. Last night for example, I was sore and a wee bit tired, but I took myself to the fitness center anyways, and worked out on that treadmill, and walked nearly 3 miles on it in one hour! Then after that, I took myself to Walmart and walked around some more. I no longer park close to the store like I used to. I park all the way in the back of the parking lot, so I can walk more. If it's a big parking lot, even better!! The farther away from the enterance I am, the more I like it!

This is a good thing too, because everybody likes parking close to the enterance. It's almost impossible to find a parking space up close to the store. Especially during the holiday season! Few people want to park as far away from the enterance as they can get. Now, I actively seek out the farthest parking spot from the enterance. Sometimes I do have to push myself, but I'm a good pusher on myself, so it doesn't matter to me! And yes, I still enjoy the sweets, the chocolates and donuts every once in a while. I just have it in moderation. Like, I haven't had donuts now in about 4 months. Then I only get one, maybe 2, and that's it for the next 4 to 6 months. And even then, I still manage to lose weight! I don't go to fast food places either. Well, I never did that much to begin with! I simply hate fast food! I did not get fat because of McDonalds or Burger King or any other places like that. I just love to cook! And everything went into my mouth to either test, or to finish off a little bit of leftovers in the pan. That is how I got fat, coupled with the meds I was taking, which made me lazy, so I couldn't work out. That was how I got as big as I am now. Well, now I am off the meds, so working out is a lot easier.

I was topless one day in the bathroom, and looking in the mirror, and I noticed my lovehandles are disappearing! They are not as big as they used to be! That's good too because they were starting to be painful! The weight loss is definitely working! So, if the trolls, haters and negative people want to make fun of me for being fat, go ahead! Do your worst while you still can! My day of reckoning will come soon enough.

I once saw a person, who used to comment on my videos. He actively sought out videos of fat people, just so he could spread his negativity. He commented twice on my Fat People Sucks video, about 6 months apart. He said that he always calls out fat people on the streets. He probably only does it as he is passing by them on his bicycle, which makes his butt the cowardliest of all cowards! No doubt in my mind he would not do that shit if he was standing in front of a fat person and couldn't get away. Anyways, I saw on another video he posted a comment to the person who made the video. The person announced how she has lost a lot of weight and was feeling good about herself. Well, this jerk commented saying something to the effect of "You're no better than a rapist who rapes a child and then says I'm sorry. I hate you for getting fat in the first place!" After I saw that comment, I blocked him! He's obviously nothing but a troll and a bigot. I hate bigots! So, I blocked him. I didn't ever want to see his ass ever again! Yeah, call fat people names on the streets, while you're sitting tall in your bike, passing by them like the wussy-ass bitch you are! Instead of saying it to their faces! The only reason people don't do that is because they know they will get clobbered by the person they are talking shit about. When I was leaving Bozeman, and people were pissed off at me about my blog, I was proud of myself in how I stood my ground! It proved to me I am stronger than I ever thought I was! So now, I am not afraid to say anything! And I don't shout at people from a moving vessel either!

People like that bigot don't seem to realize they are actually part of the obesity problem. Most people who binge eat do so for comfort. Everyone likes to feel comfortable. Everyone finds comfort in different ways. I find comfort in writing my stories and listening to music. Some people binge-eat. You never know who those people are who binge-eat for comfort. When they hear a bigot like this guy, calling them names when they are outside, walking and trying to lose weight, it makes them feel bad. So what do they do? They go home and eat to make themselves feel better. That's common sense! Not rocket science! Bigots should not exist at all. I hate bigots of any kind, whether they hate fat people, thin people, black people, white people, short people or tall people, etc, etc, etc. I just hate bigots!! The worst thing about bigots is they don't realize all the damage they do. Not just the person they are targeting at that moment, but it can also destroy the family life and their friends. The only thing I am bigoted against is bigots. And gray tabby cats, but that's an animal! It doesn't count! LOL! And people always excuse cats for everything anyways. People are just dumb! That's why I hate people.
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