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Friday, August 15, 2014

More Stories Coming Soon!

Well, I dug through my pile of books that I now keep in my van (until I can move out and get a place of my own) and brought out every single book that I still have that I wrote in the past. There was one I was looking for, but never found. It's the one that has the original Celina and the Tyrannosaur from 1993. I figure I may need it. But I also found it in a review from 2000, and I guess that will come in handy. That should be good enough, as long as it is dated before 2006. My biggest fear is that 20th Century Fox will see that story and say that it was ripped off from their movie, A Night At the Museum. When I first saw the movie in 2006, there is a scene with a friendly tyrannosaur skeleton that wants to play ball. Much like Rex in the story with Celina. That was the one part of the movie that made me smile, because it reminded me so much of the story that was written for UMG Productions. But unfortunately I don't have the original anymore. I threw a lot of books away when I moved to Port Angeles, and didn't have enough room for them in that trailer. That sadly must have been among the books I threw away. But I have a piece of it in a review from 2000. Good thing I did that!!! It even has it's release date on there.

I used to do that all the time, every 5 years, I would create a review of all the stories I did in the past, starting from 1980 to the year that review came out. I used to do that! It kinda got to be a hassle. The last of those that I did was in 2000. In 2005, we decided to dispense with the typical review and just create a website to showcase the stories, and we did, and I am still working on it to this day. Poor Trish, she's spent so much to get this site up and going, and this idea I have now has been the most cost-effective. I think I'll stick with this one. No more hiring someone to try and build the site again, just stick with what we got now. It's good enough! It offers both paperback versions and ebook, whatever suits the taste of the readers! I've been working on one story for a while, and it too has the Mad Anaconda in it. Well, he also makes an appearance in a story from 1992, and in that story, his name is Andy Anaconda. So, I guess he does have a name. I just always called him the Mad Anaconda. LOL! But I also have a different character named Andy, in the story the Lemur and the Mermaid, from 1985. Though I think I am going to change it to Andrew. Andrew sounds better. And Andy makes me think of that idiot back in Bozeman. I know I didn't know him when that story was written! But still! Now, my mind has been damaged about that name. But I still love Andrew (Farriss) hehehe! So I might switch to that name instead.

I always did the stories back in the day in compilation format, that is several stories were all in the same sketchbooks. The same book that had Celina and the Tyrannosaur also had this story I am working on. This story also has the Mad Anaconda in it. LOL! His victim here is Caroline, one of the few times I used her in the 90s. It's also the last time I used the Mad Anaconda too. Because the following year, I learned to love snakes. Before, I thought of them as mindless killers who love to bite for fun. But not anymore! That changed after a long talk I had with someone who was a snake expert. I guess that's why I got the urge to work on it. Because it's his last appearance ever, and it kinda represents a turning-point in my life. I was growing up. I was also moving away from the anger I felt as a child. I dunno. Some stories written are stories, with a beginning, plot and end. Some are just purely an anecdote. Not much point to the story, just purely for entertainment. I should label these accordingly.

I feel bad for Donna, I have to sit out in the living room and work on this shit! Well, the cooler does not reach my room, so I need to sit out here in order to keep cool. Otherwise I would be working on this stuff in my room. I am learning quite a bit about Donna while sitting out here. LOL! When she gets angry, she gets PISSED!!! If Donna were as shallow as Patti was, I'd probably have been kicked out by now! But thank GOD Donna is NOT like Patti!! No, when something goes wrong, she doesn't even fully blame me. She takes responsibility herself too. Whereas Patti never took responsibility. Everything with her was always the other person's fault, and was unforgivable. Ya know something, I'd been thinking about the comparison between Donna and Patti, I kinda wonder if Patti was a set-up? Perhaps the people of the Craigslist pet forums told her to take me in and act all pleasant during the interview, and gradually become an asshole. I don't know. But either Patti was a set-up, or I was right all along and her brain is totally fucked up and she was looking for someone to bully. I wonder if she bullied her brothers, and maybe that is why they left her. I know before I moved in with her, she had lived with 2 of her brothers. She probably bullied them to a point where they said "I ain't taking this no more" and moved away from her. Then Patti looked for a younger, more na├»ve person, like me, to move in with her for her to bully and push around. Thank GOD Donna is altogether. She's had her kids, she's not looking to raise anymore. Patti never had kids, so she was looking for someone to take the frustrations she felt of what was probably years of people bullying her, out on. Even though I had nothing to do with her being bullied. She needs to see a shrink either ways!

Talk about someone who is damaged! LOL! Anyways, I want to close this with a very special announcement. Happy Birthday TIM FARRISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya man!! Hope your day is filled with as much laughter and happiness as you have given me all these years!! Tim does not have a Facebook page. I am surprised Jon does!! Jon needs to tell his oldest brother that he needs to get his butt on Facebook and create a page!!! I'd join, for sure. One of my facebook friends said though that he hates social media. Sometimes I don't blame him! That is why I never created a Timmyfan Whispers page on Facebook. Social media can be toxic!! Can you imagine the number of death threats I would receive each day? LOL! Or how much negativity would pour in? People got something to say they can comment on here. Not that I'll read it. LOL! I only read comments my sis posts, and she wouldn't be coming here anonymously. Well, maybe a Facebook page wouldn't be so bad. Someday perhaps.
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