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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sam Strikes Again!

LOL! OK funny title done. So far he's not been an evil person. But I did finally send the money I promised to him to send the sketchbooks to me. Now, I know he got it, but I am not sure what to do from here. Since he got it, and I am aware he did, I don't know if he's going to let me know when he sends them or not. I'll probably just have to wait, but if I do not see the books here in a week, I'm going to report him to PayPal. I'll have to! I don't have that kind of money to be throwing around like that. But I'm giving Sam a chance to prove himself, and prove me wrong. I will keep you all informed of what happens.

I done did the stupidest thing I could ever possibly do this month! Even though it is the beginning of the month and I already have a lot of money problems, I ordered a decorative clock that I've been wanting for a long time! It all started back in 1992. I was heavily into Batman. I had just gotten released from that babysitting/nanny/housekeeper job with Patti and Chris, and after that, I had gotten into Batman very heavily. Well, a nearby video store was having a sale and I went there to purchase some videos I wanted. Well, I more fell in love with this clock they had hanging on the wall. It had an image of Batman, the Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman. I wanted that clock so bad!! I asked the attendant there at the store if I could buy that clock from them. They said no because it is a promotional item created only for video stores. That was heartbreaking! I had to go home with a load of video tapes, and no Batman clock!

Well, the other night, because possibly getting these sketchbooks, I've been thinking about things from my past, I thought again about that clock. I thought about looking on ebay for it, because John said you can get ANYTHING on ebay!! So, I went in looking for that clock. Well, I found it! The seller had where the buyer can make an offer, and I did. I offered the seller $30 for it. With $14 for shipping, I figured that was the most I could afford!! Well, I will be so glad to get that clock!!! I collect clocks anyways, I love them!! I've always been so fascinated by clocks, I don't know why. I also collect Batman stuff. So it's a win-win deal with this clock.

Last night, I had another blast from the past, in the form of a dream. I dreamed about a mediocre and obscure character I created when I was 7 years old. It's the only human character I ever created when I was a kid. His name is Bob. I only drew him a few times, and only because of my mama's discretion. She wanted me to learn to draw people, because I'd mostly been drawing animals all my life. So, I drew this little boy, with a few hairs on his head, big eyes, denim jacket, big smile, and always carrying rubber stamps around (before they became a scrapbooking fad). Bob is also a musician that plays the concertina, and has a little miniature band. Using today's standards, Bob kinda looks like little Tommy on Rug Rats. Only he's like a teenager, still with only a few hairs on his head. Anyway, I only used him in a story once, and I forgot the story until I had that dream last night.

Another obscure character I created for my stories is a character I call 'The Mad Anaconda'. Not mad as in angry, mad as in insane. He is insane. I love anacondas, but this character, you don't want to meet him! LOL! He made his first appearance in 1986 in the story The Mischievous Mongoose, and has made several small appearances since. The last being in 1993. I call him The Mad Anaconda because he gets pleasure out of catching UMG characters and squeezing them into unconsciousness. He gets killed sometimes, but keeps coming back! LOL! He kinda is a representation of myself having grown up an angry child. I was horrible!! And this anaconda in my stories was kindof a release of some of that anger. He doesn't have a name, he doesn't have really a big role in UMG stories, I just call him The Mad Anaconda. And basically his only role was a tension release. Well, he made his last appearance in 1993, because that was the year I turned that part of my life around. I didn't want to remain that angry child anymore, so I began working on that part of my life. Though I admit, when I got on the internet for the first time, I had to work on that all over again. But learning to ignore the trolls and haters has completely changed my internet persona. I'm a happier person now.

You know what else changed me? Believe it or not, and this may sound odd, but this character The Watcher changed my attitude! But not in the way she might have hoped. LOL! I was so flattered when she called me a "stalking whale" I think it went a little to my head! hehehe! Because ever since then, I've been acting like a narcissistic jerk! LOL! Its one thing when someone who likes you says you are beautiful. But when someone who hates you implies you are beautiful, I guess that really makes you feel good! Because they've got to be sincere about it if they don't like you because of it. And calling me a whale, well, I consider that a compliment! Why shouldn't I? Whales are beautiful, graceful creatures, in spite of their bulk. And they are more intelligent than any other mammal. Every fat woman should consider being called a whale a compliment!! Not an insult!

Well, now I'm a completely different person than I was in 1993, when the last story with the Mad Anaconda came out. And yes, I am working on that story, and I am considering putting it on the website. Though I haven't decided yet. Some stories, the meaning is rather hard to see, so I don't know if it's going to be a story that the public will enjoy. But I am working on it anyways, just for the sheer fuck of it.

Oh yes, and one more thing.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON FARRISS!!!! I said this to him on Facebook, but I also want to say it here! Love ya man!!!
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