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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Timmyfan vs. Doyledeth and the Big Bad Fox???

Well, after I got Doyledeth's opinion and another like him that gave his idea, who calls himself the Big Bad Fox??? (that's his handle, question marks and all) and I gave mine, I thought I would write some more happenings that went on after my last post. As usual, I directed them both to this blog. I always do, if I am talking about someone, I always let them know it. I want their response, if they want to give it. Well, after I gave Doyledeth my response to his initial post, I heard back from him saying something to the effect of "What the fuck are you talking about???" He got angry because I said he's been broken by society. I still believe that! That was when the Big Bad Fox??? came in and basically was trying to talk me out of saying that Doyledeth is a broken person.

Doyledeth started accusing me of being an attention seeker. I said to him "If I did come here seeking attention dude, I'm sure doing a damn good job of getting it from you now!" LOL! Then the Big Bad Fox??? asked me why I would say Doyledeth is a broken person just because he gave an opinion. I said because he seems like a person who has been lied to a lot. Well then Doyledeth came and retorted with sarcasm, he said "No shit! Oh you are so observant! Everyone has been lied to at some point in their lives" Well, yes I would say that is a good observation. I have been lied to many times before too. The difference between me and Doyledeth is that he has completely let it go to his head. To a point where it has damaged him. Doyledeth thought he made me angry, and then said that instead of me making him angry, I made him laugh. Then he said thanks for the chuckles. I said to him "Who's angry? Not me." I said something to the effect of "If I were angry as you say I am, don't you think I would have said something to the effect of fuck you by now?" Katrina would have said it long ago. LOL! But no, I couldn't be angry with this guy. I told him if anything I am laughing at him as much as, if not more than, he is laughing at me, because he is trying (I think too hard) to piss me off. But that is not my style. I don't get angry at people for having their own opinion, like he was accusing me of. I reminded him that I was the one who said first in this conversation that he is entitled to his beliefs.

I am not mad at Doyledeth or the Big Bad Fox??? But now I understand why John never goes around and discusses his celebrity friends from his past. Because of ass-clowns like these. Well, I should not say that, as I don't know if they are ass-clowns. LOL! I did not even try to convince these two that I was telling the truth. In fact, I only mentioned that my stepfather is an old friend of Robin Williams once or twice. I didn't mention it again simply because I didn't feel the need to. I had my say. If they didn't believe it, that's fine. Like I said, I'd have thought the same thing if I were in their shoes. But someday I might ask ma if I can borrow John's scrapbook and scan those pics of him with Robin Williams. They were from the late 60s or early 70s, well before Mork and Mindy. I'm not out to change anyone's opinion. I just state what I know, and that's it. But today, I decided it'd be fun to have a little fun with these people. My last message was from the Big Bad Fox??? But I didn't read it. I didn't because I did not want to carry on that conversation with them all day. I had better ways to spend my afternoon. Besides, I ran out of things to say, and I was not going to keep repeating myself to them. No sense in it!

John was once a big country music station DJ in the early 70s in San Diego. He met a lot of people through that. Some big-name buddies he had (and still has) is Kenny Rogers, the Judds, Dolly Parton, and he has letters and pics of these people in his scrapbook. It's not a far cry that he is also friends with Robin Williams. But the reason he doesn't go around talking about them is because obviously people like Doyledeth and the Big Bad Fox??? It's just hard for anyone to believe that celebrities can have friends that are just average people. But I am sure a lot of them do. John being the best example I can think of. He's also met Adam Ant, and didn't like him. He's also met Chubby Checker and Andy Warhol. John does NOT like Adam Ant! LOL! I told him I only like a few of his songs, one from 1983 and one from 1990. He doesn't sing too bad, but when I heard that he only likes fans of his that are pretty, I stopped any deep interest in him before it started.

Well, I got my Batman clock today, but when I tried it to see if it runs, I found that the movement is crappy. LOL! Oh well, it's only a standard clock motor that you can get at a craft store, I might could fix it myself. Tomorrow, I should get my sketchbooks. So this is what Sam needed the $20 for! LOL! Well, at least I will be getting it. I cannot wait to see them again! Copies are fine, but nothing beats the real thing. I thought though for sure there were 3 books. But I only saw 2 in the picture Sam sent me. I could have just been mistaken. Anyways, I will find out tomorrow, they are on their way, and supposed to reach here tomorrow. I just cannot wait to see them! It'd be so neat just to have my full collection of sketchbooks back from the past. Even the far-distant past. There is one story I am trying to remember that I would just love to put on the site. It's like the Discouraged Lemur part 2. I remember the beginning of it, and it would not be in any of these sketchbooks coming. It's a story that Katie started but I don't remember if she ever finished it before she died. I helped her write it though. Unfortunately the little black sketchbook that one would have been in was thrown away a LONG time ago!! I remember the beginning, bits and pieces of it anyways. But I don't remember if it was ever finished. I remember Tony the tyrant lemur being captured and taken to the circus in the USA. But he wants to get back home to his master and the sheep farm. And I remember a sympathetic rat who aims to help him, and a small group of penguins, who are akin to the 3 Stooges, who help them as well. That's all I remember. I've been trying to remember the rest.
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