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Monday, September 1, 2014

A Milestone Month

Well, I must say, I did reach my goal of losing 50 pounds this summer! I must pat myself on the back for that one. I was looking in the mirror in my bathroom, and I noticed my face is smaller than it used to be. I always lose it in my face first!! But I do still have a LONG way to go before I am finished with the weight loss. I'm still fat! But the loss of 50 pounds this summer is progress. I am grateful for it. I still go to the fitness center every day, and will continue to for as long as I can. At least until I can get a treadmill of my own. That won't be for a while yet.

Well, my ma is now 65 years old and a senior. She's happy about that. Shoot! I remember when 55 was considered officially a senior, and then 60, then 62. Now, you're not officially a senior until you're 65! How strange is that? It changes every year. By the time I am 65, I won't officially be declared a senior until I'm 85! By then I'll probably be in my grave. I expect to be! Well, ma didn't expect to reach 65 years old either. I remember one day she told me that back in 1993, she just woke up in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason, and just said to John "I'm going to die in 10 years". John thought she was crazy then. But ma was so positive she was going to die in 10 years, she even lived by that for a while. But 10 years came and went, she didn't die. I don't know why she thought she was going to die then. Grandma did die in 2001, but even that was not 10 years from that date. I thought perhaps maybe she had the vision for grandma. Not herself. Sometimes those kind of things can get mixed up.

Speaking of visions, I had a strange dream yesterday that still is haunting me to this day. I dreamed I was back in Bozeman and they were having a pizza party for the whole building, my sis and I were there. Well, in my dream, Andy was stealing pizza off another woman's plate. I did not recognize the woman. She was older, tall and thin with long, blond hair. Well, I saw the woman in the dream get frustrated with Andy for stealing her pizza from her plate, and she confronted him about it. Well in this dream, after she confronted him, I saw him chuckle, say something and then grab the woman by the neck and start punching her in the face really hard. So hard, I saw marks on her face. I was angry when I saw him do that in the dream. Well, if I saw him doing it in real life I wouldn't be too happy about it either! There is no doubt in my mind he would do something like that in real life! Not a single shred of doubt! He has even stalked other women in that building. He does it all the time! I was so grateful he was not my friend!!! After I heard of all the shit he did to other people in that building, and even where he worked, I was glad not to call him a friend!!

Well, in the dream, I approached the woman and told her to go to the hospital, so they can phone the cops and fill out a police report, because something needed to be done about this man. I did get tired of people making excuses for him in that building. He was not worthy of it. He is a nasty, vicious, cruel man who has no respect for anyone except himself. Not to mention he stinks! My sis said he said hello to her once, but he never said anything to her that was friendly when she was fat. So, my guess is he's only kissing up to her because she's losing weight. I know my sis knows to keep away from him. I'd prefer if someone hates me now because I'm fat that they still hate me after I lose weight. I'd rather have real enemies than phony friends! If Andy were really trying to be nice to my sis, he would have helped her, or cheered her on to lose weight, instead of calling her names and acting like a hateful bigot. But there is no doubt in my mind Andy would strike a lady, as presented in that dream I had. He slapped Karen in the head with a newspaper once, and he supposedly likes her. He called a woman that worked with him on his job a "cunt", and that's why he got fired. Like I said, he has NO respect for anyone except himself. And he treats people like shit and demands that they respect him. In short, he's like a show breeder, without actually showing and breeding dogs or cats. Although I did hear before he had a stroke, he did show Angus and Lou, and they won purple ribbons. So my ideas about show breeders being like him is not too far off. LOL! I told you all, I'm a damn fine judge of character, and am almost never wrong!

The only time I've ever been wrong about someone else's character is when I've totally let my guard down. Like when I first moved to Bozeman, and made friends with Kim Hedges. I let my guard down because I was trying to make friends. We were in a new town and I was trying to get along as much as I could. But Kim had this sense of entitlement that I think I always knew about. I just never imagined she would turn that on me and my sis. She's only in a wheelchair because it's the best way she knows about to keep people feeling sorry for her. And Karen, though we are now good friends, I think deep inside I knew she did not like us all that much when we first moved in. I sensed that when the complex had a Christmas party. Karen was always nice, but I think I knew deep inside that she did not see me and my sis as good friends. And then she admitted one day that yes, she did go along with Andy and call me and my sis names when we were not around. But she doesn't do that anymore, so I forgave her. I also admire her. She came right out and told me the truth. I like that. Even though finding out I was right all along did hurt me some, because I thought she was our friend. But I like it that she told me the truth. I admire that in a person. Really, I do. That's why I still like Karen and don't like Kim anymore. Kim was blaming her rudeness on someone else. She cannot take responsibility for her own actions. I don't like someone like that. No matter how nice they may seem.

If I say something and someone does not like it, I never tell that person "I didn't say that" when I know I did. No, I am not like that. I did that once, and the feeling I got was the worst I've ever experienced in my life! I NEVER want to go through that again! So, if I say something someone doesn't like, I tell them flat out, Yes! I did say that! I remember when I was in 6th grade, I had this friend named Janis. Well, one day, I went to her house, and played with her, and her ma gave us some sweet rolls. I had one and it was good. Well, about a week or so later, Janis went to another friend's house and told her some pretty horrible things about me. That friend kicked Janis out of her yard and told her to go home. Then the following Monday, this other friend posted a note in my desk, saying she wanted to talk to me. I noticed that morning Janis was kindof distant, avoiding me. She'd never done that before. I was perplexed, but didn't think anything about it. I was a naïve child. Then during recess, this other friend told me what Janis said about me. Well after recess I confronted Janis about it, and she painfully admitted that yes she did say that stuff, she also said she was sorry. You know what? I never held it against her, not even then. I completely forgave her. At least she did not deny she said those things, and she did apologize for it. So, I forgave her and never brought it up again.

Well, I got some new stories on UMG Productions. So, now comes the shameless advertising. One is based on a story in those sketchbooks I got back from Sam. I am so glad I got that one back, because that was one of my favorite Uncle Martin and the Gang stories. It's called Rooftop Basketball. It's the first story to ever feature both Mushmouth and Bucky. Bucky is 8 weeks old in this story, and does not stop sucking his thumb. Mushmouth is a little bit older and plays basketball, using his neighbor's chimney as a basket. It's a funny story! An idea of how creative I was back in those days! Even more so than I am now. Though a lot of stories I wrote back then were unfinished, this one was mostly finished, and is good!! Also posted is the Dynamic Dogs. This originally came out in 1992, right after the Kooky Cagebirds. It's only a few pages long, but it is funny! I took dog breed names and made fun of them, much like in the Kooky Cagebirds. I showed this one to Donna, my roommate. She loved it! She was laughing by the time she finished reading it. So, it's good! Another story I put up is called The Big Squeeze. That's the one with the Mad Anaconda, where he makes his last appearance. Brad tells him to get lost and never come back, and he hasn't been back since. LOL! This story is really more of an anecdote, something that keeps the reader in suspense. It does have a surprisingly funny ending though.
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