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Thursday, September 4, 2014

And Speaking of Andy...

A friend of mine on Facebook is asking for prayers for her neighbor Andy, she said he's having brain surgery tomorrow and that it doesn't look good. I ain't gonna pray for him! If anything, I'll pray that GOD takes his soul and then sends it to Hell where he belongs. Just the fact he's having brain surgery is comical to me. Karma at work! I always thought you had to have a brain to have brain surgery, and that leaves Andy out. But if he does die, I'm making a t-shirt. I'll put Hell's fire on the shirt, with his face on it, with a message saying "This man is now in Hell for being so hateful to me and my sister!" Then I will give reference to Matthew 22:39 where it says you are to love your neighbor as you do yourself. This friend, I'm surprised she even wants Andy to survive! She's a large woman like me. Andy probably calls her a cow, or maybe something worse. But I am sure he probably makes fun of her too. She probably just doesn't know it. But if I do make that shirt, I'll be sure to wear it when I am in Bozeman to give the people there an idea of what GOD does to people like Andy who do shit to people like me and my sis and do not repent.

Well, all this sounds wonderful, and I hope it happens, but most likely it won't! People like Andy never die! He'll probably live to be 120 years old! He's so bad, even GOD doesn't want him! Even Satan doesn't want him! LOL! But if he does go, I won't feel bad! I won't feel bad for saying I hope the next person that dies in that building is him. I won't feel bad for saying the next seizure he has I hope kills him. I won't feel bad for the time I said I hope he dies so he can go to Hell where he belongs. I'll only think that now my sis and my Minnie are 100% safe, and don't have to listen to Andy's BS anymore. And I am not going to pray for him. No way! I'll only pray that GOD sends his ass to Hell. That is all.

Andy is the kind of person I always dreaded meeting in my life. As much as I hate to admit this, he has a lot of charisma. People there stick up for him. People there believe him. People there follow him. Deb's husband Mike did. He started following and acting like Andy at one time. That's why he turned into an asshole. Apparently it started right after his friend in New Mexico committed suicide. Apparently Mike thought it was mine and my sis's fault that his friend committed suicide, which is stupid, because I'd never even met his friend, nor have I ever been to New Mexico. Nor have I ever wanted to go to New Mexico!! So, the idea he was blaming me and my sis for his friend committing suicide was stupid! When my sis told me that was the reason Mike turned into an asshole, I asked "What the Hell has his friend committing suicide got to do with us???!!!" My sis answered "Because we are fat." That's still a dumb reason for him to hate on me and my sis! That still has nothing to do with his friend committing suicide! That would have been like me blaming Mike for my grandma's death because he's stupid. But it was probably influenced by Andy. I would not be surprised! I could just picture Mike with that dumb stoned look of his getting angry and pacing around his living room saying "My friend is now dead, and it's all those fat girls' fault!" Then he tells Deb "I'm going to be an asshole to those fat girls now because they made my friend kill himself!" LOL!! The funny thing is, like I said, I'd never even met his friend. Neither has my sis.

Kim is another example of one of Andy's followers. When I heard she was imitating him and calling me and my sis names, I knew there was some evil at work here. Andy has the power to influence people. Of course I truly believe people like Mike and Kim are very easily swayed by evil. They have no minds of their own, so how could they know not to listen to the bullshit that Andy spews about me and my sis? Andy doesn't know us either, he never got to know us. All he saw was a couple of fat women. Because of that, I never let him get close to me, and neither did my sis. I didn't even give him any kind of invite that I wanted to be his friend. None at all! I loved it that he hated my guts! Believe me, the feeling was mutual!
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