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Monday, September 29, 2014


Someone posted an article not too long ago in a Facebook group I am a member of, saying that it's possible that Michael Hutchence is still living today. It was based on a video someone posted of him that was shot after 2005, and said that it was Michael in the film. The video was put up on YouTube and went viral apparently. Well, forensics in Australia are very much open to interpretation, but I doubt this to be true. Though there are some unanswered questions, like why did Michael's money run out after he died, leaving Lily with nothing? Who the heck was using his estate while the courts kept it in limbo?? The article also stated that there have been several sightings of Michael since 1998.

Well, don't get me wrong, as any INXS fan from the beginning, I would LOVE for all this to be true, and to know that Michael's death was really nothing more than a bad nightmare. The problem I have of this is that Elvis fans have been saying the exact same thing since Elvis died. The so-called "Hutch-sightings" are most likely nothing more than impersonators of Michael's, or look-alikes. I cannot take the word of this article unless I actually see a video or picture taken of Michael himself that is dated after November 22, 1997. Believe me, I have been looking at Michael's face for a long time, I would know him! Michael has a very unique look. He has soft, innocent-looking eyes, his nose is somewhat long and pointed, and his lips would be what gives him off to me. They were not too pouty, and not to small. Just right. I love Michael's lips!! I think they were his sexiest feature!! Timmy's got his beautiful, sexy buns, and Michael had sexy lips! hehehe!

I was  watching a documentary the other night about INXS remembering Michael, and Timmy showed off a picture of himself saying "There I am with my awesome-AWESOME ass!" Every time I come to that part of his interview, I always laugh!! I say "Well, at least he knows it!" Probably thanks in no small part to me! I mention it all the time. Hell, some INXS videos I only watch just to get a good glimpse of Timmy's awesome ass!!! Mediate is basically a dull video, until the end when you can see Timmy's ass! Then it's totally AWESOME!!! Same with the video for Don't Change. Timmy's just got the sexiest butt I've ever seen on anyone! I love good buns on a man!!

Well, I would love nothing more than to see Michael come back to life. It would be great if all this about his death was not true. I hate it that INXS is now retired. I guess they just gave up looking for a new lead singer. Well, it is very hard to find one. Michael's sexual appeal is no doubt what made INXS go as far as they did! JD, he was a great singer and a nice guy, but he had NONE of Michael's sexual appeal and charisma. Nor would he ever have it. Michael was Michael and JD was JD. JD could never be Michael. In the end, JD just got dumped. Ciaran, some like him, some don't. I haven't seen him perform yet. As a person I like him though. He must be a very nice person. But again, he can never be Michael. No one can. Michael was totally irreplaceable. We can search for a thousand years, there will never be another Michael. GOD made him once, and threw away the mold!

We may find another good songwriter like Michael, but I'd bet he wouldn't have Michael's good looks. We may find someone else with Michael's good looks, but I'd bet he would suck at songwriting! Face it, Michael had it all. He was part of what made INXS successful. Not to mention, the rest of the guys are good looking too. I personally think Timmy is more handsome than Michael was. Don't get me wrong, Michael was sexy! But Timmy does it for me! I wish Timmy would have kept his hair long. I loved that look on him!!
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