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Monday, September 15, 2014

I Am Amazed!

MAN! I didn't know I could write so good! Yesterday, I was working for most of the day on a short story. The other night, I was thinking and I got a brain storm. Every INXS fan has a story to tell about where they were when they heard the news about Michael's death. I tell my story a lot. I always said I could literally write a novel about what I was thinking, second by second. A lot of thoughts went into my head just during that 30 second news clip I saw on MTV. So, I finally said to myself "Why don't I give it a try?" So I sat down at my computer and gave it a shot. I did a damn fine job!! I had gotten 11 pages into the story, and I printed it all out, what I had so far, and read it out loud to Vegas.

I don't mind telling you all, when I got to the part where I described each thought each second as I sat there listening to the news clip for the very first time, I was crying! It has been a LONG time since I've cried over Michael. Well, first the movie Never Tear Us Apart got me started on that again! Then writing this story, I guess it just brought back old memories. But before I could get to describing how I was when I heard the news, I had to build up my character in the story. I had to tell everything that happened in my life that made me an INXS fan. Some things may not seem to have anything to do with INXS at all. And I was a Roxette fan before I was an INXS fan. So, I had to tell why that was. In the end, the whole story comes together. Even those parts you read in the story that you believe have nothing to do with INXS or music at all. I even talk about what we were doing that weekend before I heard the news! I remember it very well!

My ma used to live in Salem, OR, and she would come up to visit us and grandma on the weekends. Saturday, which was Nov. 22 for us, she spent with grandma, going around town doing her things with her. Sunday, which was the 23rd for us, she came and visited me and my sis and we went to Buckley that day, and looked around in antique and thrift stores. My sis and I had some fun looking at some old antiques. Ma left that night to go back to Salem. The next day, Monday the 24th for us, was when I heard the news about Michael. In this story, I went into full detail about everything I was thinking as I watched the news that night.

Really, it takes a lot to make me cry, I do mean a LOT!! I have NEVER cried reading a book before. I've felt sad before, but never cried reading a book. Even the best of them has never made me cry! But this one does! I should hire and editor to help me make this book 1000% better, because I am so notoriously bad at endings!! I'm just stuck on an idea for a title for this book. I'm thinking about calling it "November 22", or "One Day In November..." or simply "22" because that seems to be Michael's number! Michael was born on January 22, his one and only child was born in July 22, and Michael died on November 22. So, 22 was definitely his number!

When you read this story really well, and you read my other favorite story, Gracie's Odyssey, you can actually see the connection between them. Gracie's Odyssey was based entirely on my feelings about when Michael died. Though you don't see it at first, the symbolism is definitely there, and you can see it very well when you read this story I am now writing. Gracie's Odyssey began production within less than a week after Michael died. It would have been completed by Christmas, but the author got busy with other things at that time. It was completed in January of 1998. It helped ease the pain of losing Michael a little bit. And in some other ways, made the pain stronger, because it became clearer to me as the months went by that this is REAL! This is DEEP!

Anyways, I am amazed because I just never knew I could write things so deeply!! If I can make myself start crying reading this story, I KNOW I am a damn fine writer!! I never realized that before. Not until I wrote this story and read it out loud! I'm thinking of offering this ebook for free to my Facebook friends, just so I can get some unbiased opinions about it.
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