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Thursday, September 18, 2014

WAY Better Than Oasis!

I keep getting more and more back into INXS each day! Could be because I am ovulating, I don't know. LOL! I always heard women are most lovey-dovey when they are ovulating. UGH! Anyways, I've even begun kissing Michael's pics again, which is something I have not done in many a year! But it started off with me looking at him again. Between 2005 to the present, I hardly ever gave Michael much attention. I was focusing mostly on Timmy. Well, don't misunderstand me, I still LOVE Timmy!!! I am still a Timmy fan. But I guess I am now a sprouting Timmy-Hutchy fan. LOL! I was a fan of Michael's long ago, before 2005, it was always Michael that led me back to INXS fanhood. Then in 2005, that changed. I saw a pic of Timmy standing, looking so sexy, and it was him I became more sweet on that year. After that, Michael kinda slipped my mind. Well, there is just no denying Michael is DEAD! I cannot escape that fact. But I just don't like looking at him and thinking "Well, he's just a dead guy now." It may be true, but it just sounds so disrespectful to me, after all Michael did in his life. He always made me feel so good with his singing. He was beautiful too! That's another fact I cannot deny. But I guess part of the reason I stayed away from looking at Michael and even thinking of him is because it was just too painful to remember him.

Another reason I was not into him back then is because of the Hutch fans I met. Or perhaps I should say they were Hutch fags. Just like with cat fags, there is a BIG difference between just loving Michael Hutchence, and being a Hutch-fag. GOD willing I hope I never become a Hutch fag! If I do, I want someone to take me into the field and shoot my brains out! I love INXS, but I refuse to become one of their fags. I almost became something to that effect about Timmy. But I learned to stop myself. If someone else does not like Timmy, I say that's fine! I don't get angry at them or cuss them out. I love Timmy, and that is all that counts. I don't demand everyone else loves him. But at the same time, I don't want people saying I should not like him, or trying to convince me of their reasons why they think I should not love him. I can judge that for myself. I'm generally very forgiving with people I like. I love INXS. The only band member I don't care too much for is Kirk. But I don't hate him. I never hated Kirk. The feeling I have for him is more like disappointment, not hate. Matter of fact, Kirk makes me laugh sometimes. He'd have been a great stand-up comedian. But my meetings with him have always been a less-than-favorable experience. But I will say this; the guy who played Kirk in Never Tear Us Apart was awfully CUTE!

Anyways, I met these Hutch fags on the VH1 forum back in 2005, and they were shit-talking the remaining band members of INXS. There was also a forum devoted entirely to Michael back then. So, I invited them to join me there to talk about Michael. Well, this one member responded exactly how I would expect a Hutch fag to respond. She refused to go into that forum at all. She just maintained she could post any damn where she pleased. I told her to suit herself, but not to get all pissy at me because I would be talking about Timmy on a forum devoted to INXS, which she had gotten with me before then. I love Michael, but I totally refuse to become a Hutch fag! No way! That's not something I would be proud of! I believe everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs, and I want to keep that for the rest of my life. If someone does not like Michael, well it's not my place to tell them they have no right not to. Because I believe they have every right not to if they don't want to. I love Michael and Timmy, to me that's all that matters. But I believe it was meeting those people that made me get out of Michael and not want to go back. But like I said, they were just Hutch fags. Not real fans. Well, they are fans, but they are the scary, over-obsessed type fans.

I heard that at the beginning of one of Michael's last songs, Elegantly Wasted, Michael says "I'm better than Oasis". LOL! Gotta love Michael! He is WAY better than Oasis! I mean really! If you were a young teenage girl with sense, getting into rock music for the very first time, which one of these bands would you go for? Top or bottom?

I would go for the ones on the bottom. More cute guys in the bottom picture. The guys on top look dirty! And I mean dirty as in unclean, like they need good, long showers and hair scrubbings! I can't stand Oasis! I've heard them sing before and I don't like them. Then when I heard Michael presented them with the Brit Award they said something to the effect of "Has beens should not give awards to gonna be's" I wanted to slap the jerk for saying that! Made me so mad!

I have to ask Noel, "Gonna be" what? "Gonna be" a loser! That's what! They aren't even popular anymore! And most INXS lovers hate them. I hate them! And look at them. They look terrible! Michael is WAY better looking than them by a longshot, not to mention he's got more talent. So yes, he was WAY better than Oasis! Though I am so sorry to say now INXS are "has beens" But they will always be "somethings" to me. I still love them, and each day my love gets stronger and stronger. I almost feel today the same way I did back in 2005, when I had gotten back into INXS again for the first time in like 5 years. DOH! Seems when I take a break from INXS, they always last 5 years. But I always bounce back to them. I guess INXS is my "safety net". They are my one link to music that I still enjoy.

Another thing I always hear, people ask if anyone else thinks Michael Hutchence looked like Jim Morrison. I say HELL NO!! Michael was WAAAAYYYYY better looking than Jim Morrison!!! Not to mention he sang better, and his songs were better. The Doors SUCK!! I can't stand them! I don't think Michael looked even one little tiny bit like Jim Morrison!

There is just no comparison there! Morrison had smaller eyes, that were too close together. His lips are too curly, short, almost Neanderthal-like. His hair isn't curly enough, and he's WAY too skinny!! Michael at least has beautifully, proportioned lips, eyes, nose, curly hair, and some muscle on his bones. Michael is definitely more beautiful!! And I don't like ANY song by the Doors! I love almost all of INXS's songs! Yes, there are some I don't like, but they are few, and I chalk it up to everyone is entitled to have one song that's not up to par. And other INXS fans like those songs, so it's not like my opinion on those songs is the only one that matters. Only on this blog. hehehe! But ask me which of the songs by the Doors I think is best and I will tell you NONE. I hate them ALL!

Well, thanks to Never Tear Us Apart, I am again becoming a Hutch fan. I just hope it doesn't progress to being a Hutch fag from here! I don't think so though. I'd be lying if I said sometimes I don't get bothered by people who don't like Michael or INXS. But it's just not my place to tell anyone they should, and I understand that. But I also hope others understand they have no right saying I am not a real INXS fan either, just because I take occasional breaks from the band. I've been in a slump with them, but like I said, I always bounce back. I think I've been in a slump with INXS since I moved to Bozeman, I know I once wrote about it on this blog. I notice though my INXS slumps last 5 years, or close. And when I bounce back, I bounce back strong!
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