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Monday, September 22, 2014

Why Not Call It Obese?

I was reading some articles this past weekend on Yahoo. There was one that mentioned not to use the word "obese", to just call fat people "fat". Well, I have to ask, why not? "Obese" actually sounds a lot better than "fat". Makes the person using the term sound a lot more intellectual. A person who simply says "fat" by comparison, sounds uneducated and stupid. I am obese, I admit it! "Fat" is a catch-all term that can refer to anyone of any size. There are people who are a size 6 that are merely "fat". I am not a size 6. I'm too big right now for a size 6. Actually I have no idea what size I am. Whenever I go to get clothing, I like getting size XXXL, because I like my clothing loose. I don't like anything that's going to hug against my skin. Though I can fit comfortably in a size XL. One shirt that I have that is a size XL is now very loose on me. It used to be somewhat snug.

I think political correctness has gone too far! Now, there are people complaining about others using the term "Christmas", because it's based on religion. I tell those people to suck it! That is why I keep blogs, I say what I want to on here. If you are looking for a blog that is inoffensive and politically correct, then I suggest you look elsewhere. I say what I want to on here! I don't care if it offends anyone! If you're that big of a wussy, then please leave and don't come back! I call a spade a spade. I call myself fat, or I might start calling myself obese now. That is what I am.

Now, just because I call something what it is does not mean that I believe in shaming fat people. I've heard some people do that to "encourage" fat people to lose weight. I have mentioned this before on this blog. I would guess those people that say that have never been fat before, because if they had, they would know that fat-shaming does not "encourage" a fat person to lose weight! It might work with some people, maybe a handful of people. But it does not always work. Fat-shaming only makes the person feel worse, not better. If they feel bad, they are going to go home and eat to make themselves feel better, and I have also mentioned that before on this blog too. Well, I also found an article that supports my theory. Check it out! http://www.bbc.com/news/health-29155765. Why don't these bigots just admit they do NOT shame fat people just to encourage them to lose weight! They do it because they are miserable with their own lives, so they feel they need to bring others down to their level of misery. That is the real reason why they do it. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise!

Even when I was thin, I never made fun of a fat person. I don't judge a person based on race, religion, beliefs, or whether they are fat or thin, I judge a person based on whether or not they are an asshole. One of the things I love about other INXSaries, so far, I haven't met one that has made any remarks against me just because I am ugly or obese. Not even the ones who are not so friendly. I sure cannot say the same thing about other groups I've been in. Sure cannot say that about show breeders! LOL! I wish Michael was still here. It's Bob Geldof's fault he's not! For that reason, I will forever HATE him!!!! I still say he deserved to lose his daughter! I am very sorry for Lily, but Bob can only blame himself for that! He should have been kinder to Michael and his family!

I remember when I was in high school, there was this girl named Tanya, and she was FAT!! Not only was she fat, she was blond and had an attitude, and she was weird. She was unfortunately the kind of person a lot of people think of fat people to be. And that is why fat people get judged harshly. Let me tell you how weird Tanya was. She was so weird, often when I passed by her in the hallway, she would be literally either barking like a dog, or meowing like a cat. I mean, she would actually go "woof-woof-woof!" or she would say "Meow-meow-meow!" That's why these cat fags who go "meow" whenever someone mentions a cat creeps me out! Because to me, that is just plain weird! And I see that a lot in people nowadays unfortunately. Well, Tanya was fatter than me, and one day when I passed by her in the hallway, and she said "meow-meow-meow" to me, I came within nanoseconds of saying back to her "Oooh, nice fat kitty!" But I couldn't say it!! I couldn't bring myself to say it, because I knew how it felt to be bullied and called names. I think she only did that to me probably because she knew I love animals. People used to make fun of others who loved animals back then.

Well, I used to be obsessed with animals. I'm finding now in my old age, I am not as obsessed with them as I was back in high school. There are some animals I find I just don't like. Everyone by now knows how much I HATE panthers of all kinds. I don't like baboons too well. I can't stand hyenas! I'm not too crazy about big dogs, or most house cats. I can't stand bugs or spiders. I like mice, but not in my house. I don't mind pet rats though. I guess what I really love is birds. I've never seen a bird I don't like. I don't trust large hookbills, but I don't hate them. I would just never want to touch one. Anyway, Tanya was the perfect example of someone I could have made fun of, but chose not to. I could have called her fat names up the wazoo, and it wouldn't have hurt me (back then), because I wasn't fat. A lot of people did make fun of her because she was fat. I remember one incident that happened, Tanya was the office attendant for the last hour of high school, and it was her job to go around through all the classes and pick up the attendance sheets at the end of the day. Well, when she got to the class I was in, this boy named Terry, who was sitting right next to me, started calling Tanya all kinds of fat names when she entered the room. Tanya kept telling Terry to shut up. Everyone in the class was laughing as Terry continued making jokes about Tanya. Everyone but me. I know I didn't like Tanya and she was weird as all-be-heck, and I was a friend of Terry's, but I just couldn't laugh at his jokes. It's different when you know how it feels to be called names like that. I knew that even back then.

The next day, my friend Robert said to me "wasn't Terry funny yesterday when he made those jokes about Tanya?" I answered, "Well, I just couldn't laugh at his jokes. Because I know how it feels to be made fun of like that." I'd faced it since I began school. Kids would call me all kinds of nasty names. I wasn't a fat child, but I often was called names that referred to me being skinny or ugly. Robert was saying how much Tanya deserves it because she is an asshole to everyone. He said Tanya is one of those types that only likes people she thinks are 'cool'. Well, I had no idea what Tanya's idea of "cool" was, but I still didn't think Terry's jokes were funny. I liked Terry and I liked Robert, but I just could not say Terry's jokes were funny. Now, I would, because I can even laugh at myself. But back then, I hadn't learned how to do that yet.
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