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Friday, October 31, 2014

Life In A Van

Boy! This is an adventure!!! LOL!! And yet I am maintaining a positive attitude. Well, things could be worse. MUCH worse. For the past month, I've been here in Seaside, OR, basically living in my van. All my things are in storage, and I am looking for an apartment. Sometimes I stay in the local shelter, and have made friends with the person who runs it. Her name is Alisha. She's really nice, but lately I have not been staying there, because believe it or not, the van is actually more comfortable. I made up a little bed in the back of the van with my old mattress toppers, and it is really quite comfortable. I sleep very well at night. My ma and pa are worried about me sleeping in the van, but Seaside is actually a very quiet town. Nothing bad happens here, not that I have seen. Pretty much I stay in the Safeway parking lot, because their store is open until 1AM. So, if it's late, up until 1AM, and I need to use the restroom, I can just go in there and do it. And usually by 1AM I am already asleep anyways. I become quite narcoleptic when I first move into a place, I don't know why. Stress, I guess. I remember how pissed off Patti got with me because when I first moved in with her, I slept most of the time. But moving is HARD work!! So far, of all the moves I have made through my life, this move has been the most stressful, and has been the least prepared for. I had to move out FAST in order to get here in time for the orientation. If you miss that orientation, you get taken off the list. Then that's 4 and a half years of my life that is wasted!! I am hoping to find an apartment soon. I've got all my family and friends saying prayers for me.

I was completely approved for one apartment, but then the landlord did not want to deal with lowering the rent through housing in the first year. Especially since it's just me and it was a 2 bedroom apartment. So that apartment fell through. Bummer!! It's been the only rental I've seen so far that has a washer/drier hookup!!! But I've done shed my share of tears. No use crying over something I cannot control. But finding a one-bedroom unit is damn-near impossible!! I almost have no choice but to go with a 2-bedroom unit. This town does not give me a heck of a lot of choices!! But we will see. I keep telling myself something will come up! Meanwhile, I keep my days pretty busy driving and looking around, hoping against hope that I can find something before my time runs out. If nothing else comes available, I may have no choice but to move back to Reno. I really don't want to. My sinuses were so bad in Reno!! Here at least they have gotten back to normal. And here when I buy something expensive, I don't have to pay tax. When you get up in the $100 range, taxes build up heavily!! I hate that!! But if I do move back to Reno, ma, John and I are going to have to discuss moving into a 3 bedroom rental home and split the rent 3 ways. I am not moving back in with Donna!! No way!!! One of the things about moving out of her place that I don't miss is that darn kiddie bed she had me sleeping in! I'd have it hauled away and replaced with a full size bed at least! That bed was the reason my leg went so bad. Now it is back to it's old self again and I can climb stairs once again. I struggled every night to stay on that damn bed, and I think that's how my leg got weak.

I will never forget that one horrible day I found out how weak my leg was! I tried to climb the 3 stairs that led up to the front of the porch. I stepped on a step, and my leg just buckled!! Completely collapsed! I did not expect it, and I went down. I sat on the steps and just wailed "I can't climb stairs anymore!! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" I think everyone in the neighborhood heard me, but since most of them are Mexicans who don't speak English, I don't think they understood what I said. Or why I was sitting on the steps, crying out loud. LOL! Well, now I have been working on it, and my leg is almost back to it's old self again, so I can take a second-floor apartment with no trouble.

Well, I have even made some friends with some furniture dealers here, and they are willing to work with me. So, as soon as I can get an apartment, I have 2 furniture stores that are ready and willing to help me out with new furniture at payments I can easily afford.
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